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  1. tonygreenbank

    Armstrong Signed

    https://www-deepdaledigest-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.deepdaledigest.com/news/adam-armstrong-reportedly-valued-at-eight-figure-fee-18-months-since-snubbing-preston/amp/# Further rumours but interesting.
  2. tonygreenbank

    Great Stewart Downing article

    Great article. I never doubted for one minute that he would be a great signing. Experience is such an important factor in professional sport and he seems to be a real help and mentor to a lot of our younger players. He also rates our manager and recognises his contribution to his continuing Rovers career by managing his fitness schedule. My only regret is his one-year contract which I would love him to extend if agreement could be reached.
  3. tonygreenbank


    And yet not a few weeks ago he was a desperate loan signing, worse than Raya! The lad has worked well with our equally much maligned goalkeeping coach. However I feel criticism of him is never too far away.
  4. tonygreenbank


    Every team has a bit of luck at times DMTP but credit must go to the manager and coaching staff at Brockhall who are working with the lads on a daily basis. Confidence and self-belief must be high at the moment. Let’s hope they perform for the cameras next Saturday.
  5. tonygreenbank

    Rovers v Hull

    Thanks Hasta for that. I do recognise the post which was attributed to me and I have a strong feeling it appeared after the Fulham game but I can’t remember who wrote it. Even weirder that it turned up in the Hull thread.
  6. tonygreenbank

    Rovers v Hull

    I don’t understand how my name is on a post I didn’t make!? Can any site moderator please explain?
  7. tonygreenbank

    Rovers v Hull

    Are you not excited that our Rovers won 3-0? You seem to be overworked in trying to prick our optimism! 🤔 Blimey let’s us enjoy a win.
  8. tonygreenbank

    Tony Parkes

    So sorry to hear of this today. A true Rovers legend with 50 years linked to the club. What a wonderful daughter he has too. That shows the love and esteem he is held in by his family and former players.
  9. tonygreenbank

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    I was there at Bolton when we won 5-0 in 1964. Then we beat Leicester 5-2 away the next game. Thanks Bigdog for reminding me!
  10. tonygreenbank

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Wasn’t it against our “friends” from up the road?
  11. tonygreenbank

    Forest V Rovers

    An interesting point Adam. I always remember Chris Sutton leaving us for Chelsea for £15m. We knew what a good player he was but his move to Stamford Bridge was a disaster. I remember seeing him on MOTD bearing down on goal in a one-on-one with the goalie and it was like watching Bambi on ice as he slipped and the ball gently rolled to the goalie. The Chelsea fans were laughing at him. He only lasted one season and then went to Celtic. Some moves work out and some don’t. Football is very much a confidence thing. Brereton has ability and was a star in the making at Forest. He has international honours and has won an award from the Premier League. Mick Rathbone reckoned he would be worth £45m! Mowbray took a calculated gamble on him but at the moment his gamble doesn’t look very successful. Do we stick with him or send him out to regain his confidence? For me I would play him for the next games but for sure the manager has a big decision to make.
  12. tonygreenbank

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    Couldn’t agree more. I’m reading John Duerden’s book on the Rovers Revolution and he describes the progress of the club from the cash strapped days of the 70’s and 80’s. Rovers had to sell Kevin Stonehouse to Huddersfield for £30k just to pay a utility bill! Most of us thought those days were long gone. We were the kings of the castle not so long ago; now thanks to certain individuals we are the paupers at the gate.
  13. I think certain posters love to criticise the team line up before a ball is kicked. It does make in a bizarre way for interesting reading! To be fair Old Ewood Blue and Stuart have now praised the team and manager.
  14. I agree with you ER. I think the manager deserves credit for bringing in some experienced quality to go with some good young players. Another factor for today was in the 3 days the squad spent together since Wednesday; the players that came in were certainly well coached and allowed Mowbray to take a calculated risk with his team selection. I’m especially pleased for Gallagher and Bell who I think have something about them. Great day to be a Rover!
  15. tonygreenbank

    Jim Smith RIP

    Always very sad to hear the passing of someone associated with our club. Some incredible memories from his time with us. Who could ever forget the 3-2 win at Burnley and the loudest noise I’ve ever heard from our fans at an away game? The signings of Taylor and Wagstaffe; the pairing of Hird and Bailey. The 1-0 win at Bolton when Waddington got the winner and probably saved us from relegation in Jim Smiths first season in charge. The signing of Brotherstone from Spurs on a free transfer. RIP Jim Smith

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