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  1. "Up to now"? Its quite a simple comprehension exercise is this really. So ignoring the likes of borrowing your car and smashing it into a brick wall, then setting it on fire, the house party which resulted in the police being called and the house being set on fire, that time they borrowed your best suit, then set it on fire, the fact they stole your girlfriend / wife (both?) when your back was turned (no fire involved here fortunately), the massive amount of debt they've built up in your name, the lies they've told you over the course of this relationship, the fact they don't come and see you anymore or even pretend to take an interest, the fact they sold everything in your house of any value right from under your nose, that they keep knocking around with the very people you warned them about? All that. And up to now they've done all you ask of them?!? Of course buying Samuel and Dack this summer is a pleasant change but surely it's not beyond the wit of man to at least understand why there is a complete lack of trust for these people; based, understandably, on the disastrous events that have unfolded practically every single year they have owned the club.
  2. From the 26th skous.
  3. Those on the periphery? How big is the squad again? 22 players were involved last night?!? Should have played them last night as well. That would have been prudent.
  4. What?!? In pre-season?
  5. It's petered out, ended 8 (eight) 0. And I'll be the first to say that these games mean nothing. August 5th is all that matters. However I don't recall us scoring 8 in a pre season game before? And more to the point I'm marginally more happier than if we'd got beat 8 nil!
  6. Gordon Bennett - its 8.
  7. Indeed they were. But it was Graham, not the Sheds.
  8. It's 7 - Graham header
  9. Caddis x2
  10. Well you would be. It can't be good for him though.
  11. 3 0 Gladwin
  12. Saw it yesterday, what a picture that is! If you scroll down on the website, bottom left, he's done one of an open sewer.
  13. Clearly not fit to lace Zidane's boots I'd suggest. However, here's an explanation...
  14. He was reporting on Sky Sports News last week - live from Old Trafford on the Lukaku thing. A role he did previously before Rovers I think (not that I remember him before Rovers)
  15. Now that does make sense! Good grief though. Alan Myers tweets nothing more than Judan Ali and then a pair of eyes. No one would bet against this happening now though. Cat 1 or not. League 1 or not. You can kind of guarantee that we'll no longer be attracting the cream of the crop anymore - regardless of whether we buy parents houses etc when they're 11 or not (as other clubs do)