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  1. briansol


    Why the h*** would China do that? They live by selling the west stuff. I get that some blame lays in their culture with wet markets and selling live exotic animals. Animals which contains viruses.
  2. Sorry you are very much misinformed. This virus is at least 10 times deadly as flu. A lot of carriers will not show symptoms and transmit it without knowing. If you get too many infected at the same time you hospital's system will be overloaded and over capacity. Hospitals will not be able to function as normal and you will see people dying from accident and all kinds of not virus related stuff because hospitals will not function properly...
  3. Please stay away guys! If not for your own health, but for your parents and grandparents. You are just one week behind rest of Europe, and will regret the public gatherings in a few days. I live in Norway where the country went into lockdown mode today. All schools and kindergardens closed for 2 weeks and I'm going to stay home with my kids while the wife needs to go to work in a pharmacy where there currently is mayhem. We had the same attitude as some of the guys here. It started only 10 days ago when a few people brought the virus back from Italy during winter break. Now it's everywhere and we don't have enough capacity in hospitals to deal with a larger outbreak. As seen in Italy, if the outbreak overload the capacity you will see a death rate between 3-6%, while nations that has imposed strict bans will keep at 0.5-1%. Yes it will mostly be deadly to the elderly and people with underlying problems, but in Italy 8% of hospitalized people are between 20-40 years old. Their patient 1 was a 38 year old athletic male with no problems, who currently has been intubated for 2 weeks if still alive. I pray that I'm wrong and overreacting, but I would regret not saying something. Stay safe!
  4. briansol

    Academy & U21s

    Duff was also part of the same batch as Dunn and Taylor but he was fast tracked to the Premier League at 17 Also worth mentioned James Beattie who was only a year older than Duff/Taylor.
  5. briansol

    Academy & U21s

    I'd say Whitehall, Pike and Brennan, but very hard to tell. They are still developing and it's a big step up from U18. Whitehall is physically ready and have a good footballing brain, not sure what his best position is though, as there is a lot of good centre backs coming through. Pike could easily be Nyambe's understudy in the next couple of years. Brennan a bit more gamble as a winger. He has pace, two great feet but will have to adjust to the physical part. Very similar to Mahoney when he came through. U23 will be a good arena for many of them, and usually some fall through the cracks while others kick on like Buckley etc.
  6. briansol

    Academy & U21s

    That was an exceptional performance. Totally battered one of the best clubs in the country filled with youth internationals. Could easily have been 7 or 8. Actually shown on a TV channel here in Norway. Commentators were very complimentary. On that evidence a lot of these could go on to have a career. So many good performances all over the pitch: - Eastham in goal, although not the biggest looked very composed with great distribution with both hands and throws. - Pike on right back looked a modern full back who could defend and attack. - Flavio as centre-back very similar to Magloire, big and powerful. - Whitehall, captain and just given a long professional looked the part. Built like a man, athletic, good allround footballer. Played midfielder today, but can see him ending up at centre back. - Harlock was the conductor in the centre. Great energy, effective passer and a lovely slide through to Brennan for his goal. - Wright-Phillips, just like his dad! Quick winger with great feet. Very composed and effective. Got a goal and setup another. Really hope we have something permanent lined up. - Luke Brennan, left winger, Mahoney v2! Could easily become a better player than Mahoney. Can see why he's been promoted to U23. Two great feet. He actually took freekicks with both right and left, and seemed equally good with either. Great crosser and great goal. Had workrate to go as well. - Sam Burns, probably got MOM for his two goals. A real livewire striker. Pace to burn, great movement and hard to shake off the ball. Stocky and strong. Some similarities to Aguero. Wonderful goal from outside the area and a poacher for the second. Really enjoyable and hope they show the City game as well
  7. briansol

    Academy & U21s

    I think that's a good move for him. He's ready for senior football and a few months there will make him ready for another loan next season. Barrow is heading for League 2 so might another season there. I've praised him on several occasions and he's got a lot of attributes to become a good all-round striker. Next step for him now is senior football and this should do him the world of good. Championship is probably a step too far atm, but he could be ready in the next couple of seasons.
  8. Good performance. The biggest difference from last year is that we don't crumble and general game management are a lot better. Solid keeper, a settled back four + Travis has been a massive improvement in that part.
  9. briansol

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I'm in the Pro-Mowbray camp, but I think it's fair to say the transfer window was a failure. The goal was to bring at least one or two reinforcements in. There is plenty of valid reasons why it didn't happen, many outside the control of the club, but objectively the goal wasn't met. A manager ultimately get judged by results, and currently you have to say they are good. We are still in the running for play-offs which was the goal set out.
  10. briansol

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    You are correct. Last season we were in a decent position as well only to fall apart from February until April with only 4 points from 11 games.
  11. briansol

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Not gonna disagree with that. Consistency is lacking. There is an improvement from last season in results but we're still on track to finish 8-11 on current point haul. Pretty certain that we won't challenge for play-offs, my hope is that we can promote the likes of Rankin-Costello, Davenport etc to build a great core of young players for next season. Whether it's Mowbray or not next season, I'm really not that bothered.
  12. briansol

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    It's 36.2%. This season it's 40%
  13. briansol

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Last 14 matches form table with the worst manager in the league.....
  14. briansol

    January transfer window 2020

    The upside is that the youngsters like Rankin-Costello will get plenty of chances
  15. briansol

    January transfer window 2020

    Appearantly Buckley turned down a 40 mill move to Newcastle

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