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  1. @mickyn_99306 Was thinking that about you, will be a nice break from having to play 10 men behind the ball and just… https://t.co/7b4h9UVeYi

  2. @AdamCatterall just a heads up, it's @mickyp1985 stag do on 10th - 12th Nov, know you wouldn't want to miss it. @liamm85 is on it #vegas

  3. RT @alanshearer: 25 years ago I signed for @Rovers I hope one day this great club can get back to the top. Come on Venkys, sort it out! htt…

  4. @Rovers Craig Short & Damien Duff Mark Atkins & Alan Shearer Robbie Savage & David Bentley Lucas Neill & Benni McCa… https://t.co/2aUhfmtBIY

  5. Josh Taylor looks class, the fight ends how he wants it to. If he doesn't take unnecessary risks it's his #TaylorDavies

  6. @Rovers Flitcroft's drive, energy and determination drove us up in 2002 with Jansen's quality, class & that PNE hea… https://t.co/zbYf4aRjwJ

  7. There's only one @alanshearer https://t.co/g8VoKVwdVS

  8. @Rovers if you get higher rate go club cash as 1875 member and ST holder what should your balance be? 5% for ST holders, 7.5% for ST & 1875?

  9. @liamgallagher - making tambourines cool since 1972 😎 #LG

  10. A final at Cardiff with the roof closed...fond memories #rovers #UCLfinal @mrmjansen @vancole9 @friedel_b @KeithGillespie7 @daviddunny8

  11. @PaulSmithJnr who's marking Dirrell's uncle then? @LiamBeefySmith @SwiftySmith #mundodirrell

  12. Some saw him as a rich old man who bought a winning team, But for me they miss the point he gave us all our dream… https://t.co/pYZzIy8L8U

  13. Final thought for all the dingles enjoying this. Do. We would. But always know, with what we've seen our team do, we'd never swap places ????⚪️

  14. @DSWilliams_ The commitment yesterday was fantastic, that's all we ask. Rest up and give that again on Sunday!! We… https://t.co/CBK4yqLYQc

  15. Wow. @Klitschko unbelievable respect. @anthonyfjoshua you should now rule the world! Thank you both for the best fight I've ever seen ????????????????????????

  16. On my way to work in Rochdale and I see this! @ant_crolla 2 days!! Come on pal!! #OhAnthonyCrolla #linarescrolla https://t.co/aWQ6kswlNU

  17. @martinolsson3 great work, nice to see you still upsetting that lot!! https://t.co/suQcrWZeH0

  18. Haye came back to get a shot at AJ, didn't bank on AJ/VK so fought Bellew. Now desperate for a rematch as he knows no hope of AJ #HayeBellew

  19. Thank you @alanshearer #rovers #brfc #VenkysOut https://t.co/QMv7Nz2Lkb

  20. #pashawatch #findpasha #rovers #brfc #venkysout https://t.co/o1ACMh1aEd

  21. RT @hels_85: @mrdavidhaye boxing is a pro sport, this is absolutely disgusting, what kind of role model are you? @TonyBellew https://t.co/j…

  22. @carlwade29 take your point but fear it's far too late. After Wigan away it was clear we were only heading one way, he should've gone then.

  23. @RoryLarmer this is true and he clearly only wants the manager to talk to Suhail and not himself!!!

  24. For any future success we need Cheston to go & #VenkysOut however we have 15 games left so let's get behind the team 100% #WelcomeTony #brfc

  25. Souness #rovers #brfc #venkysout


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