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  1. @Rovers @SkyBetLeagueOne https://t.co/gfEvOwg36A

  2. @DazRogers85 @imacelebrity What’s up Sid? https://t.co/H458I58hYz

  3. RT @Awaydays23: Blackburn Rovers at Blackpool tonight #BRFC https://t.co/8DuuxnPSNW

  4. @MousCase @JodiMan7 At thanks, any idea when cases will be shipped? Ordered about a week ago

  5. @MousCase @JodiMan7 Did this get sorted? Worried as just ordered two cases?! Also @MousCase will there be the full… https://t.co/QY1DM0PI6h

  6. 😂😂😂 @Tyson_Fury @TonyBellew now that build up just would be class!!!! @FightDisciples https://t.co/BiPDrXSXhV

  7. RT @MattHoltTips: Stavros Flatley, then and now.... https://t.co/ewq1cerMZo

  8. @MatchroomBoxing @anthonyfjoshua Yes he did!! 👊🏾👊🏾 https://t.co/VuUfqq9oMI

  9. Whisper it but it might actually be happening ⬇️↘️➡️↗️⬆️⚽️🔵⚪️ https://t.co/ihMq0hxwcw

  10. @amirkingkhan is confirming what everyone thought about him before. Shame we can’t vote him in the ring with @SpecialKBrook #plank

  11. RT @Stevema21185499: 7 years on Sunday since this shower the Rao family took control,then we were,top 10 premier league, average gate 23k,n…

  12. Friedel, Berg, Tugay, @David8Dunn & @mrmjansen £20 - I win #Rovers https://t.co/3ofKAhQUtN

  13. @anthonyfjoshua is the AJ store likely to have a stock update before Christmas champ? 👊🏻👊🏻

  14. @richsmallwood33 good night? 👑 ⚽️ 🔵⚪️ https://t.co/F38NesoCQn

  15. 116-113 to Beefy. Outclassed Williams throughout and controlled everything about the fight. Class @LiamBeefySmith #SmithWilliams2

  16. @paswanney https://t.co/wK3vpuwMx0

  17. Calling all Football Manager and #Rovers fans, how are you finding Blackburn Rovers? All your feedback is really va… https://t.co/uO54HHb358

  18. @HasyMarysU18 @rovers_chat David May, Patrik Andersson and to a lesser extent Sherwood. Only Duff who left at peak improved though.

  19. @anthonyfjoshua can’t believe @BronzeBomber has called you a juice head and keeps saying you have something to hide… https://t.co/uDFXronbUG

  20. @gripperdean @FootballManager Maybe for one season, not to get them back to where they belong though!!

  21. @Rovers the future is bright for @joercostello - hope to see him get more game time tonight @David8Dunn https://t.co/PybOPYkQcN

  22. It’s not, it really isn’t. 😢😢😢 https://t.co/foAhp6ABLf

  23. Or maybe he just wants drug cheats out of the sport. Know where we can find one of them Dillian?? Lives are at stak… https://t.co/ORROdG8dNz


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