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  1. I thought it was a tremendous effort Ozz. Reminiscent of the Charlatans during their Wonderland phase. It sure silienced those anonymous dingles who were on the train. Possibly through fear, probably in horror. The train stop at burnley on the way back was hilarious.
  2. Come on BDS, have a guess. and to be clear, I believe Skip.
  3. We nipped in. It was great. Good to see that so many care so much. A fine bunch of people, I'm lucky enough to know some of them. One day these owners will leave. We will go again. We are the Rovers.
  4. I well remember a chap called Bill Fox appearing on television late 80s / early 90s. Mr Fox was the then Chairman of the Football League. He was ripped to pieces as he continued to state that there were 92 clubs in the football league and that it was the Leagues job to represent the best interests of those 92 clubs. It was awful TV and I felt really sorry for the guy. The Premier League will of course act in its members best interests as well - and they'll ensure that the status quo is preserved forever. The gap between the haves and have nots has never been wider. Even if you are relegated the parachute payments should ensure you bounce straight back up. The only reason why you wouldn't is if you have an Agent involved with the club and / or the club is owned by people who forget they own it. The national team? It's an irritant. It "gets in the way". It's common place for international fixtures to be derided all across the media. There is no value placed upon them anymore. Most fans, I feel / IMO, could do without it as well. If the people who ran the game cared about the National Team then they'd introduce a rule that 4-5 players in the starting line up must be English. That way Livermore might get a game. However, this will devalue "the product" apparently just as Premier League Team X buys player Y, who no one has ever heard of, from Portugal for £28m.
  5. Exactly that. Chelsea, year on year, have something like 40-50 players out on loan! Drinkwater, will he get a game now? As you said, the England team was sold down the river along time ago unfortunately. No ones really bothered though - we get to watch the best league in the world in this country apparently.
  6. Because nobody cares. "Transfer deadline day"!!! That's what matters now. Hype, money, blather and bull. "Never mind the football, let's talk @#/? (with Jim White)". The sad thing is, nothing will change. The FA are happy. Sky are happy. The big clubs are happy - and that's what really matters. And the money just keeps getting bigger and more ridiculous. "The Ox" went to Liverpool, £35m or was it £40m? Either way, is he getting a start next Saturday? That's where the national game is. Still, I didn't see it live, but we won 4 nil. Hurrah!!
  7. Oh God. If it's Simon @#/? Conning we're all doomed.
  8. With hindsight, playing 10 was a stupid idea on Mowbrays part.
  9. I think we'll be in the top four at Christmas, then when Balaji has a chance meeting, and subsequent arguement, with Trump in a Moscow knocking shop a nuclear war will ensue scuppering our promotion hopes for at least 20 more years. It'll be right up there with some of Venky's worst decisions, just behind the Kean contract extension.
  10. Oh you're quite right, don't worry about that. Some people weren't happy when we bought Shearer, as we already had Speedie. Quite. Judging the players after you've seen them play. Seems fair and reasonable to me. And how many times have you seen any of them play? Looks like we've now got a bit more strength in depth in those positions. I've no idea if they're any good though, I hadn't heard of any of them until about 9 hours ago. Like many others I find it a little strange that we're bringing in young lads when we have our own who should be knocking on the door. Having said that the West Brom lad does sound extremely promising and the Liverpool left back appears to be more like a wing back than perhaps anyone else that we already have in that area. The centre half? No idea. i suppose when you have young lads providing cover in some positions then it's prudent to double up. I just hope our lads who have come through the Academy get a fair crack of the whip. I've barely seen them play though so don't ask me if they're any good or not - but the U23 results are good. Finally, I can't believe we didn't sell Lenihan or Mulgrew or Graham. I suspect we've spent far more than everyone else in the division? We should be fair set now you'd think with this squad to "give it a real go". We shall see.
  11. He'll do OK for you. But he does have a cows head. It's bloody massive. You'll get used to it after the first season though.
  12. Is Suhail going? Or is he already booked up on the date in question? Seeing how this guy is the link between Ewood and the Rao family he really needs to be there IMO for the meeting to have any chance of being in anyway meaningful. Perhaps he could name a date convenient to him with that in mind? Is it going out Live this time? I'm hoping it could be filmed and put on YouTube or such like - in the interests of openness so the wider fan base will be able to see just how well the club is being run from the UK. Surely that would be far more preferable than what was printed / edited out last time. That was very strange.
  13. No. This doesn't count at all. Seriously. It was just the Rovers winning a match, I take no solace from that whatsoever. What do you want? Me to be briefly happy? I ended up going tonight, contrary to my much earlier post in this thread! Good work lads. Nuttall was fearless - quick, excited even. We'll soon beat that out if him. Who's his fecking Agent? Far from the finished article, in fact nowhere near. But he scored again - I like that sort of thing a lot. Whittingham and Graham look shot. The former did a good pass early second half, that's when I remembered he was playing. DG seems to be growing his hair. Other than that... It was hard at times to tell the kids from the old heads. Having said that, Charlie Adam was fecking dreadful. Arrogant without reason. The tit. Oh... and another crap decision to open just the (Joe) Nuttall St enclosure - it was far too cramped. Then again, look after the pennies and you get to keep your job (whilst the entire football club goes to rat @#/?....) but, overall... well played lads. Edit - By the way, we're either having the worlds latest medical (12.55) or someone has left the floodlight on down at Ewood!
  14. Can't argue with that. Looked great in his first season, less so / less fit last year and poor this season. In a front two then he could do well in this division though, first couple of games he was on his own up front. If Lenihan goes then absolutely we need another centre half, if not then I think we'll be OK. As a betting man I reckon he'll be off.