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  1. Rovers v Blackpool

    Chapman and Armstrong would be great signings but, even if we get promoted, I doubt we could afford one of them, never mind both. Armstrong has 2 years left. No way he would be let go on the cheap.
  2. Rovers v Wigan

    Hopefully a good crowd for ths one. I know a few who are crawling out the woodwork. All aboard the bandwagon!
  3. Walsall v Rovers

    Good win today. If we can get wins at Wimledon and against Wigan then the momentum will really be with us. Spawny wins till the end of the season will do fine.
  4. Rovers v Bury

    Chaddy. Williams is terrible with the ball and we lack width higher up the pitch with wing backs -so struggle to create. It doesn't work at home. Away, it may make us tighter at the back so could work on occasions although not if we are chasing a game. I like watching teams that play with wingers and Rovers traditionally have...and been reasonably successful.
  5. Rovers v Bury

    Thought the game was a bit flat tonight -as was the atmosphere. 3 5 2 does not work for me. Bennett is way better in midfield than out wide. Payne, Dack and Armstrong should all start. Strange decision to take off Graham. Antonsson cameo was a reminder of his lack of ability. Armstrong looks a real threat at this level though - just need Chapman back now. Smallwood needs to get his booking out the way and sit one out- cone back fresh. Cory Evans take a bow. Shocking performance by an 'international' player. Glad to get the points but we can do much better. Team that should start every week should be: Raya Nyambe. Lennihan. Mulgrew. Bell Smallwood. Bennett Payne. Dack. Armstrong Graham Edit: hadn't seen the earlier post with same lineup. It really is clear cut lol
  6. Rovers v Bury

    Wasn't a great window. We didn't address our weak areas IMO. Payne and Armstrong decent but no height or width brought in.
  7. Rovers v Bury

    Don't anybody tell me we have the personnel for 3 5 2. Lack of genuine wingers us really hurting us at home. Worst half since Oldham
  8. Rovers v Bury

    Poor this so far. No cutting edge or real width. Tinkerman Tony
  9. Portsmouth v Rovers

    This. Our stadium is fantastic but outside of the prem, never going to be any where near full. If we had a 20k ground like the old Ewood, then it would be a much better atmosphere.
  10. Portsmouth v Rovers

    I'm beginning to come round to that way of thinking! 😀We have some glaring issues but we are up near the top and challenging. Time to just roll with it and see what occurs. COYB
  11. Portsmouth v Rovers

    This could be a big win.
  12. Rovers v Oldham

    .. Because we never tried.
  13. Rovers v Oldham

    No. We would have been 2 2 when Samuels should have been brought on.. And you also missed the against 10 men part.
  14. Rovers v Oldham

    And they nearly scored at the death! Against ten men you can juggle it round. Putting an extra striker on is another player they have to defend against and worry about. Especially as he is taller than anyone else we had out there.
  15. Rovers v Oldham

    Jesus wept. I didn't suggest paying him as a wing back. I said chuck him up front or bare minimum as a right winger. Am I the only person that realises we were playing a team near the bottom, who were down to ten men for the last ten mins of the game... With results elsewhere going for us... And wonders why we didn't throw another forward on for a player who was knackered... And really try to WIN the game????