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  1. Neither side won it. Wimbledon FC no longer exist.
  2. At least we should be playing a full strength team and have a reasonable chance of actually winning a game!
  3. Molly Malone.
  4. Also fair play to Tisdale at Exeter. His side were bottom of the league in November. Should be an entertaining final.
  5. Best scenario is a 1-0 win for Forest, 2-0 win for us and a 0-0 draw at Bristol leaving big club down on goal difference.
  6. Agreed on this game and would have this attitude from here to end of season and make others worry about us.
  7. Bit dismayed at the harassment and agression given to the person who made the call. This person has called the number as given and has recorded the answers to the questions. Should not be pilloried for it from some who would believe it to be a hoax. Check the facts.
  8. Well I guess we can moan and groan all we like but until the Vs go, we have to seek solace in the fact that the dingledosser has gone and any coach with any reasonable quality should be able to scrape the points necessary. Put round pegs in round holes, coach the defence on defending and the midfield to protect and hey ho, turn losses into draws and draws into wins.
  9. Blimey, the way some go on, would think a total screen in front of the pitch would suit you more.....
  10. RJ was a fabulous keeper and although not my hero, was one of the heroes of the 74-75 season. Good support for the goalkeepers Union though Darren.....
  11. 99% of people on this forum know we need new owners.And I will join any protest against the owners,with the exception of boycotting,iv supported rovers since I was 7 and they won't force me away,Il make my voice heard in the ground.I respect anyone who feels boycotting is the way foward but it isn't for me. Got to agree with Islander that it should not be a choice between being called a scab and not boycotting and going against the grain and not supporting your team. Not an easy decision to make and anyone who chooses the former should not be castigated. Stick together now as fans and make a voice heard in unison both inside and outside the ground.
  12. Highlight of the season is yet to come. It will be at the end of the last match when the lights are turned off and the door locked.
  13. Couldn't say it better myself Stuart.Football as a spectacle would be better for the loss of sky and the players becoming less godlike and more like a human being. Sky. Has been the ruin of the 'football league' and by that I mean divisions 1-4 of old where players played for the club and not the filthy lucre. Sure they deserved better than minimum wage as the career is short but it has become ludicrous now.
  14. Booing a player is totally unproductive and should never happen unless they do something on the pitch that is contra to the team. It just tends to show the lack of class and appreciation of some supporters. It must have been a great boost for MK Dons to hear that.
  15. Think Brown when considering Lowe. Who knows what attributes PL and team can uncover.