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  1. No Suhail tonight at disabled supporters function. The girl behind Senior looks petrified of him! Caption time!
  2. Maybe send Lyndsey Talbot a message through to him? LTalbot@rovers.co.uk
  3. He's on fbook.
  4. I don't get protests don't make a difference comments, clearly this one did for the East Lancs Hospice "Get Rid For 2 Quid" - http://venkysout.com/protesting-with-a-difference/ It's the channeling of them we need to tune but in principal they can and will be more effective, whether a more diluted focus or whatever it will be done.
  5. Unedited script is on here but we will be chasing the club up on those items they wanted to confirm later.
  6. Keep the ideas coming lads! I can bring these up with Madon and hopefully will be able to get it formatted and the graphics etc a little bit better.
  7. Phillip Do you think you'd get time with Glen maybe to do a refresh article for venkysout.com? Did Stephan Huber also play a part?
  8. I think we could do with some sensible ideas of this board (Brfcs) on how this website can be improved, I was thinking a financial analysis page or something? What would you guys like Madon to do?
  9. Lads drop it! Chaddy think before you post, others place him on ignore or use PMs. As for comments of protests not affecting venkys, we need to be more smarter at getting to the core of venkys the businesses themselves and look to sabotage those. Affect there businesses and partners and shareholders you'll soon see it taking an affect once the share price drops, people sell holdings etc.
  10. How did the meeting go today Michael? Hopefully well enough. Would love to hear some feedback when you get a moment.
  11. Another good post to follow Glens there Kamy. On the subject of Huber do you know what interests he currently has at the minute? I think this guy needs to be a resurgent target of interest to the supporters. We need to affect the wider Venky companies where we can now and there business partners. We need to sabotage these and affect there businesses.
  12. Chaddy didn't protest as he was allegedly threatened.
  13. Aye but fortunately mike and derek shaw got there gardens done before sacking oops making someone redundant.
  14. Not sure, expecting Senior to go from grey anytime soon? Cheston from bold on the top needs the below;