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  1. Don't doubt that they will make a net profit on transfers however at least we have spent something on permanent players. They normally just sell and invest chuff all.
  2. Planted questions? wtf We all know that we will cash in on someone this year. Lennihan is the least annoying of the sales we have had over the last 7 years!
  3. Not really. If he is replaced by an academy player. It shows that if you join our academy you have a good chance of progressing and establishing yourself. Lets be honest 7 years ago, we'd have let the lad go for a nominal fee as he'd be no where near good enough for the first team
  4. I think Lenihan is decent but no great shakes. To be fair, from what I've seen of him, I think we have a replacement in Wharton. Need to bring him through after his spell on loan. If we spend a bit and Lenihan balances the books, then decent business IMO.
  5. That clip highlights what a crap keeper Steele is. Beaten at his near post!
  6. No left footers there.
  7. Doesn't mention anything about bids in for strikers. Does say he hopes to make signings in the next 3 -4 weeks.
  8. We aren't going to hit the ground running though at this rate. We are woefully weak up front. No doubt we will get a loan or 2 in before the deadline but as it stands we are way too short on options.
  9. Anybody actually believe we have a squad that can go up as it stands? We have gone from 'bids in for strikers' to 'happy with how the squad is coming along'. VENKY LiGHT ON RED. SALES NEEDED!
  10. You would think that we would have at least a trialist or 2 that could play up front. What are we getting out of pre season with no forward line?
  11. Agree, thought he was pretty shocking last year but this could be his level.
  12. We need two pacy wingers! Pace worries defenders full stop. Some quick players have little end product but they can cause a back line to sit deep and relieve pressure as well as freeing up space for others. A good squad should have this in their locker.
  13. Have to agree with some above. Despite his end product, Feeney is a must keep in a team devoid of pace.
  14. Is this Reading guy actually signing?
  15. Funny how opinions differ! Thought he looked ponderous and seemed to take an age to shift the ball from one foot to the other. Looked a strong lad though so could offer something in the final third.