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  1. Russ

    Championship season 2019-20

    She'd have coped for a few years if the price was right! Anyway, I've cursed him there - subbed off as soon as I sang his praises 😂
  2. Russ

    Championship season 2019-20

    Only watched the second half but he's been bloody brilliant, so committed and giving it everything. If only the Gallagher money had been spent on him instead, Reed and Travis in the middle would be great to watch every week.
  3. Looked to me like it was Tosin's man and lenihan was going across to cover while the ball was in the air. Tosin had no idea and completely lost Watkins behind him
  4. Agreed, have seen it back several times. He drags Buckley down, then looks straight at the ref looking guilty as hell.
  5. How the hell does Bennett look shattered already?
  6. Would love a Gallagher 30 yarder for the win in stoppage time.
  7. They just have so much time on the edge of our box to get a shot away, happened all game, standing off them.
  8. Blame the centre backs for letting a straight ball go right between them, fair enough, but no keeper is saving that!!
  9. Can see Brentford going to pieces and 4-0 now.
  10. Shocking refereeing, never a pen 🤣
  11. As an attacker yes, but makes defending a nightmare. Anyway, just been gifted a penalty 😄
  12. Yeah, but it clears a few players out of our crowded box. That's what I was always taught anyway??
  13. Need to start leaving Armstrong on the halfway line for Brentford corners this half. It's bizarre having everyone back when they push ten up, as soon as he does that it takes at least one of their players (usually two) to stay back with him. Simple stuff.
  14. Don't agree, he's one of the few calm and keeping possession under pressure. Done more than Samuel and downing put together.. for me at least.

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