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  1. Final thought for all the dingles enjoying this. Do. We would. But always know, with what we've seen our team do, we'd never swap places ????⚪️

  2. @DSWilliams_ The commitment yesterday was fantastic, that's all we ask. Rest up and give that again on Sunday!! We… https://t.co/CBK4yqLYQc

  3. Wow. @Klitschko unbelievable respect. @anthonyfjoshua you should now rule the world! Thank you both for the best fight I've ever seen ????????????????????????

  4. On my way to work in Rochdale and I see this! @ant_crolla 2 days!! Come on pal!! #OhAnthonyCrolla #linarescrolla https://t.co/aWQ6kswlNU

  5. @martinolsson3 great work, nice to see you still upsetting that lot!! https://t.co/suQcrWZeH0

  6. Haye came back to get a shot at AJ, didn't bank on AJ/VK so fought Bellew. Now desperate for a rematch as he knows no hope of AJ #HayeBellew

  7. Thank you @alanshearer #rovers #brfc #VenkysOut https://t.co/QMv7Nz2Lkb

  8. #pashawatch #findpasha #rovers #brfc #venkysout https://t.co/o1ACMh1aEd

  9. RT @hels_85: @mrdavidhaye boxing is a pro sport, this is absolutely disgusting, what kind of role model are you? @TonyBellew https://t.co/j…

  10. @carlwade29 take your point but fear it's far too late. After Wigan away it was clear we were only heading one way, he should've gone then.

  11. @RoryLarmer this is true and he clearly only wants the manager to talk to Suhail and not himself!!!

  12. For any future success we need Cheston to go & #VenkysOut however we have 15 games left so let's get behind the team 100% #WelcomeTony #brfc

  13. Souness #rovers #brfc #venkysout

  14. Whilst Coyle was a good bloke with a tough job, the fact is a manager like Warnock (who you wouldn't want) would've had us well safe #brfc

  15. https://t.co/InqPmsVtjp #FACup #mufc #rovers #brfc #VenkysOut

  16. @marvheys haha I'd imagine not! Town centres are all awful these days, shame!

  17. @marvheys not been there midweek for a while have you pal?

  18. Coyle in "I changed the game and saved a point but the players didn't do their jobs" shocker! same old blah blah… https://t.co/3lLcucIczf

  19. RT @footyawayday: Blackburn in Salzburg 2006-2007 season https://t.co/s6td40rFM5

  20. @GrahamJones_MP well said, shame not many MPs care as much as you! https://t.co/km1tin4tIK

  21. I see the @lancstelegraph reference the fans frustration with Coyle but not his response, another Cheston checked a… https://t.co/88squoi0BD

  22. ???? Walking down the Bolton Road ???? ????⚪️ #rovers https://t.co/a9YHqAEjFI

  23. RT @NealBurton: #VenkysOut https://t.co/at8Zpms59p

  24. Gary Rowett now free. If @rovers want to stay up they need to act swiftly #rovers #brfc

  25. As @redbull are looking to buy an English club, would you want them at #rovers even with a rebrand to: RedBull Blackburn Rovers? #VenkysOut


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