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  1. I think you get him in the right set up I.e Mowbray five man midfield line up at Brentford last year he will give you closing down, retention of passing in restricted areas and ability to keep it simple. Lads not technically brilliant but you need a type to close down and increase intensity. not the same delfouneso with a 1/3 or 1/3.5 average for Blackpool?
  2. Value for money as PW is one of the worst to wear blue and white in that respect. God awful, past it, too slow on easy street for 2 yrs! Wake up LD he needs punting! Lowe 1.5k - 3k a week an ex international with u21s and you'd not take? Until the summer? Wow
  3. The fact we are paying bell an increase on 1.5k. It's about our market ATM. youve yet to suggest what lenihan is actually good at? Who's looking at this bloke? He's pish. Mulgrew do you watch games? Especially last year?
  4. Whitts at 12k Pwk resembles uncle bostick. Lowe at a just above a 1.5k wage (league1 ave) would present value? Unless I'm missing the faux pas of Peter Whittingham, Corey Evans?
  5. So your impressed with Whittingham and considier his capture as value for money at circa 12k pwk?
  6. Movement - whitts as I said before he signed was finished have I missed out? Whittagham who's done zero of that thus far? He slow, technically like most Scots very sound but my exact words centred around his age, fitness record in the championship and resembling a couch. Get the year as I said out of him and punt in the summer. Like lenihan he's never a centre back and neither are built or natural with it. Unless you saw his game at Fleetwood providing different? I saw a route cause and a goal against In what was easily against a shit side?
  7. Or agent connections? Darren Dein. Lowe only comes back on 2-3k a ditch of agent. Better than whittingham
  8. Dunnfc

    Anthony Stokes

    Still not paid his fine and compo off so another signing off and on fee would be handy for him.
  9. Dunnfc

    Slowburn Rovers

    Done better ok in a poor division, like most have.
  10. 1500 a week, not even a scratch. efl rules are different in L1 compared to championship. Can lose as much as we like as long as venkys pump with cash
  11. Dunnfc

    Message to Venky's

    Correct bolsters the asset value whilst ensuring a value should this club be successful
  12. Speaking hypothetically of he joined. Young or old we can't pay four salaries for one position. One should go. Won't be Harr he's just arrived so Doyle?
  13. Williams, Bell and Hart. Doyle must be getting punted?
  14. Your right he did say. shame his mentality was the worst on the pitch at Leicester last week with a repeat of the same tonight. dont get a good feeling about this one.
  15. Dunnfc

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    When it comes to fatty, i'm gonna go with through the middle just behind the big two up top

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