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  1. RT @FightDisciples: FT. @terryflanagan5 & @bjsaunders_ RT & follow us to enterWinner notified 22.11.16Good luck ????????????#Boxing #GrovesGut

  2. Good job Scotland don't have anyone who can finish, oh wait...???????? #ENGSCO https://t.co/RfgOpZUDDR

  3. So America vote in the Venky party and Jerome Anderson as their President, what could possibly go wrong! #ElectionNight #trumpetytrump

  4. RT @Oddschanger: **GIVEAWAY**We're giving away another copy of #FIFA17 and YOU decide which platform!RETWEET & FOLLOW to enter the draw…

  5. RT @mrwawild: Open BRFC supporter meeting. Everyone Welcome.No £ charge. Blakeys Blackburn 7:30pm Thursday 1st September. "Ideas for…

  6. RT @FBAwayDays: What a difference 6 years of bad ownership makes at a football club. #VenkysOut https://t.co/OOzpcaGGsY

  7. RT @StanCollymore: 3448 at Rovers tonight.Hearing it's the lowest attendance in major domestic competition for 30 years (1986).Sad time…

  8. I am afraid it is far too late. There is no way back now #VenkysOut https://t.co/gbjH8ykd0u

  9. RT @mickygray33: What is going on at #rovers ? Shocking appointment...! Club is rotten from top to bottom.. Gary Bowyer and Craig Short ret…

  10. Some saw him as a rich old man who bought a winning team, But for me they miss the point, he gave us all our dream. https://t.co/X1o7P7PM0Y

  11. RT @TheRealSalgado: @BlackburnRavers such a great club ruined by dark business

  12. Ever wondered what was happening at Ewood or why fans want #VenkysOut and hate SEM, Kentaro & Jerome Anderson - read https://t.co/43ZWpLziGf

  13. 2 games, too early to judge? It's not. Basic pre season errors not been corrected, no tactical nouse & isn't learning from mistakes #rovers

  14. Not very often does a manager and opening day performance live up to expectations. Today both have #relegation #rovers #venkysout #coyleout

  15. RT @Mick_Ellison: @LanghoFC are looking for someone to manage the senior 1st team competing in East Lancs League Div1 next season. Contact…

  16. Interesting picture a day before Irvine leaves the club ???? #Rovers #BRFC https://t.co/AN9dahRyHA

  17. RT @colinwatkins: Welcome to the Premier League winners club Leicester City. @OneRovers https://t.co/6XZAFyUa0S

  18. Our club is a mess & we need them to know we've had enough. Would you hold back your money to try & make them know?

  19. RT @OneRovers: Congratulations to @LCFC on winning the Premier League title ... welcome to a very elite club!

  20. RT @roversfansforum: PLEASE SHARE Poll for NON-SEASON TICKET HOLDERS: Which Season Ticket price would you buy at? #Rovers #BRFC

  21. You think Venkys are starting to learn and then... 1 step forward, several back #rovers #brfc


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