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  1. So we are closer to losing half as many as winning two thirds. Now I'd judge a manager on all games not just the league and not just this seasons @#/? poor start either. still hoping for 3 points against Plymouth.
  2. I make it 15 games played in all competitions, 8 wins, 6 defeats and 1 draw. As I said almost half. Not sure how you get two thirds though.
  3. Bang on as usual. Could you imagine this place if Coyle was coming out with those phrases? If your going to be a team of winners, the attitude needs drumming into everyone, not drumming out.
  4. Having lost almost half our games I don't understand on how you expect or become as optimistic as you currently are to win both these games. It's been an appaling start by a team what looks bereft of any idea, any coaching and fitness. Wimbledon showed us up good and proper in respect of desire and fitness. Mowbray was relegated with us, Clough got the same points with Burton and a more tougher run in, this season TM has continued to falter so I'm not sure how you can be so confident.
  5. Except it's about having standards and your appear to continually decline along with our performance over the last few years.
  6. Not a murmur mentioned by Cheston. Competent boards would have publically backed the manager with a vote of confidence by now. To date his performance as manager is deeply unacceptable. I note today's LET harking we have no Devine right in this league of which is true however fans have a Devine right to see a manager be competent enough to get a team fit, tactically well drilled given he's by far and large received high funds both transfer and wage wise in this league and the facilities to develop his coaching at this level.
  7. Neal Ardley
  8. Or champs league with Rangers. Whilst we were not cannon fodder and for most our PL career weren't for a Scottish guy to come to Rovers was quite odd I thought anyways.
  9. Genuinely believe he never wanted to actually come. Back then why would you leave Rangers for Rovers? Bank balance top up most likely? He looked the part pre-injury looked to get up to speed but as we know the knee injury kept him out for nigh on a year, homesickness kicks in and wasn't the player Rangers expected to come back. I still admire his gritty determination though. Zenith UEFA final and his Fa cup with Brum I'm sure eased any doubts. In another day era like now he'd be perfect, I look at Steve Davies at Southampton now and is there another player who's as underrated as him in the premier league? He's tidy, box to box, complete passer and not afraid to get a foot in, like Barry he's a leader look at how many games he's played professionally and for NI. He's a thug who makes the most of his superior stamina and ability to get away with what most get booked for. Not a very technical player which is why he's never had an offer to leave the SPL. Strachan changed our Euro hopes taking Miller out, Fletcher coming back in form and the defence changing. Tierney at Celtic is a major talent sadly past two internationals have had him at RB instead of Russ Martin arghhh.
  10. No way. Ferguson in his Rangers first spell was an all action proper centre midfielder, pass, tackle he had a fair bit in his locker. It disappeared when he went back but he had a brilliant spell with Birmingham. Scott Brown was and still is pish.
  11. Certainly was the beneficiary of an EBT payment after signing Tugay....
  12. 7.5 million although 4.5 was still owed by the time he went back up there which was cancelled on exchange for Barry to go back. Similar to the Craig Moore deal. We lost 3 million and spent another 3.5 on Savage
  13. His stats for Brum had him as the 2nd most successful passer in the premier league, though how many went sideways as he used too do here!? He didn't fit into Hughes side and we gladly off loaded and got Savage in. A move which contributed to a Cardiff millennium semi final against arsenal and a successful relegation battle. Bazza wasn't half the player when he went back to Rangers even. I'm his pomp prior to Rovers and the dislocated kneecap he was a very good player.
  14. Any normal owner and I'm thinking someone like mike Ashley would make sure they put you back and quickly. I mean paying 10 million a year to underwrite losses year on in doesn't make sense when they could have pumped in some more and built a team capable of championship promotion and back to the PL to help market there initial uk business market aims (venkys xpres). A team with Cairney, Rhodes, Gestede, Hanley and Duffy with Marshall etc just needed a bit more.
  15. That I agree with and you do have to usually take each in on their own individual merit but don't be to naive about TM he's got his faults.