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  1. VAR

    A plan to introduce it in the prem down to league 2 with a fund to intro to new clubs as they get promoted would be ideal. Again no visible dent in the money trough in which their snouts are entrenched.
  2. FA Cup 2017/18

    Couldnt agree more. Here Here.
  3. Rovers v Bury

    Guess it was to try and drag the much taller defence away from the goal and create openings for our smaller forward line.
  4. VAR

    Any introduction of technology should not be implemented unless it can be universally accepted and implemented by all professional clubs or it risks creating yet another potential hurdle for smaller clubs to break into the top leagues.
  5. Video from Plymouth Fan

    Trying to fathom out what Downing was doing and why he made no attempt to clear the cross. Only thing i can think is that he stumbled and fell. Should be a lesson to our wing men, get the defenders moving towards their own goal and put a ball in that they have to get a foot to or risk an attacker finishing it off like that.
  6. Walsall at home 30.1.18

    Good starting 11. now just a bit of luck to get us on our way. COYB
  7. The January 2018 transfer thread

    Connor who? Missed almost as much as Danny Murphy haha.
  8. Wimbledon

    Neither side won it. Wimbledon FC no longer exist.
  9. Carabao Cup

    At least we should be playing a full strength team and have a reasonable chance of actually winning a game!
  10. Current Songs

    Molly Malone.
  11. Bowyer's Linkedin Profile

    Also fair play to Tisdale at Exeter. His side were bottom of the league in November. Should be an entertaining final.
  12. Relegation: The Rivals

    Best scenario is a 1-0 win for Forest, 2-0 win for us and a 0-0 draw at Bristol leaving big club down on goal difference.
  13. Brighton a tough test

    Agreed on this game and would have this attitude from here to end of season and make others worry about us.
  14. Balaji Rao phone call audio

    Bit dismayed at the harassment and agression given to the person who made the call. This person has called the number as given and has recorded the answers to the questions. Should not be pilloried for it from some who would believe it to be a hoax. Check the facts.
  15. Tony Mowbray Appointed Head Coach

    Well I guess we can moan and groan all we like but until the Vs go, we have to seek solace in the fact that the dingledosser has gone and any coach with any reasonable quality should be able to scrape the points necessary. Put round pegs in round holes, coach the defence on defending and the midfield to protect and hey ho, turn losses into draws and draws into wins.