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  1. You’re watching completely different game. The midfield’s been very good, as have the defenders mentioned there. The forwards have let us down big style.
  2. We should be so far ahead here. The fact we’re now losing is infuriating. Was there a handball there in the build up too?
  3. scotchrover

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    I disagree- if we get promoted back to the top flight, the missing fans will come back straight away. Look at what happen at the end of last season- almost a sell out. Similarly, games against Liverpool and Man Utd. have all big massive crowds. Those games prove to me the fan base is still alive.
  4. scotchrover

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    I’ll stick my neck out here and say I still understand Mowbray’s formations, even for league games. They work though, so I can’t complain.
  5. scotchrover

    Burnley pub renamed after Sean Dyche

    They’re losing again, with only injury time left! 4-2 As it stands to Fulham. Happy Bank Holiday folks!
  6. I thought Paul Ince would be a success, based on his playing/management record. I thought Grabbi was going to be the next big thing, based purely on the price tag we’d paid. I thought Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole were going to lead us into the top 4, when Yorke arrived. The worst one? I thought Kean needed to be given a chance, because of the lack of entertainment value we had under Sam Allardyce. I thought a lot of things. I thought a lot of things that turned out to be damn well wrong 🤣.
  7. scotchrover

    Burnley pub renamed after Sean Dyche

    They’re 3-1 down at home to the mighty Watford. European Football could well come at a cost this year.
  8. scotchrover

    Championship 2018-19

    Cracking penalty by Gallagher- PNE 1-0 up.
  9. scotchrover

    Championship 2018-19

    Preston penalty... they’ve been better than Stoke too!
  10. scotchrover

    Championship 2018-19

    4-1 up now!
  11. scotchrover

    Thursday deadline.

    We’re getting laughed at on Twitter, for bidding so low. Why have we left it so late to start throwing money around?!
  12. scotchrover

    Thursday deadline.

    What a good idea to continue decorating ! Safe to say, all that excitement of signing someone has well and truly evaporated!
  13. scotchrover

    Thursday deadline.

    Rubbish- the only reason why we didn’t go up sooner is because of Shrewsbury. The rest of the league were miles behind.
  14. scotchrover

    Thursday deadline.

    How ? If we pay £6-£8 million for him- which I think is in the region of what we have in total for our transfer budget- it’ll mean the rest of the budget for permanent players is gone.

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