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  1. BiggusMickus

    Premier League Stuff

    West Ham appoint Pelligrini: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44163423 Pretty good appointment that. Miles better than Moyes anyway.
  2. BiggusMickus

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    Sling them a cheque like QPR and Leicester did and tell them to go @#/? themselves.
  3. BiggusMickus

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    Thought we were under League 1 rules and owners can put in as much as they like? So why would we get a transfer ban? Can't see any reason at all in there why we should be looking at a transfer ban. Unless it is something we allegedly did last season in the Championship, but we hardly spent a penny - that's partly why we went down. And with the likes of Wolves, Villa, etc. spaffing 10's of millions and going unpunished, frankly,I think it's bullshit.
  4. BiggusMickus

    Statement From The Owners

    @#/?'em. #VenkysOut! Hopefully a buyer can be found that fancies a punt on ex - PL champs on our way back and gambles on getting back to the PL , like Wolves and buy Venkys out. If not, Venkys need to carry on staying in the background and leave the manager to get on with it. But more importantly, shut up and stay out of the headlines.
  5. BiggusMickus

    Oxford Utd at home

    But did you rock down to, Mowbray Avenue? And did it take you higher?
  6. BiggusMickus


    Unfortunately no cherry of the title. But, a magnificent season and well done to all involved. Here's to replicating it next season and giving the Championship a right good go. I'll be having a few and toasting a great season, plus watching Haye spark Bellew, hopefully. Everyone that's there today, be safe. And I 've a feeling toneet's gonna be a reet good neet. You all deserve it and let's see you all back in July for the next round of " this is my football club and I don't agree with you." 2017/18 has been emotional. But awesome. Tony Mobray's Blue and White army?,
  7. BiggusMickus

    Oxford Utd at home

    Get the selfish @#/? off the pitch and let the teams have their moment. Scally keaners..
  8. BiggusMickus


    Pretty sure Ive been consistent (as have most arguing a similar opinion) saying we should celebrate promotion and the achievements of the club, but be pissed off we didn't go all out for the acheivable honour of winning a title when it was presented to us. Read back this thread and see if you're right to try and call anyone out for anything. If you do, let me know and I'll repost where I and others have celebrated and honoured the proud achievements of the team this season. It is just the comments about the title not being important that rankled. As you say onwards and upwards.
  9. BiggusMickus

    Oxford Utd at home

    We're 2-1 up. We needDonaster to win. Sorry for the confusion.
  10. BiggusMickus

    Oxford Utd at home

    Get in! C'mon Doncaster!
  11. BiggusMickus

    Oxford Utd at home

  12. BiggusMickus

    Oxford Utd at home

  13. BiggusMickus


    No, they're not winners. They're runners up. I have no doubt theyd be proud and celebrate a great achievement, as we are, coming second. Again, for the obviously hard of thinking or illiterate, not one person has said coming second and being promoted is not a good achievement. But, back to your analogy, you can bet your ass those professional athletes were aiming for first place, and gave their all for it. They just happened to end up second. After Mowbray's comments, could you say that he went all out for the best placing he could achieve? I'd say no. Anyway, those who won't accept any critisisms of the club / manager still ignore the point trying to be made, no matter how it is spelled out or argued.The others keep trying to spell it out, until they resort to frustrated name calling (myself included) and it all takes away from what has been a wonderful season. Here's to burying this shit, celebrating our clubs achievements at all levels and denominations and looking forward to next season, when all this will seem like petty nonesense. We still may win the title, so come on you blues. We're on our way back...
  14. BiggusMickus

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    I can. Because for every couple of Samuels and Gladwins, there's been a couple of Dacks and Smallwoods. We've had a good season and the majority of players have done well. I think Mowbray's earned a bit of trust and leeway in the next window. If we're 24th and his signings are doing shoite by time December comes round, by all means slag him off. But right now, as the great George once said, you gotta have faith a faith a faith..
  15. BiggusMickus


    Read pages upon pages of touchy feely, namby pamby bullshit. The bottom line is, yes, we have been promoted and that's amazing. No-one could have asked for more when the season started and not one single person is disputing that is an amazing end to the season. BUT.. We were within touching distance of a league title. Now, it may not be the Championship, it may not be a PL title, or may not even be a checkatrade title, but it is still another trophy that most have not won. And whilst it was mathematically possible, we should have been going all out for it. If not for anything but professional pride. If you are happy to settle for 2nd place, then no matter how many records you set in getting there, you should be pissed off you didn't achieve the very best you were able to. "Settling" for 2nd is loser talk and any so called professional who settles for it should be questioned. This is not saying: I am not happy with promotion - I am The starting line up was weak - it was ok considering squad fitness. - The result was bad - we should have at least drawn judging by the reports. Others who were actually there can rightfully refute that. - I am not accusing Mowbray of lying regarding injuries. The line up should still have had enough for at least a point. The formation is for another debate. On the, admittedly, small, almost miniscule, point that the manager, players, club should have gone all out for whatever honours were available, the manager dismissed the importance of them in his interviews leading up to and after the game, and we are favourites to lose out now. Other than the likes of Graham, Raya, Mulgrew, Lenihan and Dack, when will the rest get the chance to genuinely challenge for silverware, even at this "lowly" level? Just because our entitled, PL winning, big club-esque fans see the L1 title as below them, doesn't mean it is irrelevant. Some at least want to win whatever is in front of them. The rest.. Well..

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