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  1. Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear.
  2. They're very private people now, apparently.
  3. Same @#/? the Pune 9, Bowyer, Lambert and everyone else gets told. Yes, yes, yes, everything is fine. We'll give you plenty of money, the club is our baby, one step backwards to make two steps forwards, etc, etc......Then zilch. Nada. Sell some @#/? before you can loan anyone or pay someone's signing on fee. And don't ask us for any more or else.. Expect those assurances to be broken and Mowbray to walk before the start of the Season.
  4. Remember the game away at Grimsby last time we relegated, in the Promotion season I think? Awful ground, stunk of fish! But good game and a good win.
  5. Watch Henley have a blinder when we face him in League 1 next year.
  6. Fair enough list. I'd have tried to keep Guthrie personally, but don't know what his wages are like, so it might not have been possible to keep him in League 1. The rest are pretty much, meh.
  7. Distance!? Really? Never heard so much @#/?. Why doesn't he just get an iPad and FaceTime them? Or since they're obviously a bit behind with technology, get on MSN Messenger.
  8. How can next season be a better season? We're going to be in League @#/? 1!
  10. Good. Cheston should follow suit. Yet another failure he can add to his CV
  11. Is Venkys Out actually keeping Venyks In? As I’m struggling to take in the devastating events of the weekend and reading all the Rovers related media out there at the minute, the thought struck me, are we inadvertently helping Venkys? Whenever they do something mind-bogglingly stupid, or take the cheap option, another stone is chipped away at our club’s foundations. This in turn stokes the ire and frustration of the fans and the desire to protest and try and get our story out to a wider audience increases. The normal reasoning would be more negative publicity will potentially force them out. But, what if one of the reasons they are sticking around and clinging on to us is exactly that – publicity and more importantly, advertising. You cannot tell the story of our fall without using the words Venkys. Even if followed by “Out”. Just look at this weekend, we have been pretty much center stage in English football news and every story is about how Venkys have ruined us. Whilst the original plan was no doubt (at lest in part) having their name attached to a Premier League club to advertise the core business, maybe they have realised that any publicity is good publicity. With every piece of absurd decision making that provokes the fans to protest, we get the news out in newspapers, on television, on radio, on websites and forums like here, Facebook and Twitter. All using the Venkys brand name. They were trending worldwide during one Twitter campaign, Google searches for Venkys would be through the roof and sports fans across the world will have read their brand name on Sky and the BBC websites alone. That is worldwide advertising that they could only have dreamed of 10 years ago and they barely had to spend a penny of their own money to get it! In the end, what is cheaper for them? Spend millions on global advertising to spread brand awareness, or hire a manager with a track record of failure like Owen Coyle, stoke the frustrations of the fans, let them protest and spread the Venkys name and better yet, make them pay for it all with their own money through mortgaging the ticket revenue and let them raise protest funds and donations! I myself have been driving around the North West with their brand name splashed across the back of my car for months now. Albeit with the words “Out” after it, but the effect is still the same. Perhaps they aren’t the foolish idiots we think they are, because using the method of “all publicity is good publicity” to the maximum and using us to do it, is diabolically genius advertising and brand marketing and may well be the reason they continue to cling on despite everything. Look at the correlation between our decline, the more widespread VenkysOut message and the VHL share price. They’re coining it in on the back of our misery and anger, all because we were once Premier League champions,which makes us newsworthy enough to get their name advertised in articles and news stories for a couple of weeks at a time, for free, but not a big enough name worldwide for anything of note to be done about it, like if we were a Liverpool or Man Utd. What is worth more to them, 100m debt, or continued global exposure of their brand name, without having to lift a finger? To illustrate my point, so far I have used the words Venkys nearly a dozen times in trying to explain how we’re inadvertently getting the Venkys brand name out there.. The only suggestion I can think of to try and combat them using the VenkysOut message to their own ends is to change the message. Instead of Venkys Out, perhaps in future social media campaigns and other media interviews / articles, it should change to Raos Out! Make it personal. And stop inadvertently giving those @#/?’s company the publicity they so desire!
  12. Football can be a cruel sport at times. @#/? you Venkys, Anderson, Huber, Kean, Coyle and any other corrupt @#/?s I've missed. We'll be back when Venkys go! COYB!
  13. If all 3 teams win, we need to win by 2 more goals than Forrest do. We can't do any more than we are so far. Typically other results are shafting us. Need Brum or Forest to concede and / or us to bag an early third in the 2nd half and we can relax a little.