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  1. laughatthedingles

    Kits 19/20

    Where have all our photoshoppers gone??
  2. laughatthedingles

    Kits 19/20

    So we’ve had one of the lightest ones from our history, now for the darkest?
  3. laughatthedingles

    Retained list 2018/2019 Season

    Agree re: not renewed. Agree Smallwood and Mulgrew will have been told they won’t play much. Nuttall on a season long loan somewhere to be expected. Also imagine Williams, Nyambe, Evans and Graham (but will have a big role to play) will have been told he’s looking to sign ‘strong competition’ for their places.
  4. laughatthedingles

    Kits 19/20

    So the latest rumours for the away kit are two different shades of grey (sounds like a rubbish knock off of a film) in a halved shirt. Meanwhile, at Ewood several new scarves have been seen (not the ones below) with a navy blue (similar to the colour used on this site and the colour of the dark blue seats at Ewood) and white design that had a royal blue trim. Could this be a sign that the kit will be the darkest blue halves we’ve ever had, commented by a royal blue trim? *UPDATE - club shop is featuring a noticeable number of navy blue and white items! (I’ve attached some) God of photoshop do your thing.
  5. laughatthedingles

    Kits 19/20

    Must be time for this thread, ideas, wants/ do not wants. For me a return to the correct sides for the halves, a return to Rovers Royal Blue, white shorts, Blue socks. Away - Same as above but Red and black halves! Then keep this years yellow if required e.g. vs Brentford.
  6. laughatthedingles

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    On another note, Northcotes smaller company that held their Ribble Valley Inns was sold recently, then a little while later Northcote itself has been bought by the same people, all for a incredible amount. Noises are already being made about 2 training sites not being sustainable or in the best interests of the club itself.
  7. laughatthedingles

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    Can’t believe more hasn’t been made of the Brereton transfer (financially), strikes me as odd, I may be wrong but it looks like we’ve paid the majority of it in one full hit in August. That hasn’t been standard practice for any club or many years. Why the mad rush to get it paid in that accounting period? Could it have just been a gamble (player wise) and, if done in the financial period we were predominantly in League one, get around Championship FFP rules?
  8. laughatthedingles

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    Anyone can join? Would you like to?
  9. laughatthedingles

    Ben Brereton

    I don’t think it’s strange at all, Mowbray is one of few managers afforded time. As newbies to the league even us as fans aren’t expecting much. We’ve got a solid squad that will at least survive. Therefore we aren’t in need of quick fixes to keep us up or push us over the line, we are able to look to the next couple of years and build a squad that would be capabale of a sustained promotion push. Brereton coming in now is with a view to him being key to that in a year or two.
  10. laughatthedingles

    New Kits

    Oh what could have been. The kit looks class without the sponsor. Feel sorry for Umbro to be fair. Their hard work has been undone by a silly logo! The only positive with that sponsor logo is it’s like a sillouete of our badge but sideways (I’m clutching at straws!!)
  11. laughatthedingles

    New Kits

    More Umbro offerings:
  12. laughatthedingles

    Fixture changes

    It’s all based on a risk rating system. This is predominantly focused on the away support and is a combination of clubs previous history of trouble, % of arrests to number of fans attending, amount of fans expected etc Unfortunately for us Leeds and Preston fans have a high % of arrests to number of travelling support. Therefore a boost to their numbers poses quite a high risk.
  13. laughatthedingles

    New Kits

    On a side note, what have Huddersfield done to their badge?????!!! Looking forward to this kit, hopefully yellow and blue away too like this
  14. laughatthedingles

    New Kits

    Anyone able to mock this up as our home kit? Love the paler blue myself, would imagine it'll be white socks next season too since it was blue last season.
  15. laughatthedingles

    New Kits

    Previously I think there has just been a lack of organisation that led to no sponsorship - namely the first season in the Championship. I think we are in a very different place as a club and structure now though and imagine that the fact Dafabet signed a decent deal (money wise) with us for 3 years with an option of an extension, coupled with us being in league one and not knowing whether we would go up is the reason this time. Dafabet would’ve held the cards and we would’ve been waiting on them. The fact the club said at the fans forum they’re just decided between a few now shows they haven’t just waited for Dafabet to decide but have got alternatives in place for when they said no. Actually quite organised for once.

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