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  1. On the positive side I hear Branthwaite had a positive start.
  2. Ooh. A crisp little Motown reference there. Nicely done
  3. It could gave been worse. We could have been drawn against Crawley. 😳
  4. Stranger things happen at sea, but I do agree it is wishful thinking. That being said, if Charlie has managerial aspirations, he may be prepared to give something to get something. Fleetwood are probably burnt from the Barton experience and may play it safe. That would be a shame.
  5. Barton out at Fleetwood. Mulgrew for player manager and get him off our books?
  6. We are an injury or a few bookings away from him being the Centre forward. Being embarrassed for options up front is no bad thing. Wouldn’t that be a nice problem to have at the back. Maybe it will be, if Tony brings in a couple of loaner central defenders from the Premier League.
  7. Armstrong goal, Elliott assist. Return of Travis. Dack goal. Shut out the big club at their ground with a makeshift defence. Inspired substitutions. Luvly.
  8. Not a prayer. Best way to lose half the squad.
  9. I guess parking the bus didn’t work out too well for Pulis.
  10. I was thinking about this. We have a terrific squad on paper. We are playing people out of position to accommodate everyone. Actually we have been doing that since Graham was around. Sell Armstrong for 20 million before his sell by date expires, and use the money to fix the defence. Technically we have wingers in Chapman and Downing so play Big Ben up front supported by Brereton, and Dack in midfield. Plus plenty of youngsters waiting in the wings.
  11. No but the manager in 5th place has. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/55381160 We have been there before. A procession of losers and dodgy deals all requiring pay off. Like everyone, I thought this was our year. It still may be. I don’t want to go back to the days of hire and fire. We have a good team with valuable players. We need a bit of luck with injuries and a consistent run. This is a hard league with 6 teams at least on Premier league pay offs from relegation. Nothing is great about this year but let’s review once we get Dack, Bretherton
  12. It is only December 16th but I will take the present now Santa. . Thank you.
  13. Another no good manager like Roy Hodgson who did nothing when they were fired by Rovers 🤔
  14. I keep hearing about Roy Keane. Just ask Ipswich fans how he screwed their club. We had our chance and we wouldn’t pay the money for Warnock. If you want gritty, it might as well be gritty and successful.
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