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  1. Iceman

    [Archived] Benni Mccarthy - Gone

    You would have thought, with Benni having not played much under the Ince regime, that he would have been happy starting a game. I dont think Benni was unhappy about being substituted, but if he wants to leave because he didnt get his hattrick,then he must be an idiot.
  2. i had a discussion with a mate of mine,who is a drummer.i wanted to know who the best drummer is?i reckon its Akira Jimbo he says Thomas Lang. what do you guys think?
  3. Iceman

    [Archived] Lucas Neill

    Neill aint a rover anymore.so y stil discuss the little prick.im sure he is sitting at home,watching tv and looking at the log.and thinking what possesed him to leave rovers.what a prick.
  4. Iceman

    [Archived] Souness

    That’s professional coaches for you…imo he was a good coach,however I doubted his managerial skills and overall player relations.He seemed to not be able to communicate in a way which gave the players the confidence to go out there and perform.Take Hughes,and he understands what the modern player goes through.Souness was still old school,where you either liked his methods or you didn’t.
  5. i voted for Grooby Btw what is this warning thing below my name?lol am i being watched here,considering that ive been banished from the official? lol
  6. Grooby's fault? The Groobster,i love the Groobster.
  7. Ive never really seen Gamst open up a defence,nor have I seen much of a dribbler with the ball…good set piece taker and scores a few spectacular goals,but im afraid that’s where it ends
  8. Lol,yeah that’s true,but we also have gamst and mokoena in midfield who cant even open up womens legs,let alone defences.
  9. Iceman

    [Archived] Hughes Out

    I laughed at roque well coz it was funny as Rocky(the way u have it down) Balboa was also down and out and never gave up blah blah blah,came back and performed miracles.so hopefully Benni can become Rocky….aah well u know what I mean,and im just pulling your leg mate.having a bit of fun,so don’t take it the wrong way. Wait I think this is the reason why I got banned for life on the official rovers message board.lol
  10. Iceman

    [Archived] Hughes Out

    Lmao,Rocky? I can tell u now Benni was heading downhill before we signed him.You watched his games for South Africa and u can see he has lost the plot.
  11. Iceman

    [Archived] Hughes Out

    Imo Benni is past his best,he was past his best when we signed him..Hughes took a gamble on him,and fortunately it paid off.
  12. i was just making a joke dude....i know Mokoena is @#/?,but hey i have to support my fellow countrymen..we should sign Steven Pienaar though,make a bid sparky and beat Everton to his signature.
  13. Iceman

    [Archived] Hughes Out

    erm,problem is our fans want big name players signed where as Hughes knows we dont have the money to go out there and purchase those players.So he has to make to with trialist,loans and freebies and hope that they are any good.Of course Hughes aint going to get off lightly and needs to be criticised,but he has done more good than bad since taking over at Ewood Park. Its not about him making tactical errors,its more about him reacting too slowly to the tactics he has put forward.In one of the games,Zurab was being ripped apart and Hughes kept him on until half time.about 30 mins too late imo.its that sort of delayed reaction from Sparky,not the tactics he uses. Neither Mokoena nor Savage is any good,Savage maybe a little better than the axe but both offer nothing going forward.I know they defensive midfielders,but ive seen many defensive midfielders being able to pass a ball and being able to split defenses with killer passes.
  14. Mokoena is quality,the guy is a good passer a good defender and can score vital goals.... Benni is a very good striker as well,and will score 25 goals this season....
  15. Iceman

    [Archived] Benni Mccarthy - Gone

    Suprememly talented player is Clifford Ngobeni.But please lets stay away from Lance Davids,i think he is not that good a player for us here in South Africa.How he is ahead of Clifford Ngobeni is beyond me. Benni will come right,he just needs to get a goal and get his confidence up again.I think Roque's superb form,will only be good for benni..He will think that he needs to start performing or he will be warming the bench again,so he will put much more hard work in.
  16. Iceman

    [Archived] Benni Mccarthy - Gone

    Hello Homeboys who knows me,Ice Ice baby is back.  Every striker goes through bad patches through their career.Ronaldo,Totti,Vieri,Raul,Del Peiro…all of them have gone through bad times in front of goal. The problem with Rovers fans is that sometimes the expectations are way too high.We certainly punch above our weight,but there is no doubt that we have a very good team.We as a team have been hitting a brick wall in recent games,and to be quite honest its not just Benni that’s been struggling. Our defence have gone from being solid to being somewhat of a joke.Our midfield apart from Bents is shocking.Dunn,Mokoena and Gamst should be shot.Surely there must be somebody that Hughes could look at in January in terms of our midfield.Lance Davids,for God sake..he is @#/?.If you want a midfielder from South Africa,there is a player who plays for Ajax Cape Town called Clifford Ngobeni..he is superbly talented..can be either an attacking midfielder or defensive midfielder..he is comfortable with either one.

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