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  1. Lots to improve upon but also some decent things too, it’s not a case of scrap it all and start again.

    Goals - Downing is covering and let’s his man go, he’s the free to tap in. Walton probably should’ve come for it but will have been anticipating the two defenders and attackers it went over to maybe get a touch.

    Lenihan should’ve won his head but Travis just lets his man go to again tap in. 

    So so whilst the defence was generally poor yesterday, that was actually more in an attacking/ in possession sense, Bennett gave the ball away across his box a couple of times and this highlighted him, Bell needs to be more single minded when in possession, when he slows it down he takes too long to decide what to do and often loses it. Whilst I absolutely think we could improve upon these two positions and I also think the centre half pairing struggled last season, we wouldn’t have conceded but for two midfielders not doing the basics.

    Mowbray - had those two done their jobs we’d be debating this much less but for me Gallagher looked quite a way off th pace, would’ve liked to see him go off rather than Armstrong and pity Brereton didn’t get a sniff having been good in pr season, however his strengths do not lay in his back to goal and with Charlton being so deep I can see why he didn’t come on. Buckley was brought on to quicken up transitions as Travis needs to work on this, Rothwell was the right move, as was Graham. Whilst the formation generally worked well I think having Downing so deep and narrow can mean the opposition can solely focus on Armstrong and mark him out of it, relies heavily on pinpoint balls over hit full backs’ head and Armstrong having a perfect first touch. 

    The result in isolation is what it is, the problem is with 4 tough games coming up it puts more pressure on them, however those teams won’t sit back against us and I think that is when we’ll come in to our own. I do worry speed in which we can transition into defence though, we still seem slow to turn and through the middle of the park I fear we will be exposed on the counter.

  2. 8 hours ago, Ossydave said:

    The Leeds game is at the business end of the season and could well be an important one, it's almost certain to be on Sky too, because its Leeds.

    IF we needed something out the game surely there's be a re-think over the prices.

    I’d say there would be an end of season offer for the last few games like there has been last few seasons e.g. ‘big 6’

  3. At the end of the day the club is sticking up for its own fans and kicking back at the clubs who rip us off. The club have openly stated they’d be happy to enter into reciprocal arrangements with other clubs and agree a set price of £20.

    1875 members will pay around the same as last season.

    and put simply:


    * Go to more than 3 games - join 1875 and you’re in profit

    * Go to more than 10 games - get a season ticket and you’re in profit

  4. We will regret selling Raya. We will regret it even more if there isn’t a decent fee and a big sell on.


    Gallagher - Mowbray always played him on the right, has 2 years sat on the bench prepared him for 46 games up top? Because we’ve enough strikers who we play out wide instead. Where the hell does it leave Brereton??

  5. Without wanting to really bug anyone, it’s worth pointing out, Hull’s kit has been released about the same time as it was last season.


    Ours was announced on 18th July last season and went on sale that day, away kit same deal but 1st August. That said 10Bet were late to the party.

  6. 13 hours ago, Herbie6590 said:

    Back in the Asics days in the 90’s I seem to recall that we wore (or at the very least launched) the new kit last home game of the previous season...I want to say 1993/4...am I imagining it ? 🤔 

    We did this once in 2006, Lonsdale were the makers of the previous and next kit, Tugay got sent off against City at home.


  7. 13 hours ago, sharpysharps86 said:

    Thought I'd have a bit of fun mocking up a home shirt design that I'd personally love to see.

    For me it has to be royal blue with a red and navy trim. Any feedback is welcome :)


    As it’s supposed to be a navy halves shirt with royal blue trim, could you mock that for us?

  8. Agree re: not renewed.

    Agree Smallwood and Mulgrew will have been told they won’t play much. Nuttall on a season long loan somewhere to be expected.

    Also imagine  Williams, Nyambe, Evans and Graham (but will have a big role to play) will have been told he’s looking to sign ‘strong competition’ for their places.

  9. So the latest rumours for the away kit are two different shades of grey (sounds like a rubbish knock off of a film) in a halved shirt.


    Meanwhile, at Ewood several new scarves have been seen (not the ones below) with a navy blue (similar to the colour used on this site and the colour of the dark blue seats at Ewood) and white design that had a royal blue trim. Could this be a sign that the kit will be the darkest blue halves we’ve ever had, commented by a royal blue trim? 


    *UPDATE - club shop is featuring a noticeable number of navy blue and white items! (I’ve attached some)

    God of photoshop do your thing.




  10. Must be time for this thread, ideas, wants/ do not wants.


    For me a return to the correct sides for the halves, a return to Rovers Royal Blue, white shorts, Blue socks.


    Away - Same as above but Red and black halves! Then keep this years yellow if required e.g. vs Brentford.

  11. On another note, Northcotes smaller company that held their Ribble Valley Inns was sold recently, then a little while later Northcote itself has been bought by the same people, all for a incredible amount. 


    Noises are already being made about 2 training sites not being sustainable or in the best interests of the club itself. 

  12. Can’t believe more hasn’t been made of the Brereton transfer (financially), strikes me as odd, I may be wrong but it looks like we’ve paid the majority of it in one full hit in August. That hasn’t been standard practice for any club or many years. 

    Why the mad rush to get it paid in that accounting period? Could it have just been a gamble (player wise) and, if done in the financial period we were predominantly in League one, get around Championship FFP rules?

  13. On 05/11/2018 at 21:36, 47er said:

    I'll finish with this one Paul.

    First of all you have never said I'm an idiot but you must think I'm one if I believed that trip to Pune involved sacrifice.

    Second, I do not ignore the fact that the FF is not an elected democratic body.You seem quite happy with that and want it to continue this way or so I assume? The whole basis of my post is that this is wrong! It should be democratic or it should cease to exist.

    Third, I appreciate that people who give up their time and energy to improve things for Rovers fans are admirable but they should do it within an open, democratic and inclusive framework. 

    OK? That's it from me on this issue.

    Anyone can join? Would you like to?

  14. 11 hours ago, Leonard Venkhater said:

    That is my own opinion exactly. A strange buy, in our circumstances.

    That said, I was rooting for him to have a good moment to encourage him, as soon as he took the field. I really want him to succeed and I don't buy for one second that anyone wants him to fail...or won't accept him, just because of the price tag.


    I don’t think it’s strange at all, Mowbray is one of few managers afforded time. As newbies to the league even us as fans aren’t expecting much. We’ve got a solid squad that will at least survive. Therefore we aren’t in need of quick fixes to keep us up or push us over the line, we are able to look to the next couple of years and build a squad that would be capabale of a sustained promotion push. Brereton coming in now is with a view to him being key to that in a year or two.

  15. Oh what could have been. The kit looks class without the sponsor. Feel sorry for Umbro to be fair. Their hard work has been undone by a silly logo! 


    The only positive with that sponsor logo is it’s like a sillouete of our badge but sideways (I’m clutching at straws!!)


  16. 19 hours ago, JHRover said:

    Leeds and Preston will have been moved due to the ridiculous safety advice, the same advice that allows 5,000 Rovers fans to travel to Preston on a Saturday for a tea time game and the same advice that allows both Rovers and Burnley to play at home on a Thursday night on TV.

    I hope that Sky Sports come along and pick one of those for live broadcast (with Leeds it is highly likely) and the game is then moved back to 5pm. Then it show just what a joke the whole thing is.

    It’s all based on a risk rating system. This is predominantly focused on the away support and is a combination of clubs previous history of trouble, % of arrests to number of fans attending, amount of fans expected etc

    Unfortunately for us Leeds and Preston fans have a high % of arrests to number of travelling support. Therefore a boost to their numbers poses quite a high risk.


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