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  1. RIML

    Rugby League

    I've not bought one yet but I will do, it'll go nicely in the back window of his new cherry-red car
  2. RIML

    Rugby League

    I got my Dad two tickets for Father's Day, he took the son-in-law who's never watched Rugby before and he described Sam Tomkins as a little worm The highlight of their day was seeing this and winning of course.
  3. RIML

    Ruben Rochina Signs

    But at least Dunn had a shot which went narrowly wide and Emerton put in a good cross for the Pedersen chance, Rochina didn't create anything from what I can remember. All I'm trying to say is all the fancy stuff (most of the time was in our own half ) is not going to keep us up. I'd rather see us go back to basics, hoof the ball out of our own half, instead we tried passing the ball about ten times before we got into Everton's half, it was getting us nowhere. If only we had more players with the same close ball control but all the good fancy tricks he did yesterday was to no avail. It might work in another game with Hoilett out wide and Nzonzi back in midfield, I'd like to see him start against City and let's hope his hard work pays off.
  4. RIML

    Ruben Rochina Signs

    In that case Rochina should have been attacking He did a few fancy tricks but seriously I don't think he created one chance or had a shot. Saying that he was probably our best player, says it all really.
  5. What about this then..........ref forced to brandish 'invisible yellow card' Apologies if this has already been mentioned but I haven't seen it on this thread or Other PL happenings. EDIT: And I can't see the youtube videos on here because I'm on a computer at work
  6. Your avatar just made me LOL........brilliant!

  7. RIML

    Ronnie Clayton

    I met him on a ground tour and he told me some great facts about Rovers. Keep smiling Ronnie. Rest in peace. This is when I met Ronnie about 6 years ago
  8. Hey smelly belly

  9. RIML

    RIP John Steven Taylor

    'THE TRUTH' is, the Sun newspaper is sick. A tribute was just on the North West News, it's so upsetting, they confirmed we will have a minutes silence @ the game on Wednesday.
  10. RIML

    RIP John Steven Taylor

    Facebook Group
  11. RIML

    RIP John Steven Taylor

    Greco, he will never be forgotten. I'm so upset and I don't think I knew him, might have seen him around as you always see the same familiar faces at away games, but how I feel will be nothing compared to how his close friends and family are feeling. I'll be thinking of them. My thoughts go out to his family and friends. Rest in Peace.
  12. RIML

    RIP John Steven Taylor

    The Stoke fans were brilliant, after the game a man came over to us in the pub and asked if a Rovers fan had died (we all thought he had died at the time) and he looked really upset and said how sorry he was to hear that.
  13. One league goal all season, Di Santo will have more come Wednesday
  14. Cheers Brian. EDIT: Just done it now, i cant thank you enough. That is class.

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