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  1. Music/gigs

    Does anybody that's previously done the Donnington Download weekender know if you can get day tickets? Really want to catch GnR again on the Sat. Can't make the Friday and work Monday so weekend ticket a bit of a waste. Cheers.
  2. Jordan Rhodes

    No it doesn't - Shearer/Sutton/Mccarthy etc were all scoring in the top division and I'm sure there are many other examples before my time. Comparable to Garner yes, but I would have Garner on the team sheet ahead of Rhodes every time.
  3. Joe Nuttall

    We had/have a chance to rebuild the squad. Mowbray opted for a system using wing backs but didn't buy any. When the system didn't work; he tried different formations with square pegs in round holes. We need a giant forward, a left winger with pace and we still haven't got a box to box midfielder. A beast of a cb would not go amiss either!
  4. ROVERS v Fleetwood

    Because Antonsson contributes the square root of zero. Poor performance. Mundane, slow footbal...mundane squad, mundane manager.
  5. ROVERS v Fleetwood

    Reality check: we are struggling to a draw at home to Fleetwood. Nuff said
  6. ROVERS v Fleetwood

    Inviting pressure 2 2
  7. ROVERS v Fleetwood

    Another poor ref. They were bad in the champ...these are on another level again. Needs a moment of magic in this game. Not sure we have anyone bar Dack who can do it....and he'll be subbed after 65 min!
  8. ROVERS v Fleetwood

    This is so predictable.

    That's a crap selection. No way we win this. The ball will not be retained up front.
  10. ROVERS v Portsmouth

    Quality finish from conway.
  11. ROVERS v Portsmouth

    What an idiot.
  12. ROVERS v Portsmouth

    Subs have killed the game in an attacking sense. Terrible conditions though.
  13. ROVERS v Portsmouth

    Like most teams in this leagu Pompey have little threat.
  14. ROVERS v Portsmouth

    Chapman made a big difference this half. Dack doing well as well.
  15. Blackburn Rovers FC v Plymouth Argyle FC

    When the best players are mainly kept on the bench for 'impact', is it any wonder? Why he keeps taking Dack off, when we need a goal off is beyond me. He makes things happen.