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  1. Rover down South

    [Archived] Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    We are there!!! Enjoy it everyone
  2. Rover down South

    Mowbray’s Future

    Starting away to Burton this week then have three home games versus Derby, Wigan & Cardiff which if being optimistic are all winnable. We then face Norwich (A), Fulham (A), Preston (H), Brighton (A), Reading (A) & Barnsley (H) which are all tough games. Final five games are crucial after that run with Forest (A), Bristol City (H), Wolves (A), Villa (H) & Brentford (A). Mowbray must of looked at the fixtures, looked at the squad and thought it was possible or why take the job and have a relegation oh his CV.
  3. Rover down South

    Mowbray’s Future

    Just out of interest..... Stats based purely on time at Middlesbrough. Gareth Southgate P 151 - W 45 - D 43 - L 63 (win percentage 29.8%) Steve McClaren P 250 - W 97 - D 60 - L 93 (win percentage 38.8%) Tony Mowbray P 153 - W61 - D 37 - L 55 (win percentage 39.87%) Two of these were deemed good enough to go on and manage the national team. I know that doesn't say much, but interesting nonetheless.
  4. Rover down South

    Mowbray’s Future

    Maybe he can persuade Venkys to @#/? off then
  5. Rover down South

    Mowbray’s Future

    I'm not sure what everyone was expecting? Ferguson to come out of retirement? Dalglish or Souness to come back and save the day? Regardless of who became manager, with no financial backing from the owners, we are pretty much up that well known creek. We are going to spiral further until these idiots sell up and we get someone who understands what running a football club entails. Until that day, we will continue to hire and fire the likes of Coyle & Mowbray etc. What is the incentive for any manager to come here and work for these people. In Jack Walker, we had one of the best owners of that era. Somebody who cared deeply about the club. Someone who backed the manager in every way. An era where football clubs were owned by fans of football. Sad times. Last game I went to was Crystal Palace away when Henning Berg took over. I vowed way back then that I would not spend another penny on any tickets or merchandise as I refuse to make these @#/?s a penny richer. If I get slated for that, I don't care. When Venkys are gone, I will return
  6. Rover down South

    [Archived] Coyle sacked

    Alan Shearer: Come on #Venkys. @Rovers really matters to people, to the fans, to the community, to me. Start showing it some respect before it's too late! Chris Sutton: What an absolute mess the club is in! It would big a bigger help if a few others left as well!
  7. Rover down South

    [Archived] Next Manager

    First post in about 7 years. Nigel Adkins now 11/8 5/4 favourite
  8. Rover down South

    The sad passing of "Kelbo".

    Not been on for a few weeks, but very sad to see this news this morning. My thoughts are very much with Kelbo's family at this very tough time.
  9. Rover down South

    [Archived] Next Rovers Manager

    Whoever it is, must have hair, the last three baldies have failed! That rules out Alan Shearer, so no mention of him please. On a serious note, Adkins would be my choice. No more risky appointments is crucial. So the likes of Judan Ali can stay well away.
  10. Rover down South

    [Archived] New Manager

    I have never worked, met or even heard of him, but I am getting ripped to shreds too. My mates are laughing themselves silly with this......THANKS VENKYS.
  11. Rover down South

    [Archived] Shebby Singh

    WTF is Shebby Singh doing taking training???? Shall we get Richard Keys & John Motson up to help? I have had numerous texts this morning of friends laughing at us, pi55 taking galore, is this what we have become. I strongly urge EVERY fan to boycott from this day forward, until positive steps are taken. It's like a game of Football Manager to them. The only way to get the message across is financially. Empty stadium from now.
  12. Rover down South

    [Archived] Shebby Singh

    Michael Gray - Shebby needs to go http://www.talksport.co.uk/sports-news/football/football-league/championship/121228/exclusive-michael-gray-mark-hughes-right-man-blackburn-rovers-1
  13. Rover down South

    [Archived] New Manager

    http://www.missmalini.com/2012/12/26/world-cup-winner-ronaldinho-in-pune-this-friday/ to announce the launch of his upcoming movie project R-10 The Movie. The movie will be announced by him and Balaji Rao, MD of Bala Entertainment International at Le Meridien in Pune.
  14. Rover down South

    [Archived] New Manager

    Can we not all chip in & get him a one way ticket too. He could feed the chickens. He's not wanted at Rovers, fecking clueless idiot. Judan Ali?? You buy glass, don't expect diamonds.

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