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  2. ABBEY

    [Archived] NAPM

    A one off post and won't be replying . Yes I have had a U turn of fecking monumental proportions and let's get one thing straight ( the anti abs clique don't take long) I 100% have not taken this decision lightly and can state I have NOT done this because we've won a few games because anyone who knows me knows I ain't like that. The withdrawal symptoms win. I nearly caved in during the summer following the brum game where I actually got passion back and nearly lost my job when I came close to cracking a nobber who took the piss out of our relegation. I toyed with it then and decided against it , this season I've watched nearly every game via a stream and as a result like a smack rat I've given in to my cravings. I said I would reassess at Christmas and I have. These last few months family and friends ( my mum is upset I've gone against my principles) have pecked away at me to stop boycotting and I've been determined not to cave in . This week however I've hardly slept due to the stress of deciding what to do and I've had many private discussions ( some off here) this week because it's been such a hard decision to come to. Yes I've been vociferous and I still stand by my scab comments and my all but 2 year boycott and to those giving me shit over it ...yes I feel like a scab myself and feel shit . Oh and Jim stop playing the victim card ffs you are no frigging angel. Do I still want the Scummers out ?? Damn right I do and won't rest up until they go. Do I feel let down that fans have not risen up and are happy to be venky lovers ? Bet your fat hairy arses I do. Do I feel happy I'm giving money to the venkyscum ?? No I am angry at myself for doing so. Anyhows all the best to everyone ( that includes you chaddy lad) and I won't be responding either. #venkyscumout
  3. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/nearly-2000-foreign-criminals-still-9624036
  4. ABBEY

    [Archived] Coyle Out

    nah he will get on lancs and blow the venky smoke
  5. ABBEY

    [Archived] Rotherham Away 11 Feb

    but when admin discuss posters on twitter its beyond a joke
  6. i listened on lancs for my sins today and gally is a total venksympathiser and the build up they totally ignore blackpools and our off field and pretend everything is normal. after that 1st goal today my 5 year old grandson would...pathetic defending and goalkeeping ...it was if there had been a bet on 1st goalscorer
  7. and banned for the word tosser ...banned for posting a picture of a cuckoo and also for posting a picture of a stream (little river ...no links ha) no the muppets are legends
  8. i got a warning for the muppet word
  9. ABBEY

    [Archived] Coyle Out

    why do you want them to make the playoffs? REAL blackpool fans dont only the scabs
  10. ABBEY

    [Archived] Coyle Out

    boring? ha...boring is telling everyone on here that you will boycott if coyle took over
  11. its common knowledge i did your point is? then i saw the light and took the step of not giving my money to corruption. you crack on scabbing
  12. ABBEY

    [Archived] Coyle Out

    lost the ignore button again have we

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