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  1. That all sounds well and good...depending on the 'benchmark against other clubs' bit. If they atw benchmarking against teams trying to get in the prem like Shef Weds, Brighton, Derby etc then fair enough. If they are benchmarking against Fleetwood or Shrewsbury.....
  2. With Graham, if he has a good preseason fitness wise, he should be a nailed on top scorer at this level.
  3. Can't grumble with Lowe's application and commitment. Pretty good on the injury front as well bar one season. That said, I would say he is a very limited footballer. Athletic but limited.
  4. All we can hope for with players like Lennihan is a good sell on clause because we will be offered peanuts. Would also add that the players who 'committed' such as Graham and Conway will be the ones on good contracts in the twighlight of their career.
  5. Any owner who wanted to return the club to former glories would have sent the accountants in to find a way around FFP. You can be damn sure that isn't the remit.
  6. If Mahoney has to be offered equal or better terms to ensure we get comp, then surely that makes a mockery of him taking a paycut due to relegation??
  7. Problem for Huddersfield is thet had no momentum going into the playoffs....
  8. Have to agree with you. There is no way venkys can or will turn the club around.
  9. Should do a poll. Who should take administration, and a -15 start in September if it meant rid of Venkys and new ownership?
  10. Not surprising readership is down when they don't do any serious journalism.
  11. Very poor that the LT have not run this or the tax raids.
  12. This was always going to be a problem. Senior going just exacerbated it. If it is true that they have hired 2 top accountants to review and make more cuts, then surely Cheston's role must be they clearly don't back his judgement.
  13. Perhaps somebody more clued up can explain but if they don't put in the £10 mil, surely at some stage mid season we will end up in admin as we won't be able to cover wages etc.
  14. Not surprised, they have not even caught up with the tax raids yet! Keep at them!!
  15. You are a little angry PB. T'was tongue in cheek.