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  1. Winter Wonderland 7th December

    Don't see the problem in the club putting on a Christmas celebration for the community personally.
  2. Friedel named New England manager

    As long as Venkys are long gone. Wouldn't want Brad tainted by association. Same goes with Tugay and Jansen.
  3. News Article -> Checkatrade Chance For Youngsters

    You'll never find out if they can do a job unless you let them try. Like he's been doing more recently, with Nutall (although personally I would have done it a few weeks sooner), I'd stick 2 or 3 of the U23s that are performing the best on the 1st team bench every week. If they do well coming off the bench, as Nutall has, then give them a start. If they don't perform, then they drop back to the bench, then back to the U23's and someone else gets a chance. No point talking about having quality in the youth / reserves if there's no progression to the 1st team as a reward for playing well.
  4. Stick with Mogga

    I've always thought Rhodes and King would've been the best partnership. If defenses pushed up to try to deny Rhodes the 18 yard box, due his lack of pace, then they would leave space behind for King to run into, which he's proven in the PL he excels at. If they sat back to deny King room to run into, then it means Rhodes can hang around the box and he's deadly in there. It would've all hung on not lumping high balls into the box and playing it more on the ground though, so I can see why it was rarely tested properly. If you need an outlet to smash it to or chuck head height balls into the box, then Gestede's your man. But there was noone else in the Championship, at that time, you would want in the box, on the end of a Gestede knock down than Rhodes.
  5. Transfers Part 3

    Is Lloyd Jones ready for Lg1? Just cause he's from Liverpools reserves instead of ours, doesn't mean he's better. We're a cat 1 academy too. I'd rather give one of our younglings, who are earning their chance in the u23s, a go than someone else's young cast offs.
  6. Joe Nuttall

    Well that's a big incentive for the youngsters isn't it? play your @#/? off and the manager still wont consider you. Lack of goals? Lets not play an in form U23s striker, cause he's untested. Test him then. He might come good. The likes of Rankin-Costello, Tomlinson, Travis might as well @#/? off to another L1 team now. Shut the academy, save £3m a year and settle into L1 mediocrity if we're not gonna bother using the youth team.
  7. Boxing Megathread

    Hope AJ lasts longer than Homer J.
  8. FA Cup 2017/18

    Hyde Utd closest to me. @#/?s knocked out Warrington too, so if we draw them then at least it's a bit of revenge for making me travel!
  9. Blackburn Rovers FC v Plymouth Argyle FC

    Is Wharton fit yet? If he his, he needs to start ahead of Ward until Downing is back. Him and Williams give me a real case of the heebies every time they touch the ball!
  10. Boxing Megathread

    Groves making hard work of it tonight. Good body punch to finish it, but judging off their last couple of fights, Eubank will spank Groves over 12 rounds.My prediction is Eubank to end it within 8 rounds.
  11. Wilcox

    Wilcox and Ripley providing the ammo for the SAS was a revelation. We wouldn't have won the PL without that style of play so they have my undying respect and gratitude. And to be honest,they influence my opinions on how football should be played to this day, for better or worse.I'm very much a believer in getting in down the wings and whipping in the forwards in the box,ala Shearer / Sutton / Ripley/ Wilcox. If Mowbray adopted a similar philosophy with Samuel/ Dack / Bennett / Chapman / proper wingers, we wouldn't be far wrong IMO.
  12. FA Cup 2017/18

    Truro do the best Cornish pasties on earth though. So even if we lost, it'd totally be worth it for a freezer full of pasties.
  13. Mowbray stays as manager

    He's had a pre-season and gets most weeks to drill the team. If he can't get it through to the attackers they need to move their fat arses off the ball and get the defenders to get goal side and don't take unnecessary risks, then he should hang up his managers pass and find something else to do like 5 live commentary.
  14. Blackburn Rovers FC v Plymouth Argyle FC

    We have no option at left back at the minute. It's either the perpetual @#/? up Wiliams or the promising Hart. He had one crap game, but Williams has had too many crap games to count. What do we have to lose trying him again? At least if there's one less liability in the defence Raya's bumhole might rest a bit easier during the game. Just need someone to come in and replace Ward and Raya's areshole can rest easy
  15. Manager or Players to blame?

    Whittingham's a very good player for this level. The problem we have and have had for a long while now is, there is very little movement in front of him. The players up front, particularly Graham so far this season, expect the ball laid on a plate for them without them putting any effort into getting into a good position or moving the defenders about to open something up. You could have Pirlo or Scholes in there but with no movement from the front 3, they would be as useful as Whittingham is at present.