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  1. its_rovertime

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Regarding Ruddy, apparently (so my Norwich supporting friends tell me) he still lives in the Norwich area and commutes to Wolverhampton as he didn't want to leave the area when he left Norwich. I can't imagine a commute up to Blackburn every day is plausible so if the above is true it might be a sticking point in any deal. Would be a good signing IMO if we could get it done though!
  2. its_rovertime

    Holiday Camp Mentality

    I live in Norwich and work with season ticket holders here. One of the first things one guy said this morning when talking about football was that pretty much all of the Norwich players are off to Dubai or Tenerife this week. I think it's pretty common place for players at all teams to head away over the international break at this time of year, regardless of form or league standing. No opinion on whether it's right or wrong, Just hope it does the trick for our lot and they come back to put a shift in for the remaining games of the season!
  3. its_rovertime

    Thursday deadline.

    A work colleague has just returned from a holiday in Portugal and told me he met a rovers fan out there who knows Joe Garner and said that he's very unsettled at Ipswich and would love to return to the North West, preferably back to Rovers. As always with these things take it with a large pinch of salt, no indication that we are even interested, personally not sure it would be the answer to our striker wishes either but just thought I'd pass it on for potential debate!
  4. its_rovertime

    Thursday deadline.

    Surely this is in reference to the TV show 24 in which the main character is named Jack Bauer? Just before people who haven't seen it start to get too excited about an imminent arrival!

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