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  1. Here you go... Raya, Steele, Nyambe, Lenihan, Ward, Mulgrew, Wharton, Williams, Evans, Tomlinson, Bennett, Conway, Feeney, Graham, Stokes
  2. Yep, heard that before Len. All ties in with that infamous Andy Cole article doesn't it? Loads of people knew by all accounts about what was going to happen. Only takes one to talk. One day the master of puppets will get his. He can hide but he can't run. Imagine if that and Venkys leaving happened in the same week? It'll be like the 14th May 95 all over again. One day eh? Just a matter of time.
  3. "The businessman and Olympiakos owner is facing accusations of match-fixing in Greece but has passed the EFL's owners' and directors' test." Perfect, just the job, welcome to the funhouse. The EFL Test: "Are you breathing?" If "Yes" - "You passed!" If "No" - "Oh what the heck, you passed anyway!"
  4. I said it a few years back and I'll say it again now. The sick twisted bar stewards. We never stood a chance. 75 quid each as well. Off their bloody heads.
  5. and that tells you all you need to know. The place is in lock down, no fresh quotes or news, while the Accountants carry out due diligence the run of the mill, planned way in advance, all is normal, audit. (BTW I have no idea if this is DD, a precursor to admin, or just a full blown "audit". If I was guessing I'd say DD is most probable, then admin and then an audit on steroids. But - it's a guess).
  6. Sorry guys, but how do we know it's KPMG?
  7. Good thread. So I just took a look - number 67 in the I-Charts. "Quickly Kevin, will he score". Josh Widdicombe talks 90s football. And there lo and behold S01E06 Ian Pearce! Talking about, well you know what he'll be talking about. I've just downloaded it along with a few others. That's tomorrow's commute sorted then! Mate of mine gets the Joe Rogan podcasts. Always entertaining and off the wall.
  8. I'm doing a May Review TBTF so hopefully that'll help as well.
  9. POTUS?
  10. Tell you what then Rev. You sit around twiddling your thumbs waiting for free money! Meanwhile back on planet Earth... I'll say it again, the only way anyone will get involved is to see Rovers back in the Premier League. Then they'll see a return on their investment plus a bit more if they so wish, and who really can complain if they did? Of course, the rules are there (or not as the case maybe) to then asset strip the club again, to take the EPL money, the parachute payments and sell the players. I mean they really have nothing to lose do they? (Remember that anyone?). But, and here's the marked difference, there's less chance of that happening you would hope, they are Rovers fans. A few years back I worked for a company in Haydock that overlooked Seneca. I've posted this before on here by the way. Dalglish was seen one time talking to some bloke on the car park there outside their offices. Make no mistake, these guys are well connected. No one is going to throw free money away I'm afraid Rev - or if they are please let us know who they are. Now is the time. As an aside, were you against Jack Walker buying the club? I mean he actually stipulated that Rovers at some stage had to "wash its own face" didn't he? Wake up and smell the coffee. We're now in a very bad place. Anyone who is prepared to try and get us out of it should be welcomed. It'll cost them money in the short term with no guarantees of getting that money back. Success, and a chance to recoup their investment, will be two promotions. I'll take that.
  11. Preston Blue, a good bloke, mentioned a TV debate with Diane Abbott on another thread. Not for me that. However it did get me thinking about the next "minuted" meeting. Let's not have this rubbish about no recordings, let's have it filmed. I mean we're all on the same team aren't we? We ALL want what's best for the club don't we? Everyone does. So let's get it all out there and cut the crap. Personally I can't think of a better six or seven hours live on Radio Lancashire (and streamed for BRFCs). I guarantee it'll pull more listeners in than normal. Name the date now, ask Pasha / Cheston for a convenient date now, block their time out. Ask The Rao family, the "owners", the same question. It's five months away after all. Let's make this happen. I'd even give them 3 months grace on either side of the date. That's more than reasonable. There really is no excuse then is there? Please, someone, make that call, ask them to name the date. Tell them to stop hiding and face up to their responsibilities. Call them out. Call the FA out, ask them to attend, ask the Football League to attend, ask the Premier League to attend. We are Blackburn Rovers, founder members of both leagues, the only team to win The FA Cup 3 times in a row. What else have they got on that night?!? Eastenders? Corrie? Stop hiding, stop being cowards, the lot of you.
  12. Funny that, I thought. I was just saying, funny that, how the media haven't reported this news. Especially the local media, the ones based in Blackburn. You'd have thought they'd have been all over it. Especially the comments pages of the local paper, you know the ones, those ones after the articles. I thought, that's funny. I'd have thought they'd have picked up on this. But no. Funny that. Funny peculiar, not funny ha ha. Normally they've bang on the money those lads, specially the press boys. Mind you, they're doing a regular "feature" on "fake" news, the Lancashire Telegraph that is. I thought that's funny, for a paper that prints propaganda and no bloody news. How funny! Like that Trump bloke, how strange. Proper let down that lot. Funny that. I'll buy it tomorrow though, it'll be the front page I'd imagine.