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  1. bigbrandjohn

    ROVERS v qpr

    Weird string of moaning. We are 8th. Above Swansea, Villla, Brentford, Wednesday and Stoke. I am relishing it. Everyone else is playing Ketchup.
  2. bigbrandjohn


    Tony makes head scratching team selection bold moves. God bless him. Away point is a great result. We are mere mortals.
  3. bigbrandjohn

    Rovers v Leeds, Ewood, 12.00 KO, 20th October

    No ifs and buts. Massive massive result. Lucky shirt and bracelet glowing with pride.
  4. bigbrandjohn

    Bolton vs Rovers

    He didn’t when he was playing 😀
  5. bigbrandjohn

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Excellent post.
  6. bigbrandjohn

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Glass half full kind of guy. Saw the game and we rode our luck a bit. Still three points against a local team away from home feels like an enormous gift. A bit like a home made pork pie hand delivered to America Lucky Rovers shirt and bracelet working great after a wobble mid week
  7. bigbrandjohn

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Job done, not pretty but winning these games away is crucial. Good way to start the break.
  8. bigbrandjohn

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    On paper that us a very good team. Good place to try them all out. It is Premier league opposition but a chance to play Football. A chance for Rodwell to become an instant hero.
  9. bigbrandjohn


    In Tony we trust. Got a fancy do tonight. The shirt and lucky bracelet stay on.
  10. bigbrandjohn

    Rodwell signs

    I am surprised that part of their contract does not include penalties for unnecessary risks that they take that could impact their ability to play Football. If Dack or Rodwell had been banged away I wonder what they would have been paid. More importantly they would leave slots in the team that could not be filled until transfer time.
  11. Interestingly Villa fans are uptight about playing Elmohamady on the wing rather than right back. https://thisisfutbol.com/2018/09/twitter/villa-fans-rip-into-elmohamady-v-blackburn/ Managers want to give their “best players” game time but the wings appear to be places that they put players whether they are no 9’s or right backs. Armstrong and Brereton are not wingers but they can do a job cutting in. Not sure that is better than putting on an out and out winger like Conway later on who can cross a ball to a target man. Then perm 1 out of 3 number 9’s to be in the target position.
  12. bigbrandjohn

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    On the plus side, Bell looked very dangerous when he was pushed up and there was plenty of urgency’s for fluency all around. . I thought Lenihan looked very shaky. Mind you so would I if I had Roy Keane looking at me.
  13. bigbrandjohn

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    Brereton is going to learn quickly that pointing at things v doing things is not popular here.
  14. bigbrandjohn

    Bradley Dack

    Problem is clubs do character checks on their purchases. This little episode is hardly a resume builder. Maybe 15 million wasn’t too bad to cash in our chips, before the luck runs out.

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