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  1. Dunnfc

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    When it comes to fatty, i'm gonna go with through the middle just behind the big two up top
  2. Dunnfc

    iFollow Thread

    Long as the picture quality is ok I'd mute it anyways! Enjoy fella
  3. Dunnfc

    Premier League Stuff

    Something about a bus being parked unfortunately it's parked at old Trafford at the home end goal firing them in.
  4. Dunnfc

    iFollow Thread

    I'm missing it completely tbh though a few near home are watching, I ended up being dragged to selfridges and shaporoned to Charles Tyrwhitt for some new work shirts. 🙈
  5. Dunnfc

    iFollow Thread

    Funny. Rochdale i player is providing rovers commentary. 😳
  6. Dunnfc

    Championship 2017/18

    Strange option chaddy they had the second best defence didn't they in the championship. Allot of flair in Bamford, Traore and Johnson etc. Such a miss suited choice for what they've got at there disposal bar Gestede and Braithwaite who else is Pulis, Friend? They're buggered with FFP if they don't go up given bulk haul haulage profits are wrote Of against boro losses presently.
  7. Dunnfc

    Premier League Stuff

    I'd like to know how this consultant gets around the IR35 process.
  8. Dunnfc

    Championship 2017/18

    Monk resigned allegedly
  9. Dunnfc


    Phillip tbf is usually football wise very good, though I personally agree with the sentiments of your post regarding Trump. Unfortunately the right stay classy and the left get angry 😉
  10. First game back of a longish layoff tbf. Don,t think he's done much training either.
  11. We struggle getting shots on target in league games!
  12. Doubt he'd get in ahead of Tafazolli who I think is one of the best in the league.
  13. I'd pick the same bar Evans in for Whittingham.
  14. Dunnfc


    I'd say fire sale but after the mill price bombed in auction and this listing of the hotel for 11 million -http://www.rightmove.co.uk/commercial-property-for-sale/property-70424537.html/svr/3102;jsessionid=384688D2495A36187BDC4D206C1AEDB1?utm_medium=shorturl&utm_campaign=smspropertydetails&utm_source=url looks like the oystons are placing stupidly high valuations on all assets to actually deter any interest! Interestingly the hotel belonged to the club "segesta ltd" when it was then sold to the oystons for 500k, though the club seemingly soon purchased it back for 6.5 million.

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