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  1. scotchrover

    Supporters Consultation Meeting

    Tell them to get rid of the bloody goal music, and put the away fans back downstairs. Both have killed off an atmosphere which had improved.
  2. scotchrover

    Preston (home)

    Completely disagree- they’re insignificant to us because of the hatred we have towards Burnley. The 6 fingered lot are the only rivals for me. A couple of decent seasons this decade is nothing over time, and the support we have in west Lancashire tells you that. Preston spent years floating around Division 3 and 4, whilst we were playing our football at the top level.
  3. scotchrover

    Brum FA Cup

    I can’t see it making a blind but if difference with the keeping coach we’ve got.
  4. scotchrover

    Brum FA Cup

    Couldn’t agree more- he should be nowhere near the club. Just look at the mistake below. I’ll be blunt though- Walton is just as bad for mistakes. The question is- why haven’t we got a proper, experienced ex-professional goalkeeping the coach? It’s simply unacceptable in my eyes.
  5. scotchrover

    Championship season 2019-20

    Millwall 3-1 Luton Mahoney’s just scored a cracker and then assisted the third, with an absolutely beauty of a cross. They look like the dark horses for the play offs to me.
  6. My thoughts exactly last night. However, when you look who’s around us: Sheff Weds- bang average from the games I’ve seen on Sky, and were nothing special when at Ewood. Preston- didn’t turn up for 45 minutes against us. Brentford- did very little until the last 10 minutes at Ewood. Bristol City- bang average against us, from what I heard on Radio Lancs. Notts Forest- nothing special, and didn’t get out their own half, in the second half, at Ewood Swansea- probably the best side we’ve played, out of this list? They sounded well on top on Radio Lancs, but didn’t win. The top 6 is there for the taking this year.
  7. Sorry, but that is absolute dross. To start with, say that Elliott Bennett should have been in the starting 11 tonight is utterly ridiculous- the man is a complete and utter liability. Then, to suggest Danny Graham’s legs have gone, despite the fact there’s been a massive improvement in results, since his return to the starting 11, is nothing short of laughable. So, to summarise, you want to take our most physical player out- Danny Graham- because his legs have gone. Then, you want to bring in Elliott Bennett who is apparently physical, despite the fact- from what I’ve seen in every game this season- his legs have gone. Elliott Bennett over Bradley Dack? Sam Gallagher over Danny Graham (I’m guessing?), despite the fact he can’t hold a ball up? ... and to top it all off, I’m guessing Richie Smallwood over Adam Armstrong, because he gets stuck in? What have I just read?! 🙃
  8. Well that was bloody awful. That first half was such a half arsed display, it was unreal. Thousands of fans returning to Ewood for the first time since the Oxford game, and what did we do? We didn’t turn up until after half time. The ref was absolutely awful too- he killed any tempo due to his love affair with the sound of his own whistle. The fact he put his foot on the ball to stop us pumping it forward, in injury time, summed him up. I can’t ever remember an official doing that. On the flip side of the coin, we’d have probably lost that a few months back- Charlton and Luton spring to mind. The Brum game will be far tougher though. A game that should be winnable will be hard going, due to the longer rest period they’ve had.
  9. Word of warning..... The turnstiles aren’t reading season tickets chaps- I’ve Just had to queue up for a paper one, to get in.
  10. I think the Brum game will be tough. They’ll have had a few more days off, so will be fresher. When I think about it, I’m quite annoyed about how we’ve been shifted to Monday.
  11. scotchrover

    Championship season 2019-20

    1-0 Sheff Weds- probably just deserved.
  12. scotchrover

    Championship season 2019-20

    Both are trying their absolute best here to ensure it’s a draw..
  13. You need more than that to win promotion though.
  14. scotchrover

    Championship season 2019-20

    Is anyone else watching the Bristol City and Sheff Weds game? Both are absolutely awful-lots of sideways and backwards passing from Sheff Weds, while Bristol City have been happy to sit in their own half.
  15. scotchrover

    Worst Rovers Team of Decade

    Kalinic rings a bell when you say that... he wasn’t exactly special here. Then again, I don’t think Allardyce‘s tactics helped him!

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