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  1. He was persistantly troubled with a groin strain, not surprising, as he was dating a young beauty queen at the time.
  2. Rovers Tweeted Mulgrew's injury not as bad as first feared.
  3. Like everybody else, the line up was mystifying. No pace , no guile, one ( carthorse) up front, 2 supposedly attacking full backs ( shire horses) , and Dick Whittingham in midfield, missing a role in a panto. We will only get out of this Division , by imposing ourselves on the opposition, pressing and bullying them. As nice as it mind sound TM, your tactics and mindset are from a long gone era.
  4. Thought the performance was average at best. Plenty of possession, but very little goal threat. The missing link still to be found, be it pace up front or guile in midfield.Still early days yet, but strikers required, and Whittingham wasted so deep.
  5. The point being?
  6. Milk 2 sugars.
  7. Beg to differ.
  8. Yes it did.
  9. Hopefully, would prefer somebody younger and faster.
  10. Lambert's contract terminated by mutual consent.
  11. Perhaps his complete indifference to people posting links, in all honesty, without trolling through the dross of this topic, to find the Chadster is the Master.
  12. Keep Feeney and let you go, or are you Admin as well.
  13. FFS Chaddy, just post the link without trying to take credit as if it's your own journalistic compilation.
  14. Stokes,being the exception.
  15. Frightening reading, and it only gets worse.