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    Years of hurt are about to come to an end boys and girls. Doncaster is going to be some atmosphere!
  2. Charlton away April 28th

    I can’t help wonder if the odd incidents of fan trouble, at away games throughout the year, have contributed to us not getting more tickets.
  3. Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    Leeds got given 4000+ back in 2013. I would think we’ll be around that mark should it be promotion night. I dare say we’ll get an update of sales tonight on Twitter. I bought one straight after last night’s game.
  4. Bradley Dack

    I believe Norwich are going to have to get rid of their big earners in summer, all because of their failure to return to the Premier League. The chances are, their manager will be gone too- they’ve massively underachieved in their own eyes. Therefore, if the Dack story is true, their current manager is unlikely to be around long enough to put in an offer. If he stays, I cant see them paying out £6-£7 million for Dack, like we did for Rhodes are those years back.
  5. Attendances

    Disagree completely- if our top of the league and our form isn’t enough to tempt you to buy a ticket, nothing will.
  6. Gillingham away 17.3.18

    We’ve had this for a few games now. Southend made us look average for most for most of the game. MK Dons looked like world beaters in the second half. Going back before that, Bradford are the only side we’ve looked half decent against, and they’re awful.
  7. Gillingham away 17.3.18

    Another poor performance from us. Why does he keep bringing Samuel on? He’s absolutely bloody useless. Nutall, whose scored 20 odd goals in the youth setup, should be on the bench.
  8. Gillingham away 17.3.18

    If we get promoted with a couple of games to go, I’d like to see Downing play alongside Lenihan, before the end of the season. Not only that, I’d like to see Mulgrew have a game in the middle of midfield. I still think we lack something in the centre of the park.
  9. Rovers v Southend

    I could see you lot playing in the Championship, in the next few years. Powell is a good manager, who I think will have you lot challenging at the right end of the table, next season. That gap between us and Shrewsbury is a lovely sight, with the same number of games played. I just wonder if we’ve got enough to win the league. We looked bang average those last 20 minutes.
  10. Charlton away April 28th

    My guess is that they had some kind of crowd trouble, meaning they decided to limit the sales for us. The other side of this is that they might not want 4,000 noisy northerners in their stadium- they are pushing for the play-offs after all! Just a quick one for anyone worrying about not being able to get a ticket- you can buy them for the home end, on Ticketmaster like sites (see the below pictures).
  11. Mowbray to Ipswich?

    I honestly think you’ve made a big mistake letting him go. It reminds me of when we had both Allardyce and Bowyer. Both were working wonders with limited funds, but because we weren’t doing anything spectacular, they both got shown the door. I wanted both gone if I’m honest, as did some on here- Allardyce because I was sick of the negative play, and Bowyer because he’d blown the play-offs with arguably the best strike force in the league, at that time. We had Tom Cairney and one or two others (Marshall and King) weren’t exactly rubbish either.
  12. Charlton away April 28th

    I remember going to Millwall away a few years back, for a 3pm kick off- I’m sure we set off around 7.
  13. Flares

    We were lucky on Monday with the height of steps, but I can imagine at most away games many youngsters can’t see a thing when they go away. I’ve nothing against people who stand though, as I do it most of the time away from Ewood. The 16/17 year olds are embarrassing. I do wonder if they’ll still be around, if we go up though. Can you really see those lads giving it large over Millwall or Leeds?
  14. Stanley

    As someone works over in Accrington, I can honestly say the town centre is depressed, and short of any real decent shops. The majority of people who use the place frequently are therefore very short on disposable income, I would assume. We have to be honest with ourselves- are people who use Accrington town centre frequently going to able to afford a ticket/ tickets ? I’d be very doubtful! The best way to get back into the Accrington area would be through going into schools, through coaching and free school tickets. Having said that, the best way to get back into Accrington and other areas would be through getting back into the Premier League.
  15. The Worst Ever Rovers Player?

    I’m wondering about this. He’s like that lad Souness signed at Southampton with how lost he looks. I still can’t get over Raya throwing it out to him today, and he wasn’t even looking 🤣