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  1. I absolutely love that. Tremendous tackle there by Glenn at the end! In fact I wrote about that game here: 14 years ago! I had it on video. Think I've still got the video somewhere. No video player mind you.
  2. Gillingham away 17.3.18

    How’s it looking now Matty?
  3. Peterborough Home

    Thanks for the update. You've made all the difference this season MG, like a ray of sunshine shining through the gloom when results haven't gone our way. It's been truly special.
  4. Protest @ EFL HQ

  5. Rovers v Blackpool

    It's this failure not to pick up more than 3 points for a win this season that means it's still in the balance. If Wigan win their 4 games in hand, earning say 4 points for each of those wins, then they'll be well clear.
  6. Attendances

    It might be in your house, not in mine it ain't. You've not been for what? 6 years? My lad has loved it this season. Ironically he's been going for the last 6. He turned 13 last week. Most of his mates go as well. Contrary to the belief that most would be mincing around in City or United shirts by now. I just don't see it. They've deserved this season. Of course you might well be right, it could turn to rat cack. But if people can't enjoy and get behind and support what's happening right now. Then, well, you may as well pack it in. If you haven't already.
  7. Attendances

    If only Gav. Just don't have the time these days.
  8. Attendances

    There are absolutely no guarantees in football as I'm sure you know. A similar poster to yourself was demanding Mowbray be sacked during the away match at Shrewsbury when one down at half time - Shrewsbury being a team and manager that you much admire of course. If the club goes pop in the summer then my last memory won't just be of this season, as enjoyable as it has been, but of many previous seasons. Many. So many good memories, not so many in recent years admittedly. The harsh truth is that there is virtually nothing we can do to affect this clubs future - whether we attend or not. An empty ground will embarrass them I read occasionally. What into selling? Really? Being turned over to the tune of £140+ million is embarrassing, employing Kean, Singh and Coyle is embarrassing. Being the first Premier League winners to be relegated to the third tier is embarrassing. They don't give a damn if the ground is full or not and never will. The wind up merchant on the other thread can shove it. Polite applause if they turn up? No chance. As though they would turn up!? It's a shame though, IMO, that you can't enjoy this season. It's been great, it really has. You don't need to explain yourself, you really don't, I understand the reasons.
  9. Attendances

    Sure is. Walsall away was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I didn't make Wimbledon but I'm sure those who did loved every minute. 72 points with 33 up for grabs. "Mental" times indeed.
  10. Automatic promotion

    We beat them and they need to win 3 out of the 4, and their fixtures are piling up. They have Southampton at home I believe in the cup, winnable for Wigan. Good luck to them I say! Keep the cup run going! Don't get me wrong, I only had a fiver on it. I'll not be retiring! Of more significance - we've 33 more points to try and earn... plenty of twists and turns just yet.
  11. Automatic promotion

    We're 7/4 to win it 47er if you fancy it. Win on Sunday and it's on if you ask me.
  12. Walsall v Rovers

    Won again. isnt it time for some pricks quarterly review around now? arbitro has just nailed it. As an aside, I've not sang that loud and long for years. Loved it!
  13. Rovers v Oldham

    You carry on with whatever it is your doing pal. I'm done. Enjoy the whinge fest.
  14. Rovers v Oldham

    One can please oneself mucker.