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  1. We all knew we needed a big physical battering ram up front and or pace. We got Antonsson. Time to play Samuels up alone with Bennet/Dack/Chapman behind. Also, if Whittingham isn't good enough to come into the middle and effect a game like today then that is a massive #### up by TM.
  2. ...Where he had his most successful season for Gillingham. Also picked up on by Bradford fans who were surprised we were playing him in the hole, saying he was far more effective running with the ball from deep in previous years.
  3. The change should have been a straight swap of Chapman for Conway Dack looked lost out wide and we lacked shape. Then he pulls off, Smallwood for Graham and for a period, Caddis was wide right. Then he finally hooks Atonsson and brings on Chapman. We ended up short in the middle, had Samuels wasted on the wing and no idea where Dack was supposed to be. No wonder we struggled to find any rhythm.
  4. Mowbray poor subs and set up today.
  5. No one can do bubble bursting like Rovers.
  6. Hopefully we score in the next 2 min then get a winner in the 96th.
  7. To be fair we probably deserve something but it's not happening. Poir first half costing us
  8. Ref appalling. Our performance worse.
  9. Most obvious handball not given.
  10. Not at all. Shouldn't be starting at home. Can't go past a man. Fine away from home.
  11. Bennet is an enigma. Lots of effort and endeavour but no real quality. Lets hope we come out this half.
  12. One of those games where we have a lot of the ball but do nothing with it.
  13. Not sure what we have learned this half that we didn't know. Conway and Ward should not be starting. To be fair to Antonsson, he's done ok this half. Midfield two have been poor. They are a good pairing away but no creativity in them. Worth trying Dack in there and we defo need Chapman on.
  14. This is not good. Team shape all wrong.
  15. No spark in this 11. Be interesting now we are behind.