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  1. justjonny

    Kits 19/20

    Well certainly one I'll remember, like said above its going to be used as triva questions. Paddy Power have played it spot on and Huddersfield end up having a great kit out of it to
  2. justjonny

    Kits 19/20

    It was clearly planned, they had everyone talking about for a whole week and while no disrespect to Huddersfield, who is ever going to talk about a Huddersfield kit like this again? It will long live in the memory of do you remember those paddy Power kits.
  3. justjonny

    Kits 19/20

    Well apparently today is the day!
  4. justjonny


    Yet another bug that has 'swept through the camp' maybe it's not a new multimillion pound striker we need but some hand sanitisers?
  5. justjonny


    I remember when they had those loyalty cards, was it go to 5 games and get 1 free? Or something along the lines of that.
  6. justjonny

    New Kits

    Well umbro keep rolling out 3rd kits for their teams, latest is Everton's, which suprisigly has quite a bit of blue in. Maybe we could see one after all? 🤔
  7. justjonny

    Thursday deadline.

    Its funny how football works, I've been in the kop end watching Liverpool vs torino and there was quite a few complaining about salah, let's put in a loan bid maybe? Nah being serious if they are being serious about moaning about him maybe we should look at ourselves. I watched us against Ipswich and I think both our cm dim well, all that was missing was a good wide outlet like Edwards
  8. justjonny

    Thursday deadline.

    Should see Tomlinson, well above his weight
  9. justjonny

    New Kits

    Has anyone bought any of the shirts yet? If so are they better in person rather than the photo's?
  10. justjonny

    New Kits

    What do people do with their old shirts? The last one I had from 2 seasons back I had made into a cushion with the babies as it was his first kit, but I still have the zebra claims one as a couple of others. Can't really bring myself to throw them in the bin and living in Liverpool I don't think anyone around here would have one out of the charity shop
  11. justjonny

    New Kits

    On the away keeper kit the bet10 toilet is white so it shows that they could change it, although it is a dark purple kit so it would get lost if it stayed black. Overall after seeing the templates for the umbro kits throughout summer I was really excited to see ours, even put money to the side to by myself and my lad one, but I've been left quite disappointed in both our attempts. I'm sure I'll cheer back up when we are storming the league and in the top 2 by Christmas.
  12. justjonny

    New Kits

    The away kit is now on roverstore, it is indeed yellow
  13. justjonny

    New Kits

    I think the home keeper shirt is the best of the bunch if that's our away kit...
  14. justjonny

    Pre Season Matches

    Reading Everton boards and I think they seemed to enjoy our Dack to 😂
  15. justjonny

    Pre Season Matches

    Dack must be worth 50mil!

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