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  1. its_rovertime

    Thursday deadline.

    A work colleague has just returned from a holiday in Portugal and told me he met a rovers fan out there who knows Joe Garner and said that he's very unsettled at Ipswich and would love to return to the North West, preferably back to Rovers. As always with these things take it with a large pinch of salt, no indication that we are even interested, personally not sure it would be the answer to our striker wishes either but just thought I'd pass it on for potential debate!
  2. its_rovertime

    Thursday deadline.

    Surely this is in reference to the TV show 24 in which the main character is named Jack Bauer? Just before people who haven't seen it start to get too excited about an imminent arrival!
  3. its_rovertime

    The January 2018 transfer thread

    I live in Norwich and unfortunately have to agree with this, although it pains me to say it, at the moment they are a long way ahead of us in almost every aspect. On the plus side I've heard no whispers concerning our young Bradley (yet) and the rumours here suggest the Pritchard money is likely to be spent on wide men and a striker.
  4. its_rovertime

    Next Manager

    I actually once played against Chris Sutton's little brother John, in youth football, he wasn't that good, I bagged a hat trick in that game and we battered his side 6-2 or something. He's made a decent career for himself playing football whilst I ended up in web development...I guess he got the last laugh!
  5. its_rovertime

    Next Manager

    Living in Norwich and having many Norwich supporting, season ticket holding friends I can tell you that they were gutted when Lambert left. They also raved about the brand of football they played under him and the way that he united everyone, creating a feel good atmosphere and buzz around not only the football club, but the city itself. He apparently was no push over on the discipline side too, might be just what we need after the very pally Bowyer?
  6. its_rovertime

    twitter tag

    Kind of on topic, I have set up a list of Rovers related twitter users that can be followed: http://twitter.com/#!/danieljervis/roversgossip Feel free to let me know of any others that I could add to the list and if anyone else has curated similar lists I would be happy to add them. I find it a nice easy way to keep up with all the rovers related tweets!
  7. its_rovertime

    New Rovers Boss

    William Hill have paid out...wish I had got on at 7/1, 11/4 wasn't too bad though On oddschecker none of the online bookmakers have odds available now so I'm guessing they should all pay out.
  8. its_rovertime

    South Of The Uk

    I must admit it's nice to be called most amazing bazza! I still have a fondness for those damn canaries but not enough to stop me gloating about Rovers premier league status as they toil in the lower divisions. Fair's fair, we have done a stint down there in my time supporting the club and I got plenty of grief when we were relegated. Norwich were playing some lovely stuff back then and I did visit Carrow Road a number of times before realising that my heart wasn't in it and for some reason the arrival of small town club Blackburn Rovers with a fairy tale making owner at the helm just grabbed me and I've been hooked ever since.
  9. its_rovertime

    South Of The Uk

    I'm born and bred in Norwich, supported Rovers since I was 12 years old when I decided I just couldn't support Norwich like all my friends, even though at the time they were a good side and beating the likes of Bayern in europe! Barely get up to Ewood due to the cost and distance but there are a surprisingly large number of Rovers around this way. My brother is also a Rovers supporter as well as 3 others in my group of friends. I love the look of bemusement on peoples faces when they ask who I support, they can't seem to work out why I would support lowly little Blackburn, there's just something a little bit special about our beloved club though!
  10. its_rovertime

    Fantasy Football League 09/10

    I murdered the other 2 mini-leagues I was in and only finished 20th in the BRFCS one! Not surprising to see that rovers supporters know far more about football than most
  11. its_rovertime

    League Table Prediction 2008-2009

    1. Man Utd 2. Chelsea 3. Arsenal 4. Liverpool 5. Portsmouth 6. Everton 7. Blackburn 8. Spurs 9. Aston Villa 10. Middlesbrough 11. West Ham 12. Newcastle 13. Man City 14. Sunderland 15. Fulham 16. Wigan 17. Bolton 18. West Brom 19. Hull 20. Stoke
  12. its_rovertime

    Nickos (newer) Thread

    I live in Norwich, its a bit bigger than Blackburn. Also Carrow Road is a sell out just about every week, with a huge number of season ticket holders. Since Norwich is the only biggish club in Norfolk the fan base is huge compared to ours due to Blackburns proximity to other similar sized and "larger" clubs. Whether or not this should have a bearing on the price of the club, who knows, I would assume it is a factor. But then you would assume the fact that we are a top 10 Premiership club would be a factor too!
  13. its_rovertime

    Rovers Sold ??

    Are some of these posts for real? Worried about the race of a potential investor..even questioning a link to Bin Laden (im hoping that was just a sarcastic comment) because its mentioned a group of asian business men may be interested in a takeover. Millions of Asians arent even Muslim and 99.9% of muslims arent terrorists. If we do lose gates because of people not turning up for any of these reasons should a potential take over happen, then I for one would not be sorry to see them go. Im proud to be a rovers fan and I wouldnt like to think that a large percentage of rovers supporters (4-5k???) are that ignorant and racist.
  14. its_rovertime

    Predicted League Table 07/08

    My first post on here, be gentle! 1. Man Utd 2. Chelsea 3. Arsenal 4. Liverpool 5. Spurs 6. Everton 7. Blackburn 8. Portsmouth 9. Newcastle 10. Bolton 11. West Ham 12. Reading 13. Man City 14. Aston Villa 15. Middlesbrough 16. Fulham 17. Wigan 18. Birmingham 19. Sunderland 20. Derby Just can't see the 3 promoted sides having enough to stay up at this moment in time. I for one would take 7th this season and hopefully european qualification through league or cup!

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