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  1. Views on Dack and Blackburn http://www.gillingham.vitalfootball.co.uk/forum/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=6888&start=18&posts=29
  2. Friedel man Utd 2-1 with MGP goals. He was immense that day at OT
  3. He's spot on with that assessment to be fair. Even Gills fans can't believe they've got that much and thought he had gone backwards following that great year. Here is hoping bigger club new scenery and probably a better bunch of players around him he can have a stormer. Bristol a bottom champs side just spent 5.3 million on a striker today so he's spot on, real quality usually costs, Brighton, Newcastle Hudds to a small extent all bought in players to get up. Then you've got Villa, Derby and others spending cash. When we get promoted we will require 10-15 million on top of usual turnover just to be able to run so Venkys have got some funding to start finding as we will need a new team. Dack wouldn't get on the bench of those sides above but this level and age on his side he can no doubt over the next couple of years kick on and become the next hourihane type.
  4. Kamy and I believe Nixon quoted it at the time.
  5. Google "Jerome Anderson Dimitri Kharine" Anyone walking into a hotel with 250k is obviously minted!
  6. True and allot invested in EBT type schemes and film companies. Funnily enough lots set up by Robert Segal and JEROME Anderson. Mamjam ltd and banaram Ltd spring to mind and lost out that way.
  7. I moved out at 17 my ex fiancé moved in with me at 19. Pretty normal to be fair.
  8. @#/? we earn me and mrs similar to that through our jobs and are defiantly not flush, decent place to live in Manchester or Hale etc is 1400 quid a month. One salary is purely just living costs and the rest savings, holidays etc. I can assure you it's not enough to be living it up in an affluent area. 63k is an average electricitans money on Crossrail by the way, imagine having a family and household to run. Average uk salary is 34k so you can see not exactly above a household average of say double that and he's a talented footballer! Not your average joe like ourselves.
  9. I'd be doing the same as him make the most Money as I possibly can, end of the day football is just business. His Mrs is still studying I believe which makes his wage shared in a household , rovers were an insult to offer 1.8k a week before 45%tax 12%nat ins Even the wage earners on here with or without families wouldn't be flush with that. Here he can go to the PL, go to a proper club what's ran the right way under a decent manager in Howe and learn whilst picking up good money and a sign on fee. well done to the lad, anyone who'd rather stay at Rovers is not thinking clearly
  10. Quite happy to post a list oztumer and Davk being two names I posted last summer. Let me get home first !
  11. You might be happy in having no ambition and continually dropping your standards but it shouldn't mean people like JH should.
  12. Wasn't he sacked two years ago only to be reemployed?
  13. Correct chaddy that would be sensible and what should have happened with Smallwood. Players whom have been deemed not good enough previously for the Championship. Whittingham might give you a year in the champs but after that he's freed. There is no value to had by signing players continually like this and that goes for Bostick from Peterborough too. It's a flawed process. Players won't be inclined at that age to come on 12 month deals so you in turn create a squad mix, young starlets homegrown, cherry pick lower league talent I include l1 in this, sign a Whittingham or two for experience and loan a couple who you can return. At the moment bar Dack the rest fall into a category of not planning for the long term so you end up with the wage bill issue when going up for players possibly not being good enough, got my spare whom you can't shift. You've still got to pay them it's like etuhu Murphy best obviously on a smaller scale. Only advantage to long contracts and wages being paid out is Cheston gets to amortinise the cost over time
  14. No it's not that's short term well summed up there. Sign a host of players for a few years like McMahon and co and we will end up promoted, they are not good enough in the championship so end up on the wage bill being very hard to shift. Wages bill rises considerably signing more players leaving those then having to be paid off or loaned at only a percentage of wages paid. its not difficult to comprehend that goes for chaddy too
  15. Rush to be promoted. Lowe promoted recently and is it Benson the goalie coach who replaced keely? All below par appointments for a club aiming to compete in the championship. In any management structure you look to bring in the best.