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  1. BiggusMickus


  2. BiggusMickus

    Thursday deadline.

    Never played above League 2, is 27 and only turned professional last year. If that's the calibre of player we're looking at, then we'rein for a tough time next year
  3. BiggusMickus

    Thursday deadline.

    Or Danny Shittu..
  4. BiggusMickus

    Thursday deadline.

    Hypothetical question.. If we were given all of it (and we know that would never happen under this lot), would you sell Dack for £10m (just a guestimate fee) to buy 3 or 4 players and strengthen the squad?
  5. BiggusMickus

    Thursday deadline.

    If its the same Mani, looks like he's managed to extract himself from Craig Shorts arse and went and plopped himself right up Tony Mowbray's People are allowed to have a different opinion than yours, without being belittled and condescended to. So knock it off, its really annoying. I hope you're right and we sign 3 or 4 top players, looks unlikely at the minute. Time left, fingers crossed, but we've been here before with Venkys
  6. BiggusMickus

    Thursday deadline.

    Going to Rangers for about £2m.
  7. BiggusMickus

    Pre Season Matches

    Got a bit lucky at the end there. Raya was totally beaten with that first shot, Good stop from Mulgrew for the second though. 0-0 HT
  8. BiggusMickus

    Thursday deadline.

    Chaddy only sings the praises of players either he or Nixon mentions first, hence his sudden boner for Kent, who never got a single mention before Nixon tweeted we're in for him. Anyone else gets mooted, that he doesn't mention first, and there's always a reason he doesn't fancy them. It'd be funny if it wasn't so sad.
  9. BiggusMickus

    New Kits

    New Kit is officially on the website now: https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2018/july/new-home-shirt-on-sale-today/
  10. BiggusMickus

    Club Revenue Generators

    Rugby fans mange to have a beer in their seats without being dickheads. Quite sure football fans would be fine too, just need the namby pamby health and safety exec to grow a pair and let adults adult.
  11. BiggusMickus

    World Cup 2018

    Wouldn't be shocked if Russia beat Croatia. They're the hosts so will get a better deal from the officials. Hosts tend to raise their game too. Us vs Russia semi final, we'd better be uber disciplined or we'll be seeing a red card, no doubt. England vs Croatia? It may seem arrogant, but I think they'll be more scared of us than we are of them, ala Colombia. Just need to get past Sweden. Fingers crossed we don't fuck it up.
  12. BiggusMickus

    World Cup 2018

    France probably the team to beat now and this isn't a great France team. It's good, but not unbeatable. Get past an awkward Sweden team and who knows. Whisper it quietly, but it might just be on!
  13. BiggusMickus

    Thursday deadline.

    As long as his tackling, heading, positioning and other defensive duties are upto scratch, I couldn't give a monkeys if he can play 40 and 50 yard Hollywood passes. DL's agent scouse too?

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