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  1. yeti-dog


    Granted, Evans is a little better than Smallwood, but neither should be in the starting line-up given that we've just won and kept a clean sheet - Travis and Reed deserve to keep the shirt (I imagine Evans will be injured anyhow).
  2. Reed and Travis, for me, should be our central midfield partnership moving forward, they're far more dynamic and progressive. Smallwood and Evans will never take us to the next level. In terms of other outgoings I'd love to have seen the last of Williams and (sadly) Conway. Also, after last night Bell has a 'must do better and must do it quickly' label attached to him.
  3. yeti-dog


    If we got Mcdonald in I'd like to see Smallwood moved on....
  4. yeti-dog

    Rovers v Leeds, Ewood, 12.00 KO, 20th October

    I'm starting to hope Davenport gets back into the first team squad quickly. Maybe he was always the one who was going to play in preference to Smallwood this season.
  5. yeti-dog

    Rovers v Leeds, Ewood, 12.00 KO, 20th October

    I was hoping he wouldn't revert to this type of side but it's his natural instinct. Win the game and he's a sorcerer - lose and clearly his negativity will have to be factored into the post-match analysis.
  6. yeti-dog

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Of course we have no right but what I take issue with is that we're often too timid once in front and fail to intimidate and impose ourselves on opponents we're very capable of beating. You have to earn the right to beat any team but my preferred way isn't to score one goal and then shut up shop - it's to get in front and then go looking for further goals to twist the knife in.
  7. yeti-dog

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Well, at the end of the day it's the 3 points that count I suppose but why are we always so timid and in a rush to get back in our shells? After we scored we let them look like Barcelona. I liked Mowbray's starting line-up but it was like he couldn't wait to get to 60 minutes so he could get the two cart-horses back in centre midfield. It feels like they're his comfort zone pairing and I'm fed up of it. The first 20 minutes was a taster of how things could look if we took the shackles off and went looking to give teams a good kicking - unfortunately, at the minute, it never lasts for very long before we become scared of our own shadows. It makes you wonder - if we can get to being outside the play-offs on goal difference playing like this what might we achieve if Mowbray took the stabilisers off and allowed the team some freedom to truly express themselves.
  8. yeti-dog

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Much better performance so far - need to step up the intensity again but we look far more dangerous and I fully expect us to score again. Hopefully this ends up a comfortable win and Mowbray is encouraged to be more forward thinking from now on.
  9. yeti-dog

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Much more attacking team than Wednesday - I like!
  10. yeti-dog

    ROVERS v Sheff Utd

    Last night was a shocker and a massive reality check. A truly spineless performance and an insipid way to lose a long unbeaten home record. The team looked lethargic, laborious lacking in invention and creativity. Sheff Utd weren't all that either but we made them look decent and hungry to win. Smallwood - whoever said he was on the up needs to have a word with themselves - he had a shocker summed up by the crappy pass or poor control (can't remember which it was) which meant his second touch was a scything tackle and yellow card which was totally avoidable if he could only do the basics right.. We need him out of the team - he's a squad player at best. Having said that none of the team came out with too much credit last night. Not much labore and feck all arte. I've not been as angry watching a game for ages. Need a much improved performance on Saturday..
  11. yeti-dog

    Rovers vs Forest

    I'm coming to the conclusion that Lenihan is one of those centre backs who is only ever as good as the partner he's playing alongside. I know he's ours and he came through the ranks and all that but I don't personally ever see him as being good enough for the premier league. Championship is probably his level (and there's further work to do before that's a given...)
  12. yeti-dog

    Best Starting Eleven 2018/19 Season

    That team's not far off but Mowbray doesn't like to play 2 attacking wide men up top (he said so himself), one needs to do some donkey work too so I think the team will look slightly different (personally, like you, I'd like to see 2 attacking wide players I just don't think he'll go for it). Here's my take: Raya Nyambe, Lenihan, Mulgrew, Bell Reed, Evans Bennett Dack Armstrong Bererton Subs: Leutwiler, Williams (Rodwell if he gets fit), Smallwood, Rothwell,, Palmer, Graham & A.N.Other -still time for another loan to come in/or Davenport once fit.
  13. yeti-dog

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    Don't be naive - the last thing they'll do if we do get promoted is feck off. That's their chance to start to claw some money back..
  14. yeti-dog

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    Come off it Stuart - it was a joke and I've never been accused on here of directing 'nasty abuse' at you so let's not go there. Enjoy the game...
  15. yeti-dog

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    Be great to go through but ultimately if resting some regulars gets us a result against Bristol City then I can live with that team tonight.

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