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  1. Sit of the article which was in the guardian I believe focuses on the "shops" which were in competition I.e burger chips for a £1.00. That's the issue, it's cheap disasterious "meat" which if tested would most likely pose a risk to health with minimal actual meet content. Fish and chips itself you know better what your getting but it's these cheaper take outs which seemed to garner more focus. Now how many of these takeouts are 4/5 (v.good/excellent) on the council food hygiene rating? I'm prone to the odd curry with the lads nights but in Manchester in the radius I am within there's only 3 out of 17 usually which have that standard whilst a few are under regular inspection having scored 1/2s. Is enough available online when ordering concerning there food hygiene? If customers took a tour of some of these places they'd be truly shocked.
  2. I totally agree with that paragraph
  3. But I thought the EU was so great? I keep seeing people posting any scrap of EU positivity in vein. The country has had a vote the majority chose to leave, so why more than 12 months on are people still going on and moaning about it? Nothing's going to reverse itself. If it means that much I'm sure other tax payers won't mind paying a single fare air ticket to any remoaner left to a country of your wishful destination, you can then be pro EU as you all wish. On the housing front though if your looking at new build and need any advise let me know!
  4. When out of the EU, where will you re moaners be heading to? Which country?
  5. Tbf I wouldn't say a direct AM but defiantly more attacking than defensive. Great at free kicks
  6. Catholics are not a race. Back on Henderson... Good ball player, bit small in stature and hasn't kicked on when McGregor did. Now on the sidelines, another who's partial to a shandy. Good at carrying the ball forwards, not really a passer or no way a tackler. He will most likely end up at Hibs.
  7. Someone said it yesterday but the LET rehashing stuff does no favours. Twice this week Mowbray has come out with dampening down expectations. Now to me I just think we need to continually always look at the next game and go in to win each one we play but I'm getting tired of hearing from TM. Results on the pitch is we're talking matters, hope the LT lay off it a while.
  8. Will be joining Wigan
  9. I wouldn't read to much into it either way, it's a cup competition and Cov played a reserve side. Proof is in the league.
  10. Agreed someone who looks s cb playing to close and drifts inside too often, teams expose the space left behind well.
  11. Can't believe Nyambe is, without a doubt one of the worst players I've seen for us.
  12. No you are 100% right there
  13. I Like Rvs though I'd be inclined to go with the following to get the fitness and confidence up. Raya Caddis Ward Mulgrew Williams Feeney Tomlinson Evans Chapman Gladwin Graham
  14. I agree every time I've suggested he's meh at best the usual brigade come out.
  15. He's been at the club 4 years we bought him from Belvedere for a small nominal fee.