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  1. It’s clear Travis and Dack need more time to get back up to speed. Relieved in the end we got a point but my overall feeling is one of disappointment not just for our first hours performance but due to the awful state of the pitch. I know it’s in part because of training on it but serious questions need to be asked about our ground maintenance team.
  2. I’m not sure I need a plausible alternative view! Possibly a mixture of bad luck and poor recruitment, will that do? Anyway your phrase “kipping on the job” shows where your bias lies!
  3. He has Ayala, Williams, Wharton as injured CB’s and he has Nyambe unavailable which is either incredibly bad luck or poor planning and recruitment depending on one’s perspective. Your opinion about Mowbrays motives is obviously your own and perhaps you have evidence for what you say but Tony Mowbray when I listen to him does not come across as this self obsessed, self interested individual in the way you describe. At the end of the day managers at any football club come and go and the only certainty is the fans loyalty to their club
  4. I don’t know Chaddy personally but why on earth should he have to explain his belief that Mowbray remains our manager? He is supportive of what he’s done for the club. There are 4 threads on here dealing with Tony Mowbray’s future which I think is a bit excessive Only Mowbray knows what’s going on inside the club and as he’s said on more than one occasion that he will go if he feels his effectiveness is dwindling. Emotions are running high on here at the moment and some people are really enjoying sticking the proverbial knife in.
  5. Feeling very frustrated tonight along with most on here but my frustration is based on not winning that game. We should have won after dominating the majority of possession and attempts on goal. Over 90 minutes lots of things happen on a football pitch. Some moments of exciting play and some moments of careless and mistake ridden action. A stupid error by our goalie, his only mistake of the match, cost us the game. We could and should have had 2 or 3 goals in that second half and they defended manfully throughout. Most of the game I agree we were slow and played in front of their def
  6. Yes well done Chorley who dominated the Derby kids. Good to see Tomlinson and Adam Henley play for Chorley.
  7. That is rather harsh! I can’t agree with you on this one.
  8. And yet he could have got the Goal of the Season after a brilliant piece of skill; not to mention his helping out with defensive duties when required. He has the talent of that I have no doubt. He’s just lacking that little bit of luck and/or rub of the green. I am aware I’m in the minority here!
  9. Not a great watch but the points are very welcome. I read earlier someone suggesting Mowbray had lost the dressing room but those players put in a shift today especially our back 4 and full credit to them. I actually thought Gallagher played with lots of purpose and energy and he was knackered at the end but he’s now the latest scapegoat so his criticism continues. Great to see Travis back and Dack’s goal after great work by Dolan. He was the perfect foil for Armstrong and pulled their tiring defence all over the place. Gavin Ward as a referee is a “baby faced assassin” giv
  10. I’m one of the positive posters but I think Tony Mowbray has to consider his future now. He has said that he would leave us if he thought he had come as far as he could with us and tonight to me confirms he should do the honourable thing. We were all so excited at our opening performances but our pressing game has evaporated and we’re now looking disjointed, slow and devoid of confidence and ideas. I am hating myself for writing this but we need a change at the top to rescue what might be left of our season.
  11. So frustrated and disappointed tonight. We had plenty of possession but little to show for it. I don’t know what’s happened to Douglas as there’s little threat from his side and his set pieces haven’t come off at all. Gallagher was poor today. He is really suffering from a lack of confidence; perhaps his injury can take him out of the firing line. I think my biggest disappointment was that Tony Mowbray couldn’t find a way again to counter the defensive set up of the opposition. He must have known what was going to happen but maybe he expected more from Elliott and Holtby to unlock th
  12. Fair enough Rev but I’m still optimistic we have a player on our hands. I’m sure we both want him to be a success with us.
  13. Obviously “in your opinion!” I don’t think to reach this far in the football pyramid would suggest he is a poor player. He has many assets such as speed, physique, aerial ability and stamina. I think he must be a nightmare to play against if you’re a full back used to marking your diminutive winger. He occupies the wing area and often changes to upfront when needed. I actually see a player in him as I did with Brereton. He is definitely lacking confidence at the minute which is affecting his performance so he certainly needs backing from his significant others on the coaching
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