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  1. Just now, JHRover said:

    It also implies that the club's future is not secure and that refunds would potentially put the club at risk.

    So much for kind generous billionaires who care deeply and never say no to writing a cheque.

    Club isnt at risk through bad management, obscene debts or an astronomical wage bill but is at risk if fans ask for some money back which they should be entitled to.

    Pretty slimy and underhand stuff here from Waggott.

    Very much a 'them and us' mentality.

    Players are great for agreeing a temporary deferral on mega money wages but evil fans wrong for expecting their money back to help pay bills.

    Quite sick really.

    It’s more to do with FFP

  2. 8 minutes ago, rigger said:

    The Rovers do not know how much to discount next season’s season tickets because we will be in the premiership and they haven’t worked out a price for that.

    And will we even be going to games at all next season??

  3. 1 hour ago, den9112 said:

    I have not recieved any information yet as how and when (if i chose to) accept a refund rather than trying to watch on my ageing laptop or brick of a phone ..

    Could you please point me in the direction of a link to were it can apply for the refund..

    Just ring and request 

  4. 12 minutes ago, JHRover said:

    Access being a password for an online stream which Sky are paying them full whack to do. 

    Bit different to hosting a match and allowing fans admission as per the contract they signed up and paid for.

    Appalling attitude from Rovers and I'll say now (heat of the moment) that unless there is a change or promotion for the next season ticket then I will be giving very serious thought to not renewing. I'm tired of having the mick taken out of me by people who have no affinity to the club on 6 figure salaries only interested in the balance sheets.

    People wondered why I went mad at Ben Gladwin being handed a 6 month contract to do nothing. Well here we are and I'm out of pocket with the club pleading poverty.

    Top paid director salary doubled in last set of accounts. Can be he won't be picking up a loss.

    Take season ticket holders for granted at your peril. So far we've had freebies by the thousand in the BBE upper and now refunds for match ticket holders but season ticket holders can forget it. 

    Roll up for the next 1875 membership just to ensure I can get away tickets which regular buyers should get anyway. 

    The true shame will be when most rivals do offer refunds. Pretty sure Barnsley and Wigan have already confirmed it.

    Waggot's modus operandi is to use guilt and comments about loyalty and 'all in it together'. Corry Evans is committed because he's signed a new 4 year contract. Are you committed? 

    They have offered refunds. They’ve also offered a solution that suits both, if it doesn’t suit you then get a refund. What’s the issue?

  5. 23 minutes ago, Athlete said:

    Massive own goal by Rovers 

    Many season ticket holders arent working due to the situation and struggling financially whilst waggot etc collect a massive wagehow to loseh

    wigan derby etc all offering refunds what is so different about Rovers

    The ifollow stream is poor quality I for one and many more are now comparing Rovers to RyanAir..

    How to lose fans


    I really don’t understand why. 

    Refunds are there if you want them, however they’ve tried to find a solution that suits both, most fans would’ve bought all 9 games on iFollow which would’ve cost £90. Therefore those fans are saving. The club wouldn’t have £90 so they’re better off too. 

    They’ve explained why they’d prefer it. £500k+ would massively affect our ability to spend this summer. 


  6. Just now, Mattyblue said:

    I will be watching, like I’ve said already. 




    So then you’ve saved £30 and the club has kept the £60 rather than a % of the £90 you would’ve paid to ifollow. Win win no?

  7. 2 minutes ago, Mattyblue said:

    But it’s not the same content?

    If I had a monthly cinema pass and they asked me to take DVD’s instead, I would be in the rights to say thanks, but no thanks, as it’s not what I paid for, so could you arrange my refund. 

    Basic consumer rights.

    They are allowing refunds, if you don’t like the offer take your money. Would you not watch each game?

  8. 4 minutes ago, Athlete said:

    Massive own goal by Rovers 

    Many season ticket holders arent working due to the situation and struggling financially whilst waggot etc collect a massive wagehow to loseh

    wigan derby etc all offering refunds what is so different about Rovers

    The ifollow stream is poor quality I for one and many more are now comparing Rovers to RyanAir..

    How to lose fans


    You can get a refund. They’ve just tried to offer a solution that saves fans money as most will buy each game and also save the club money. If you can’t/ don’t want the iFollow then get your refund, simple 

  9. Just now, Mattyblue said:

    I know they are, but ST holders pay for home games, so it doesn’t matter if a refund wouldn’t match £90. 

    No, my point is. Your refund is worth around £60. They’re giving you £90 worth of content in exchange. Or take your £60

  10. Always find the season tickets holders wanting extra stuff odd. You get a ticket because you want to see all the games. Your ‘bonus’ for that is your ticket is guaranteed and you get around 9 games free if worked out compared to someone buying each game. Surely that’s enough?


    those buying game by game spend nearly double!

  11. Just now, Mattyblue said:

    £90? £40 you mean, as you don’t buy a ST for away games. 

