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  1. tonygreenbank

    Luton Town away

    Good heavens give the lad a break! He had no chance with that Carter header. He was totally wrong footed. I’ll criticise him if he makes a clear and obvious error but he was unlucky there.
  2. tonygreenbank

    Reading at Home

    To be fair I hope the club are thinking about the integrity of the league. There are still some relegation issues to be resolved on Wednesday so I hope Tony Mowbray considers that in his selection. I still haven’t forgiven Wagner at Huddersfield for allowing Birmingham to steal the points which ultimately saw us relegated.
  3. tonygreenbank

    Ep 133 - The Man In The Middle

    Great interview and so interesting! You speak very well Tony and I suggest you carve out a career as an after dinner speaker but maybe not in the Rotherham area! Also great to hear you still retain your love of Rovers.
  4. tonygreenbank

    Player of the Season 2019/20

    Downing gets my vote. A real pro whose attitude and commitment have been first class. A team player who has rarely had a bad game and must have had a positive influence on the younger players.
  5. tonygreenbank

    Cardiff away

    Well done Rovers. A good team performance merited the 3 points. That second half display was awesome. Great goals and a real determination to win. What a bonkers league this is!
  6. tonygreenbank

    Barnsley v Rovers

    I see where you’re coming from! Not sure why I used the word “dream!” I was referring to the fact that they are our best current partnership out of the options we have.
  7. tonygreenbank

    Barnsley v Rovers

    I’m as gutted as anyone about our last two defeats but I have to say has any recent Rovers manager had a run of such bad luck with injuries as Tony Mowbray? We had the dream midfield duo of Travis and Evans who played so well against Bristol now out probably for the rest of this campaign. We have a 5th choice left back in Bennett who gets some pelters on here but is ready to perform when asked. We have possibly our 4th choice centre back against Barnsley. Bradley Dack has been a huge miss for us since the first Wigan game and Armstrong who was on fire before lockdown is struggling after his isolation. I know Mowbray deserves some criticism over the strikers department with a serious lack of form and confidence from Gallagher, Samuel and the misfiring Brereton. It is very frustrating and I’ve resigned myself to more Championship football next season.
  8. That’s ridiculous BBC. Fortunately I continued to watch SSN and saw Paul Merson be very positive in his analysis of the game; saying we “had goals in us” and definitely “dark horses” for the playoffs.
  9. Thanks for that but I’m unable to buy a ticket yet for tomorrow having followed your advice. I have bought tickets on ifollow a few times but I seem to recall it was on the day of the match. So I’m hopeful that I can get a match pass tomorrow.
  10. tonygreenbank

    Liverpool Friendly

    Klopp was complaining about Rovers robust tackling according to the Times report.
  11. tonygreenbank

    Football League Suspended

    I’ve watched a few games of BCD Football from the German league and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them. You get to see skilled footballers plying their trade without the histrionics of playing to the crowd. It’s pure football and if anyone is doubting the Premiership being diluted BCD then we might be in for some special games. I’m sure the Championship will be the same. The start of football will give a big boost to a lot of us after 11 weeks of lockdown.
  12. tonygreenbank

    Leicester Play Off Final

    Apart from the result a highlight for me was when the players put the blue and white shirts on as they went to collect their medals. Having a unique kit with our famous history will always make me a proud Rover!
  13. tonygreenbank

    Football League Suspended

    Elliott is now self isolating at home for seven days. The other players have been tested and their tests were negative. Training can continue at Brockhall under the strict guidelines as before. Bennett will be tested next week and hopefully return to training on June 5th. So far his was the only positive test at the club. This is information from Rovers official site.
  14. tonygreenbank

    BRFCS TV - 1993/4

    Thanks both of you. It was Fabregas!
  15. tonygreenbank

    BRFCS TV - 1993/4

    I loved the “exchange of views” between Shearer and Dave Bassett?! Didnt Souness have a similar spat with an Arsenal player at the Emirates? Was it Arteta?

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