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  1. tonygreenbank

    BRFCS - Gratitude Corner

    Great work by all of you keeping us Rovers exiles in touch with events on and off the pitch.
  2. tonygreenbank

    Rovers away at QPR - Good Friday 19th April 2019

    On page 15 of this thread you said that Mowbray had made some bewildering decisions with regards to his management and that you and certain others have been highlighting these whilst the manager continued to make wrong decisions. You then claimed that as the manager did make changes then these were attributed to your knowledge of the game. Thus calling into question his professionalism and that members of this messageboard somehow knew more about the game than he did. Hence my use of the term arrogant. I am quite happy to let Mowbray get on with his job but I don’t like to read on this board the seemingly random criticism of his actions without any basis in fact. I apologise to you for the use of the term arrogant as it wasn’t directed at you personally but at the way this messageboard has gone in recent years.
  3. tonygreenbank

    Rovers away at QPR - Good Friday 19th April 2019

    MY issue is who takes the credit? This manager or the messageboard? I’m neither pro- Mowbray or anti- Mowbray but to claim a handful of posters can influence a professional manager in his decision making seems ridiculous.
  4. tonygreenbank

    Rovers away at QPR - Good Friday 19th April 2019

    Perhaps the reason Mowbray chose not to play them today? Im sure he has his reasons but he wanted the win to boost the feel good factor going into the end of the season. An away win in this league surely has to be applauded? You seem to be suggesting today was a meaningless exercise but we are a professional football club with the integrity of the league an important consideration. You can’t just “throw” a couple of kids into the team and hope for the best. TM demands his team win and to jeopardise that would be foolhardy in the extreme. He knows the strengths and weaknesses of the U23’s and I’m sure he has plans to aid their development in discussions with Damian Johnson. I am delighted that we won today and hope we beat Bolton, Norwich and Swansea. I can’t believe that any Rovers fan would not wish the same.
  5. Just seen on TV that Brighton and Bournemouth gave a minutes applause for Kit Napier!
  6. tonygreenbank

    Mike Harrison

    A great player for us. One of the most exciting wingers I’ve seen at Rovers. He had an incredible shot on him and some of his goals were Sheareresque in quality. RIP Mike Harrison
  7. tonygreenbank


    Being brought out on a stretcher was never going to work😉
  8. I watched the game on the Bet365 app. No commentary but you could really hear the crowd reactions. The 3,000 were magnificent tonight. The support really lifted the team. I thought the lads played with so much confidence. Travis is an absolute diamond. A special mention to Conway whose “legs have gone” for playing so well! Graham is a real professional. Dack’s goal was a training ground bonus but sorry I don’t think he’s ready for the top flight just yet. It was difficult to tell which was the Premiership side tonight. Great to see Mark Venus tonight after his recent bereavement.
  9. tonygreenbank

    Mowbray’s Future

    A very good read and tells you a lot about Mowbray as a person, as a manager and as a parent. He does mention the owners which will surprise a lot of people. if I knew how I would upload this article for everyone to read!
  10. tonygreenbank

    Bradley Dack

    Totally agree Tom. I think if a Prem club offered anything like £18m then the club would surely accept that. He’s been a great buy for us but I would suggest he’s found his level with us. I doubt he is of top Prem quality. But if he wants to be with his Essex girlfriend then West Ham might suit him.
  11. tonygreenbank

    Middlesborough away Sat 8th Dec

    As a traditional list why oh why did the lads not play in blue and white against the red of Boro? A point is good in the scheme of things.
  12. tonygreenbank

    Bobby Saxton

    I’m pretty sure that he played against us at Ewood for Plymouth in our famous 5-2 win. One of my favourite games I’ve watched at Ewood over the years. I also think Jim Furnell was in goal for them that day.
  13. tonygreenbank

    Bradley Dack

    Absolutely! It’s certainly a shift in the clubs transfer policy of recent years of investing in young players who can command a huge profit down the line. I include Dack and Davenport in there.
  14. tonygreenbank

    Bradley Dack

    Apparently the Lithuanian lad we got on loan for this season has been attracting a lot of interest from Premiership clubs. We have an option to buy him after his loan spell ends but could be difficult now he’s been earning some excellent reviews.
  15. A very interesting thread, Stuart. My Dad was a keen supporter then but didn’t go to that particular game. However he often referred to it especially when we were crossing the bridge at Preston station! I’m sure that’s why I’m always uneasy crossing such bridges. I was interested to read that a collection was organised for the next home game for the injured. I would hope your grandmother would have benefited from this collection also. According to Jackman there were 25,000 on against Luton so one would have thought s reasonable sum would have been raised.

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