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  1. novella

    New Games/General Gaming

    The follow on from Demons Souls on the PS3, its extremely difficult and takes alot of hours, but once you finish a part that you were stuck on for days and open up a shortcut. You feel achievement like no other game.
  2. novella

    New Games/General Gaming

    Dark Souls is where its at, fantastic game and so rewarding.
  3. novella

    John Jensen gone

    Done some digging: Steve Kean Hired on the 13th December 2010. John Jensen Hired on the 12th January 2011 Keans Results in that time: Sat 18 15:00 H West Ham Utd PREM Drew 1-1 Sun 26 15:00 H Stoke City PREM Lost 0-2 Tue 28 15:00 A West Brom PREM Won 3-1 Sat 1 15:00 A Sunderland PREM Lost 0-3 Wed 5 20:00 H Liverpool PREM Won 3-1 Sat 8 15:00 H Queens Park FACP Won 1-0 His record their isnt too bad, but still shipping goals for fun. After that we won 3 games in the whole of the rest of the season, in all competitions. I hate Kean but results havent been as good since Jensen arrived.
  4. novella

    New Games/General Gaming

    Dead Island in my opinion is fantastic, there are alot of hours in this game, im upto 30 hours in and ive got a lot of things left to do. The Co-op in my experience is seamless as well, especially now they have patched it. People can join you as you go through the game without any freezing or lag issues. Its just really good fun.
  5. novella

    John Jensen gone

    There was a month or so gap between kean being hired and Jensen being hired. What is Keans record for those games? Does anyone know?
  6. novella

    John Jensen gone

    Might put myself forward for the job, never coached or managed in football before so I should be right up venky's street.
  7. novella

    [Archived] Benni Mccarthy - Gone

    Glad he has said he wont play any more - Kalinic will get more starts and benni is @#/? now anyway.
  8. novella

    [Archived] Benni Mccarthy - Gone

    Looking back in hindsight im glad we didnt sell benni to sunderland for 9 million(?). knowing fine well he would be banging them in for our relegation rivals now. At least a happy benni will be banging them in for us now.

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