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  1. The January 2018 transfer thread

    From reading Oxford's fluorescent forum, they've changed formation to 4-4-2 and it sounds like he'd been shunted out to the wing and wasn't really suited to it. So hopefully he'll either be a back up to Dack in the no 10 spot, or one taking the other "wide forward" type role that Chapman / Antonsson / Samuel have been playing, as they aren't strictly wing-type roles.
  2. Message to Venky's

    There was a letter leaked that showed Venkys had employed or were paying Kentaro / Crescendo to run the club for them and ended in a court case between Venkys and Kentaro. The terms used were "advised", but it is fairly obvious that they went along with everything they were advised to do, so Kentaro were running the club in all but name. Then they got sussed out and binned off, Venkys are still carrying the debt accrued during that time. Sure they still do a few favours, or have people from around those times who haven't been shunned yet "advising" them that certain players / managers would be a good idea, but obviously there's no proof of that. Legal letter.pdf
  3. Premier League Stuff

    Alan Shearer? Damien Duff?
  4. The January 2018 transfer thread

    It should yeah, but these young guys weren't even born in 94/95, there's a chance they just see us another crap L1 team. These are the kind of young loan players we should at least enquire about though.
  5. Premier League Stuff

    Will surely be binned off in the Summer for a "name" if / when they stay up. Another season of TV money to help pay for the new stadium, then bye bye Sam.
  6. The January 2018 transfer thread

    May be above our reach, but Brendan Galloway at Everton has been recalled from Sunderland and is likely to be loaned out again. He lost a bit of form and confidence and could be ideal if he's willing to drop down to League 1 for 1st team football. He did fairly well for MK Dons in this league a few years ago. Maybe out of our league now, given he's played for Everton's first team, but if you don't ask, you don't get.
  7. Fleetwood

    Don't change a winning team. Same as today and go out with the same attitude / work ethic and bag another 3 points.
  8. Adam Armstrong

    Not sure that's true. Only seems to be JAL that's moaning about him. Everyone else seems cautiously optimistic.
  9. The January 2018 transfer thread

    He's gone on to better (?) things.. https://football-tribe.com/asia/2018/01/04/ex-newcastle-united-ace-danny-guthrie-heads-indonesian-league/
  10. 10 games in

    The only hope I cling to is we're on a hell of a run at the minute (12 games unbeaten in the league someone said), you could argue that we've had our rough patch at the start of the season, where Wigan and Shrewsbury haven't had one yet. We're only 5 points behind Wigan, who are 1st. A 2 game turn is all it needs and we've overturned more to get up to 3rd in recent times. It's by no means a certainty, but we're well within reach of the top 2 and wouldn't write us off catching Wigan yet,depending on the January transfer business.
  11. ROVERS V Rochdale

    Problem is,Chaddy slagged Graham off to buggery at the start of the season. At the time, rightly so by all reports, as he wasn't pulling his weight. Now, he is putting in more of a shift and scoring more regularly, it is impossible to say he's playing better without an asshole like me saying "will you admit you were wrong about Graham?" So now if he has as good a game as another striker, he had service and the other one didn't, or some other excuse other than begrudgingly saying Graham had a good game. Saying all that, Graham should be kept on til the end of the season, as his experience and hold up play will prove useful at the business end of the season, but I think his contract is up at the end of this season(?), if it is, and we get promotion, then let him go. If we're still here in L1, try to sign him on again on a lesser deal as we'll need him.
  12. Friday Funnies

    Call it whatever you want, it can't hear you
  13. Championship 2017/18

    That's Rhodes @#/? again then
  14. NAPM

    If that lot are still here, sadly you won't. You obviously didn't read it properly then, it seems you need to brush up on your literacy as well as your geography. There is no toll bridge in Warrington, it's in Runcorn
  15. NAPM

    Illiterate rant? Seems fairly straight forward to me. The only illiterate one seems to be you. I suggest you go back and read what I've actually been saying. At no point have I slagged him off for buying a half season ticket or going back at all. I made great pains in saying I don't give 2 hoots if someone goes or not. My beef has been that he spend years slagging off anyone and everyone that went calling them scabs, Venky Lovers,whatever else and is now doing the exact thing he slagged them off for. It's called hypocrisy and the fact he blatantly said that he stands by it all whilst returning just makes it worse. No toys have been ejected at all. Like I said, I'll be back when they go. There's no "so called boycott" or any other insinuation you can make up to try and discredit my point.