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  1. there is the potential for england to be a decent entertaining football team if eric dier never plays in midfield again and far, far better full backs than rose and walker emerge. why when playing a sporting backwater like Slovenia are we so worried that the manager basically plays a centre half in Dier in Midfield, nullifying any breaks for ourselves and never passing forward basically killing the match as a spectacle.
  2. BRFC1995

    [Archived] Rotherham At Home

    does this make us more or less of a goal threat
  3. always expected s**tness, is he s**ttier than I expected, yes, is dwelling on shades of s**t helpful, no. please go
  4. BRFC1995

    [Archived] No To Coyle

    horrifically negligent appointment performing abysmally ......................... shocker I wish nothing but the worst on the brain dead Indians there is absolutely no part of this club that I feel attached to anymore , who are u, why are u here, please ......OFF!!!!
  5. Got burton on every acca today its inconcievable a professional club couldnt beat us ridiculous odds on Burton considering. Our squad is two divisions above where they should be.
  6. BRFC1995

    Premier League Stuff

    friday night football is painful to watch cringeworthy crock of .........
  7. below burton seems certain as they look well run.......but they are favourites for relegation so i'll say bottom with with a crushingly poor GD
  8. would another member kindly type our current strongest 11 out. I completely lost interest in anything rovers around feb/march and know we have Danny barndoor Graham, but honestly do not know who we have left or released/sold or what we desperately need other than new owners
  9. bloke im working for and his wife both registered to vote corbyn, £50 nothing to them, both conservative supporters. They didnt think so many would vote think they thought theyre votes might make a difference. Corbyn will have won by a mile other fella just wasting his own time between now and september
  10. Worst thing to happen since thursday is showing the world what a bunch of ....s the british youth are. Not a great advert for Britains future the ones that have gone on the camera news crews seem to have gone out of the way to find the most embarrassingly feeble individuals to speak to. You lost or couldn't be bothered its over deal with it don't indulge prize winning bells like Damon albarn and Billy Bragg either. I'd have that leadsom woman in charge, on right side of argument, not been a career leach/MP, doesn't come across as a flustered idiot like pretty much all the others.
  11. When was the last time a decision at this club was made for footballing reasons to advance the club? rotten to the soddin core this club. what possible reason is there to give a proven loser 2 years, who else of a similar size to us would touch him with a barge pole ffs. don't consider him for a nano second and if u do offer a monthly deal he would have absolutely no better options ever than us, why 2 sodding years. i'm sick of how slowly its taking to get venkys out, utterly fed up in having no real aspirations/interest in what the team i support does week after week going on years now.
  12. BRFC1995

    [Archived] Rovers V Bolton 28Th August

    well that little sky interview was horrible. well and truly turning into a smarmy leech, nothing about football talked about all about bringing in youth and saying he's great for buying several garbage players for 2.8 million. Nothing about results and garbage performances utter clown never qualified for the gig.
  13. BRFC1995

    [Archived] Bowyer Most Likely Not Sacked

    anyone with more than a few years experience, bigger personality than players ( not hard given the current shower), and never picks Lowe and i'm happy.
  14. BRFC1995

    [Archived] Bowyer Most Likely Not Sacked

    great news long over due. anyone would struggle to do worse, fella was an over promoted P.E teacher, absolutely zero confidence of the next appointment being an astute one but what the hell it had to happen going nowhere but down with him. that will undoubtedly be his only shot at professional management gone forever, but he's been well paid and has a payoff so no sympathy at all. Got a buzz back for the season and football in general after this news.

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