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  1. bigbrandjohn

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Was anyone happy take a draw against the top team before the match?
  2. bigbrandjohn

    Luton Town home

    I didn’t see the game but if Mowbray fields the right team for the opposition, I would have thought that Dack and Graham would have been the ideal starting line up with Downing and whoever, fizzing balls into the middle League 1 style. But then what do I know?
  3. bigbrandjohn

    Bradley Dack

    Captain Pugwash😳. That’s scurrilous. You should walk the plank for that insinuation
  4. bigbrandjohn


    Well it’s all rather exciting. Anything that gets us all in a tizzy means that bold experiments are afoot. Belt up for possible turbulence on our journey. 🥴😢😀
  5. bigbrandjohn

    Bury FC rip

    Very depressing. Two owners one delusional, and the other a chance waiting as s creditor to scrape a few bob off the remains.
  6. bigbrandjohn

    Bolton Wanderers Unpaid Staff Need Food bank.

    We paid more for Leon Best😳. Makes our last two $5million signings a mere bagatelle 👌🥴
  7. bigbrandjohn

    Bolton Wanderers Unpaid Staff Need Food bank.

    Not to mention. https://onn.network/7120/jerome-anderson-football-agent-who-extended-his-reach-even-into-heavyweight-boxing/ Heavyweight &@$&@‘
  8. bigbrandjohn

    Bolton Wanderers Unpaid Staff Need Food bank.

    Blimey what a legend. Can’t you change stuff in Wikipedia to make it more truthful? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerome_Anderson_(football_agent)
  9. bigbrandjohn

    Bolton Wanderers Unpaid Staff Need Food bank.

    At any moment any club owner can do that and it’s curtains. Many cut their losses fairly quickly, acknowledge that football is not their core competence and leave their club in the Tom tit. Thats all all I am saying.
  10. bigbrandjohn

    Bolton Wanderers Unpaid Staff Need Food bank.

    Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the dire plight of two neighbors due to awful ownership that could put put them out of business imminently. Let’s recognize that for all the false starts and bad decisions more from naivety that anything else, our owners have stayed the course and given our manager money to spend. We can dream of 1995 but time is now and I am happy that we are building something here not having it destroyed in front of our very eyes with lifelong fans chained to the railings outside.
  11. bigbrandjohn

    Hull (A)

    I am in a glorious time warp. Watched Rovers on TV win at Hull followed by a tremendous John Mayall concert and Ten Years After tomorrow night. Glad Rovers have “room to move”
  12. bigbrandjohn

    Hull (A)

    Assuming a no play clause for Cunningham against Cardiff?
  13. bigbrandjohn

    Middlesbrough (H)

    There is no time for bedding in these days. Lose two games and back to tried and tested. Eventually Graham will not be an option. That’s when we shall see whether the investments are just that.
  14. bigbrandjohn

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Maybe that’s the long term strategy with Brereton
  15. bigbrandjohn


    Before we all get too depressed you might want to see the results tonight. Huddersfield, Boris, Brentford etc

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