    ’Reasonable as always?’ So no loyalty discount for ST holders next season for waiving nearly a quarter of a season they’ve paid for, then?

    They’re giving you access to ALL games, away included 

  12. I don’t see the problem in it.

    Well done to the club for sorting all this out and the clear communication! I won’t be asking for any refunds, they’ve always been more than fair, 9 remaining games free = £90 worth, that’s more then my 4 remaining tickets, on average they are around £15 a game, that’s £60, I’m £30 in profit. Another way to look at it, I had a ticket for 4 games that can no longer happen. I now have a ticket for the only way to watch all 9!

    Also I know by saying they’ll reflect our support with next season’s season ticket prices means they’ll make sure they’re as reasonable as always! Come on you blues, let’s get in those play offs!

    They will refund if people want but they won’t get full value of the £90 you spend on iFollow so it’s a win win. Would cost them £500k+ to refund everyone, they may recoup way less than half that on iFollow buys and the same people would moan they aren’t spending money in the summer!

  13. Lots to improve upon but also some decent things too, it’s not a case of scrap it all and start again.

    Goals - Downing is covering and let’s his man go, he’s the free to tap in. Walton probably should’ve come for it but will have been anticipating the two defenders and attackers it went over to maybe get a touch.

    Lenihan should’ve won his head but Travis just lets his man go to again tap in. 

    So so whilst the defence was generally poor yesterday, that was actually more in an attacking/ in possession sense, Bennett gave the ball away across his box a couple of times and this highlighted him, Bell needs to be more single minded when in possession, when he slows it down he takes too long to decide what to do and often loses it. Whilst I absolutely think we could improve upon these two positions and I also think the centre half pairing struggled last season, we wouldn’t have conceded but for two midfielders not doing the basics.

    Mowbray - had those two done their jobs we’d be debating this much less but for me Gallagher looked quite a way off th pace, would’ve liked to see him go off rather than Armstrong and pity Brereton didn’t get a sniff having been good in pr season, however his strengths do not lay in his back to goal and with Charlton being so deep I can see why he didn’t come on. Buckley was brought on to quicken up transitions as Travis needs to work on this, Rothwell was the right move, as was Graham. Whilst the formation generally worked well I think having Downing so deep and narrow can mean the opposition can solely focus on Armstrong and mark him out of it, relies heavily on pinpoint balls over hit full backs’ head and Armstrong having a perfect first touch. 

    The result in isolation is what it is, the problem is with 4 tough games coming up it puts more pressure on them, however those teams won’t sit back against us and I think that is when we’ll come in to our own. I do worry speed in which we can transition into defence though, we still seem slow to turn and through the middle of the park I fear we will be exposed on the counter.

  14. 8 hours ago, Ossydave said:

    The Leeds game is at the business end of the season and could well be an important one, it's almost certain to be on Sky too, because its Leeds.

    IF we needed something out the game surely there's be a re-think over the prices.

    I’d say there would be an end of season offer for the last few games like there has been last few seasons e.g. ‘big 6’

  15. At the end of the day the club is sticking up for its own fans and kicking back at the clubs who rip us off. The club have openly stated they’d be happy to enter into reciprocal arrangements with other clubs and agree a set price of £20.

    1875 members will pay around the same as last season.

    and put simply:


    * Go to more than 3 games - join 1875 and you’re in profit

    * Go to more than 10 games - get a season ticket and you’re in profit

  16. Heard the same thing from 3 separate people - we are planning on bringing in Joe Hart with Forster as plan B. Both can go for free. The hold up in the Raya deal has been getting up front number high enough to give to the replacement as a signing on fee to bring their wage to a level we can tolerate.

  17. We will regret selling Raya. We will regret it even more if there isn’t a decent fee and a big sell on.


    Gallagher - Mowbray always played him on the right, has 2 years sat on the bench prepared him for 46 games up top? Because we’ve enough strikers who we play out wide instead. Where the hell does it leave Brereton??

  18. Without wanting to really bug anyone, it’s worth pointing out, Hull’s kit has been released about the same time as it was last season.


    Ours was announced on 18th July last season and went on sale that day, away kit same deal but 1st August. That said 10Bet were late to the party.

  19. 13 hours ago, Herbie6590 said:

    Back in the Asics days in the 90’s I seem to recall that we wore (or at the very least launched) the new kit last home game of the previous season...I want to say 1993/4...am I imagining it ? 🤔 

    We did this once in 2006, Lonsdale were the makers of the previous and next kit, Tugay got sent off against City at home.


  20. 13 hours ago, sharpysharps86 said:

    Thought I'd have a bit of fun mocking up a home shirt design that I'd personally love to see.

    For me it has to be royal blue with a red and navy trim. Any feedback is welcome :)


    As it’s supposed to be a navy halves shirt with royal blue trim, could you mock that for us?


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