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  1. scotchrover


  2. scotchrover

    Barnsley v Rovers

    Has the sound just disappeared on anyone else’s? Edit- we are back!
  3. scotchrover


  4. scotchrover


    Absolutely brutal from the Daily Mail.... ... and the Daily Star.
  5. scotchrover


    Unhappy Tory MPs are growing in numbers...
  6. scotchrover


    I completely disagree- the man knew what he was letting himself in for, working in high office, and this is exactly it. The press are camped outside every single famous person’s house, right across the land, waiting for a story to sell. Cummings is no different with this, and in this case, he did something. If he doesn’t like it, he can always resign.
  7. scotchrover


    https://www.facebook.com/108803784913/posts/10158476764569914/?vh=e If this lot are doing that, it’s got to be the end. Do you think it’s just Cummings they’ve only ever done it to?
  8. scotchrover


    What do you really expect when someone who invents the guidelines, and then breaks them? Not only that, he refused to apologise. Kier Starmer is going to have Boris for breakfast next Wednesday, at PMQs, unless he acts now.
  9. scotchrover


    Best journalist by far today, alongside Channel 4 man at the garden conference.
  10. scotchrover


    That’s the key word. I’ve disagreed with prime ministers in the past, sometimes been annoyed at decisions, but never angry. Today was a whole new level though. I was shouting at the TV and then had to sit in the garden, with a beer, to try and calm down. I still can’t watch it back without getting enraged.
  11. scotchrover


    Bitter about what? Our PM been so spineless? I bet Corbyn would have even sacked Cummings.
  12. scotchrover


    It’s on the official feed, so it has to be. Someone’s getting sacked today, even if it’s not that dickhead.
  13. scotchrover


    Spot on- simple, straight forward questions are needed to avoid him worming his way out.
  14. scotchrover


    I don’t think I’ve been so annoyed. What a lying a bastard.
  15. scotchrover


    That’s the reason for the uproar though, and the fact that his parents are elderly. If once was bad enough, surely twice is the final straw? Add to the fact he’s lied about the police, he has to go.

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