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  1. briansol

    Summer Transfer Window

    Nope, only Raya deja vu
  2. briansol

    Summer Transfer Window

    I don't think we ever had an agreement on Garner. It was reported that we were one of several clubs interested. Whether Watford used their parachuts money and gave United the best deal, or the player preferred the move, we don't know. Regarding the budget there seemed to be very mixed messages. From having more than one bid in on players, to now seemingly only be being able to afford one permanent. Obviously left-back should be the highest priority. At this point I don't care if it is a loan.
  3. briansol

    Academy & U21s

    You probably know this better than me. If that is the case it sounds very strange to "hold back" players development by keeping them in the U23's. Must also have backfired with Hilton, because Eastham was the one playing against Man City for the U23. Hilton injured?
  4. briansol

    Academy & U21s

    Pretty sure neither Mols or any other U23 player will be held back if there was a chance of a loan or first team involvment. That's the whole point of having a U23, getting them ready for senior football. Mols is good enough for League 2, but still requires a club wanting to loan him though. We have had very midfielder and attackers go on loan the latest years, mostly because they haven't been good enough, or they have been progressed (Buckley, JRC).
  5. briansol

    Summer Transfer Window

    It is very hard to judge whether an U23 player is ready, especially in defensive positions where the physical aspect is such different. Attacking players is a bit easier because skill and pace translates easier. It was clear before last year that Buckely had outgrewn U23 when dominating every match. JRC, Butterworth were similar clear options that was ready for next step. Vale showed also good signs. On the other hand, Magloire had it to easy in the U23 because he was stronger and faster then everybody. U23 football is also quite different from Championship because it's very techinal, played to feet and little physical combat for a centre-back. Think it was a massive shock for Magloire when he faced Joe Garner and Steven Fletcher who are clever operators. I like Lewis Thompson, great engine and can deliver a cross. He never plays badly, but not a standout performer either. I see more potential in Dan Pike on right back, he's a few years younger, very mature, great decision making both defensivly and offensively.
  6. I'm very certain Nyambe is back for Derby. The question is whether JRC og Dolan is dropped to the bench. Hard to say. Dolan is a better option forward especially on counters. At the same time, he is a very useful as an impact sub. JRC is probably a little safer defensivly and tacticly. My guess would be JRC as Derby is a bit wounded and will come out full guns blazing, and bring out Dolan in the second half.
  7. briansol

    Summer Transfer Window

    Manning sounds plausible. Esp. since we bid for him in January according to this: https://www.footballinsider247.com/exclusive-blackburn-made-deadline-day-bid-to-sign-qpr-23-yr-old/ Not sure if we can afford him though. Have been linked with West Ham and is highly rated. Some suggest he is aiming for a Premier move, which also makes it hard to think we can meet his wage demands.
  8. briansol

    Summer Transfer Window

    Can probably play as an 8 with two sitters, but then you need your wingers to track back, which for many of them are not their strongest quality.
  9. briansol

    Summer Transfer Window

    Dack needs to roam and arrive in the box no matter which formation. His worst spell was when he was either a striker or man-marked playing of the forward. I think our style is a bit more varied now which should suit Dack. But there is a real chance the balance of the team can be upset when he is back.
  10. briansol

    Newcastle United away in the League Cup

    If our scouting leaves a lot to be desired, how about that Newcastle team. It must've been at least 100+ mill pounds spent on that team. Joalinton, Almiron, Richie and Murphy was at least 80+ mill, just the 4 of them.
  11. briansol

    Summer Transfer Window

    Yes he was. I think he played midfield throughout the youth career as well as some senior appearances. He needed some persuasion to become a defender. Far better center-back than midfielder. Would probably a L1/L2 midfield workhorse if not.
  12. briansol

    Summer Transfer Window

    Wouldn't Ayala fit that criteria? Esp if he has went to Saudi Arabia and changed his mind?
  13. briansol

    Summer Transfer Window

    Not much. Seen him a couple of times on TV and some highlights. Definitely a type we need. Dubbed the next Michael Carrick by Solskjaer. All-action midfielder with a goal threat. United fans have been claiming for his inclusion in the first team for a couple of years. Good chance he would be the best midfielder at the club if he came.
  14. briansol

    Summer Transfer Window

    I agree. If we are able to land James Garner on loan, I think he could be a major player for us with Travis.
  15. briansol

    Summer Transfer Window

    It was said he rejected us for an offer to go to Saudi Arabia. I guess he went there and found out that money isn't everything. That also fits the quarantine aspect of the story.

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