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  1. ffan

    Premier League Stuff

    They are losing their head of recruitment to Everton as well. Mahrez apparently won't sign a new deal.
  2. ffan

    Movie Discussion

    I saw it last night as well, would need to watch it again to fully take it in.
  3. ffan

    Movie Discussion

    Inception is out July 16th, I can't wait. I have read that it is one of the best films in years.
  4. ffan

    Movie Discussion

    Disagree with that to be honest. I found the Hurt Locker dull. To be fair I have already seen that story told (struggling to adapt back into society etc). Visually it was fantastic but a little boring. However, I found Sherlock Holmes very very entertaining with strong performances from Jude Law and Robert Downey junior.
  5. ffan

    Fútbol, Le Foot, Voetbal, ποδόσφαιρο

    Not great, but neither were the Milan team. His crossing was mixed, some good , some bad. Ronaldinho showed glimpses as to why he was named World player of the year. Milans weakest link is definitely Abbiati, the keeper.
  6. ffan

    Fútbol, Le Foot, Voetbal, ποδόσφαιρο

    Ac Milan drew 1 - 1 with Livorno earlier on Espn. They looked very lethargic and if United play they way they did today against Arsenal in the Champions League, then they will have no trouble in the disposing of Milan.
  7. ffan

    Movie Discussion

    That seems very Indiana Jones like in my opinion.
  8. ffan

    Movie Discussion

    I saw Sherlock Holmes on Wednesday. Very enjoyable, a good chemistry between Law and Downey junior. I read that it took 5 scriptwriters to write the story
  9. ffan

    Movie Discussion

    Anyone know if there is going to be a third Batman?
  10. ffan

    [Archived] Lucas Neill

    I thought warnock was good?

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