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  1. Wing Wizard Windy Miller


    Meh game but In context, any kind of result at WBA would equal or exceed most expectations of a points haul for the first 6 games.
  2. Wing Wizard Windy Miller


    This has got injury time Cardiff winner written all over it
  3. Wing Wizard Windy Miller

    Hull (A)

    Hope Dack's knock isn't serious.
  4. Wing Wizard Windy Miller

    Hull (A)

    Great result that. Looked really solid second half. Downing still has a bit of pace for 35! A really hard working performance. Only criticism would be Bennett getting skinned every time by their winger. Should also give an honourable mention to Walton who was pretty faultless tonight. Long may it continue.
  5. Wing Wizard Windy Miller

    Hull (A)

    How is this 0-0?? Great counter by rovers. Johnson clips bar.
  6. Wing Wizard Windy Miller

    Hull (A)

    Bennett dropped us in the brown stuff there.
  7. Wing Wizard Windy Miller

    Hull (A)

    Good pen save. Started quite well. Bit disappointed with Downing's set piece delivery so far though.
  8. Wing Wizard Windy Miller

    I won't spend money at Ewood Park. It's a rip off

    £4-£5 seems to be what's charged in a decent pub for a decent beer - but you tend to get a good selection. Wouldn't expect it to be less for event catering. Been to some concert venues where it's been £6 a pint. That said, if it's about creating an experience, then there has to be something 'different'. As others have suggested, a couple of tents in the fan zone doing real ale or lagers from a different country each week. Fully justifiable charging a fiver for that. The fosters - as sole draught supplier should be done on various offers, for instance: Happy hour between 1:30 - 2:30. 23 half price fosters vouchers with every ST....or half price hot drinks if you don't drink. People more likely to spend on food then. 10 half price fosters tickets with each 1875 membership etc.
  9. Wing Wizard Windy Miller

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Great result that and a clean sheet to boot.
  10. Wing Wizard Windy Miller


    How many wingers do we need 😉
  11. Wing Wizard Windy Miller


    How did Chapman play?
  12. Wing Wizard Windy Miller


    Still conceding 2 a game. Consistent.
  13. Wing Wizard Windy Miller

    Mowbray In? Mowbray Out?

    We really lack leaders in the club. Johnson may be the only one who'll get angry with those around him. Possibly Lennihan... Then that's it.
  14. Wing Wizard Windy Miller

    Fulham Away

    Graham for travis😂
  15. Wing Wizard Windy Miller

    Fulham Away

    Striker brought on left wing. Winger brought in at left back. Genius.

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