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  1. XLM

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    You have proven my point. I don't agree with that analysis of what happened. I thought we were the better side apart from some calamitous defending... I might be right, you might be right. How about we look at some unbiased stats to help us determine what the really happened, so we can build for the next game? That's the point. They provide an opinion to help you that has no preconceptions, isn't impacted by mood, fatigue etc. etc.
  2. XLM

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    Stats help you look forwards/predict and are an unbiased representation of what happened. A football result is never the whole story and, as much as we try not to be, every human is inherently biased. Data is everywhere and, like it or not, now powers the world. And the last industries/businesses to embrace it will be (/ have already been) left behind. Football is no different.
  3. XLM

    Summer Transfer Window

    Didn't realise we'd resigned Jason Lowe, Tommie Hoban and Gordon Greer. Or if you're stretching the definition of 4 seasons... Paul Caddis, Elliot Ward and have brought Charlie Mulgrew in from the cold.
  4. XLM

    Project "Big Picture"

    What's one of the major problems with football in this country? All the money gets concentrated to a small number of clubs. What's the solution? Concentrate the power as well. Any chairman, outside of the nine clubs in question, that is in favour of these proposals is a moron.
  5. XLM

    Summer Transfer Window

    Over 120 goals conceded in our 2 nearly years. 4 keepers sharing the games (including a past it Robbo, Raya who was just a kid, Eastwood and Jake Kean) and massively unsettled defence. We must have played over 10 different CB partnerships in those 2 years. Between Duffy, Kilgallon, Hanley, Spurr, Baptiste, Keane and Dann. That's before you even mention the plethora of different fullbacks we played as well. And thinking about it, I couldn't even hazard a guess at what our first choice back 4 was either year. Or even CB pairing. Or keeper. It was all over the place back there.
  6. Joao went off with a dislocated shoulder at the weekend. Could be a couple of months out. [EDIT] And Swift is out until Christmas I think.
  7. Ridiculous prediction... Armstrong will obviously score. 7-0.
  8. XLM

    Summer Transfer Window

    As of last season, it seems it's a bang average championship CEO wage... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8262315/Physios-191-000-kit-men-56-000-Crazy-wages-dont-add-EFL-clubs-brink.html well, just shy of 5k over... £295,179. Providing you believe the Nazi Digest anyway.
  9. XLM

    Summer Transfer Window

    All that tells us is that you own Finance for Dummies.
  10. XLM

    Summer Transfer Window

    I agree with all that. The leader thing just jumped out at me because we've been short a proper captain and someone who marshals the defence for years. It SHOULD be Lenihan's job, I just don't think he's very good at it.
  11. XLM

    Summer Transfer Window

    Lenihan isn't a leader. It's a major frustration. Where is the rallying when we concede, the congratulations when the keeper makes a save or one of the defence puts in a block, the pressurising of the ref or getting in the opposition's face when they dive or put in a bad tackle on one of our players? For all his faults, Bennett is a better "leader".
  12. XLM


    I asked yesterday and no-one got back to me, but does anyone know what the plan is with this bill? Like, what is the aim, what's the benefit? Because I really don't get it. Seems the only thing that can happen now is No EU deal. No US deal. Less likely to get deals with any other country in the world. Border between NI and ROI or NI leaves the UK. Seriously what am I missing. What are the potential upsides? Even if those upsides are just in Tory land. Or even just for Bojo. I hate not understanding things. Maybe I'm just giving Bojo too much credit.
  13. XLM

    Thomas Kaminski

    Kaminski he is magic. He wears a magic hat... And when he saw the canteen food he said Not touching that! Not touching that Not touching that
  14. XLM


    I was just about to post about Hancock's message yesterday blaming "ineligible" people for wasting tests. Don't be fooled by the blame the public culture. It's deplorable. From the horse's mouth back in June: "There’s a new duty, and it is a duty that we now ask and expect of people. If you have symptoms – that’s a fever, a new continuous cough, a change in your sense of taste or smell – if you have one of these symptoms you must get a test. We have more than enough capacity to provide a test for anyone who needs one and we have more than enough capacity to trace all your contacts." All he has to say is that There is an influx of people wanting tests, which is great, because knowing if you have Coronavirus enables you to make better decisions. But it's putting pressure on capacity. We are doing our best to up that capacity, but in the meantime we would encourage people to only get tests when they are showing symptoms. Instead he said: "In the last couple of weeks we have seen an increase in demand, including an increase in demand for people who are not eligible for tests, and people who don't have symptoms. We have seen an increase of about 25% of people who are coming forward that don't have symptoms and aren't eligible. They don't have a reason for it. I've even heard stories of people saying, 'I'm going on holiday next week, therefore I'm going to get a test'. No - that is not what the testing system is there for. We've got to be firmer, I'm afraid, with the rules around eligibility for testing." There is simply no need for it. Deflect blame at all costs, even when none is being directed at you. It's a horrible trait for a person to have and completely unacceptable in a position of such importance. [Edit] Agree about the bog roll BTW. It's probably more of a herd mentality thing mind.
  15. XLM

    Thomas Kaminski

    That is the best post I have ever read.

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