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  1. roverandout

    Phil Jones To Leave Utd - Sell On Clause?

    Reading the title I thought you were asking someone at united called clause, to sell on
  2. roverandout

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    With mowbary in charge 'the amazing' seems possible. (I don't mean that in a good way)
  3. roverandout

    Premier League Stuff

    Real Madrid are a vile club
  4. Remember his debut goal v spurs. Incredible turn and shot. Also that brilliant goal against Bolton at Reebok in our promotion season. 4-1. Feinted to hit the shot then chipped over the keeper who was on his arse. Favourite rovers player who should have had 60 caps much like the likes of Matt le tissier etc
  5. roverandout

    Premier League Stuff

    West ham seem to be going for it this summer, Pablo fornals. Now maxi Gomez. They are really splashing the cash
  6. roverandout

    Mowbray: Stay or go?

    A well deserved holiday (rolls eyes)
  7. roverandout


    I do
  8. roverandout


    What about pushing Trent into midfield. He has great technical quality. Can pass a ball like a midfielder, great engine and a world class deliverer of the ball
  9. roverandout


    Never seen a worse team than Switzerland. Falling over at every touch. No ambition. Dreadful side. That said, England's midfield is awful. Dier and Delph are dreadful. Until we sort that out we will win nothing. Arnold is a class act though best right back in the world. Why are the likes of Madison and winks being overlooked for these two plonkers
  10. roverandout

    Premier League Stuff

    Garner. He's the next big thing
  11. roverandout


    Did anyone see the ref wink at the Dutch player when he was checking var?
  12. roverandout

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I'm sure we would turn our noses up at a 36 year old pirlo
  13. roverandout


    It takes the edge off the game. Next we will be having cyborg refs
  14. roverandout


    Winks is a very good player. Against Liverpool on Saturday he had the highest pass completion rate on the pitch. He plays in the xavi mode. Keeps the ball moving forward. Anyway for me cheek is the ideal player. Strong, technically gifted, an eye for a pass
  15. roverandout


    We have plenty of technical players. Problem is, as joey said, the likes of stones needs to play regularly. He switches off which is part down to lack of game time and part down to overconfidence and negligence. Gomez is a top defender and he will make a huge difference when fully fit. The young lads coming through fills me with huge hope. This is a setback, we are not a title winning side until we sort out centre midfield. But there are some very talented young midfielders who didn't play last night that will be a huge step up from the one last night

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