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  1. waynerovers

    I've been away for a while

    Sounds like things have certainly improved since those dark days then. Looks like a play off position isn't beyond the realms of possibility either.
  2. waynerovers

    I've been away for a while

    Not as simple as that. I live in Leeds and the trains have been striking for the last 5 months on a Saturday.
  3. waynerovers

    I've been away for a while

    I used to be a regular poster on these forums from 2000 to 2012. I probably wasn't the only one at the time but the whole Steve Kean/Venkys fiasco effectively killed my love for football. Besides the odd international game I completely switched off from the game and it wasn't until this past world cup that I started to keep an eye on Rovers results this season. My question is, in those years that I've been away, has the structure of the club improved, or is it still the hot mess that Kean, Venkys and Anderson left the club in back then or do Rovers fans now have something to be proud of again? Thanks in advance for any input.
  4. waynerovers

    [Archived] Benni Mccarthy - Gone

    his behaviour is disgusting, 50 odd grand a week and he cant even show up for training and he's hardly painting himself in glory for potential buying clubs. Get rid (and i was of the opinion that we should keep him)
  5. any chance you could pm us the name of the manager at the brothel, just for me and my housemates to have a good chuckle

  6. waynerovers

    [Archived] Benni Mccarthy - Gone

    I'd like to hear a huge benni mcCarthy chant at ewood this saturday, best way to let him and sam know how we feel about this situation.
  7. Anyone heard the new cribs album, only given it one listen so far but it sounded really good, I'm off to see them at Leeds Academy next weekend.
  8. waynerovers

    [Archived] Hooligans Yet Again

    it actually looked worse than scenes from football factory and green street. Shocking behaviour that has probably ruined englands chances of hosting the 2018 world cup, cheers d***heads
  9. The Airbourne toxic event have been added as a strong rumour to leeds and reading, great news
  10. waynerovers

    Movie Discussion

    I'm exaggerating obviously, of course subject matter is important but a film doesn't have to be oscar worthy for it to be enjoyable. Its fun to watch something you dont need to think about every now and again
  11. waynerovers

    Movie Discussion

    i found out about stallones new film today, the expendables, it might just have the greatest cast of all time Mickey Rourke, Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Jason Statham, Ben Kingsley, Forest Whitaker, Eric Roberts, Robert Knepper (t-Bag from prison break) and david zayas (oz, dexter). It doesn't get much better than that, it doesn't even matter what the films about, plus check out this picture of stallone, this is what shape he's got himself in for the role http://www.aintitcool.com/node/39866
  12. judging by the results and nominees of the grammys i take it that they are the american equivalent of the brit awards. Who are the people who decide these things? Such poor taste, how can it be possible that a coldplay song is the best song released in an entire year?
  13. waynerovers

    [Archived] Drugs

    it would be interesting to see the result if as well as choosing a party at an election you also had the option of legalising drugs or not, i think it would be pretty tight
  14. yeah i've got tickets to see him at manchester apollo on his 50th birthday, hoping he does reading and leeds festival as well
  15. anyone downloaded the new morrissey album yet, very good on first listen especially if like me your a fan of maladjusted

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