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  1. 36 minutes ago, Bohinen 22 said:

    I think the tap has been turned off all of a sudden. Was only to be expected with the current financial uncertainty, zero revenue etc. Very frustrating. And I think Tony sounds frustrated too. Maybe they’d agreed a Manning deal and then the plug was pulled.

    Are you surprised? 

  2. Just now, Neal said:

    I don't see a centre half coming to be honest. Tosin, Mulgrew, Williams and Lennihan will be his 4 centre halves. 



    Pity, 2 of those are useless at CB, the other one is a new signing. Williams is a LB, and Lennihan was a midfielder and moved to CB. What season did we do much of the same, by playing players out of position? Was it under Ince or Kean

  3. Just now, Neal said:

    Is it me or does anyone else not want anymore attacking players? Only going to shove Rothwell further down the pecking order. 

    yeh anymore midfielders or strikers and i think ill lose my mind. Like i said above, we just cant play them all, yet some fans think we should play them all at the same time, and move the likes of Bennett etc into positions where they should not be in. 

  4. Just now, Bigdoggsteel said:

    I'm very confused about that team! 

    Travis and Lenihan are in those positions why?? 

    i think Travis is under rated as an up and down player... His motor can be used alot better up and down the pitch. You can move Downing into that further into the attacking areas, and have Johnson and Lennihan covering the back 4. It also allows Johnson to get up and down, and have Lennihan in behind him. This is more a defensive minded approach and team, but it stabilizes us at the back, and still have enough with Downing, Dack, Travis and Gallagher to move forward.

    Problem with this is, that you cannot have Armstrong, Rothwell and Chapman in, unless you move Lennihan back into defence, and move Tosin to RB. As i said, Mowbray cannot have everybody playing, but you have to make do with an 11 thats at least going to get you points from the back 1st

    Fans might not like that Allardyce type approach, but we have to look at where this team has been from in terms of conceding goals, and fix that area. Then you can introduce impact players later off the bench.

  5. Just now, RoverKyle said:

    I'm glad you're not in charge of picking the team!

    I think i could get that team playing well. I get that there is Chapman and Arma as well, but where do you fit them in? If you bring in Hanley and Tosin, you play them. Unless you move Tosin to RB, Lennihan alongside Hanley, and then bring in Arma into the midfield


    Tosin Lennihan Hanley Cunningham 

    Downing Johnson Travis Armstrong 



    Im not really much of a Bennett fan, in fact i think Chapman and Rothwell should play ahead of him, but its clear Mowbray loves him so much to play him at RB, and thus causing issues in a key area of our defense 

  6. Just now, Bbrovers2288 said:

    Lansbury is cracking but I don’t see where he fits in unless we sell dack 


    Nyambe Tosin Hanley Cunningham 

    Downing Johnson Lennihan 

    Dack Travis 



    I think we need to sell some players. I think this squad is too big 

  7. Just now, AllRoverAsia said:

    What Mowbray should have said : "With total respect to Venkys at this moment in my career, we are not going to spend the money that the top teams in the league do with them in charge"

    Fixed it again 

  8. Just now, AllRoverAsia said:

    What Mowbray should have said : "With total respect to Charlie Mulgrew, Amari Bell and Elliott Bennett at this moment their careers we are not going to beat the top teams in the league with Charlie,Amari and Elliott in our team"

    There fixed it 


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