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  1. tonygreenbank

    Football League Suspended

    Elliott is now self isolating at home for seven days. The other players have been tested and their tests were negative. Training can continue at Brockhall under the strict guidelines as before. Bennett will be tested next week and hopefully return to training on June 5th. So far his was the only positive test at the club. This is information from Rovers official site.
  2. tonygreenbank

    BRFCS TV - 1993/4

    Thanks both of you. It was Fabregas!
  3. tonygreenbank

    BRFCS TV - 1993/4

    I loved the “exchange of views” between Shearer and Dave Bassett?! Didnt Souness have a similar spat with an Arsenal player at the Emirates? Was it Arteta?
  4. tonygreenbank

    BRFCS TV - 1993/4

    Great videos Herbie. I have to admit that for the first 3 seasons of the Prem I kept a scrapbook containing press reports from the LET and others of Rovers astonishing progress. Ive forgotten a lot of those games and these videos of yours have brought the excitement back to me. Thanks for your effort in bringing them to us.
  5. tonygreenbank

    Football League Suspended

    A bit harsh! I thought it was a fabulous goal. He opened his body up and stroked it in.
  6. tonygreenbank

    PREMIER LEAGUE CHAMPIONS 🏆 25 years today

    So many wonderful memories! I decorated my car with blue and white balloons and a Union Flag. Parked outside the Manxman as we watched the game from there. Came out elated to find all my balloons deflated and the flag knicked! Got interviewed by Sky Sports at the Manxman and the same guy spotted me after the game down at Ewood for another interview! I remember saying “we’ve beaten the big boys” a number of times! The amazing feeling when the guy who was filming us in the Manxman told us the game at Upton Park had finished and we’d done it. Cue bedlam in the pub! A total stranger and I just embraced and hugged each other with tears streaming down our faces! The car journey into town took forever as the streets were lined with scores of people just shouting and singing. The Monday night seeing Ewood packed with 32,000 Rovers all singing their hearts out. Scenes we’ll not see repeated in my lifetime if ever. Just a magical day for everyone!
  7. tonygreenbank

    Football League Suspended

    I am really opposed to declaring this season null and void and also opposed to this AI approach to working out the results of matches still to be played. Why can we not wait for the all clear before resuming football? This may entail waiting for a vaccine or perhaps the new tracker app may ease everybody’s fears and lead to an ending of lockdown. The Government see football as “bread and circuses” to raise the morale of a significant portion of society. How can football resume within the social distancing guidelines even behind closed doors? It may take many more months and the EFL clubs need financial support but in my opinion we have to wait. The 2020-21 season can be put on hold. This current season has to be completed properly however long that might be.
  8. tonygreenbank

    Final Day of the Season

    At least we reached our target of 70 points!
  9. tonygreenbank

    Friend in Need

    Brilliant news which has just made my day! I hope you and your wife make a full recovery. What an amazing NHS we have!
  10. tonygreenbank

    Final Day of the Season

    Great spot Ricky. Might just tune in to that!
  11. tonygreenbank

    Football League Suspended

    Without seeming to be a bighead, I emailed the EFL a few weeks ago with that proposal of Regional Divisions among the Championship, Div 1 and 2 together with play offs etc. They replied and stated that their intentions were to get this season done first. Perhaps they did take it to heart after all? My only criticism of this proposal is that it includes in the leagues West Brom, Leeds and Fulham who could well be in the Premiership when this starts.
  12. You’re right! It was Don Mackay! In 1988 it was the season before the Selhurst Park debacle.
  13. Probably the Palace result would be up there. Another big disappointment for me was Stoke away under Howard Kendall when we lost our 20odd unbeaten run. Thousands of Rovers fans packed one side of the ground but were devastated at the end. A draw or win there would have seen us promoted at the end of the season and Selhurst Park probably wouldn’t have happened.
  14. Great stuff Leonard! Nothing like a good old public confession to ease the conscience!......but I still think you’re to blame😡 Will tell my brother John and Andrew to tune in!
  15. tonygreenbank

    BRFCS TV - 1992/3

    That match was the only Ewood game where we were physically threatened by opposition fans. We were making our way through the wooded area up to the Manxman when a group of Geordie fans angry at the last gasp goal were trying to get us involved in a scrap! We just ignored them and tempers cooled! I’d forgotten they were in the Championship at the time.

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