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  1. GGG vs Alvarez last night. Really good, hard fought fight. Both threw some real bombs that would've taken lesser men's heads off, but both stood up to it unscathed. GGG basically stalked him down and hounded him all fight with Canelo ducking and weaving and moving brilliantly, throwing a few of his own. One right hand came from his toes in the 10th (I think) that should've flattened Golovkin thrice over, but the man is made of iron! Ended in a draw, but for me GGG should've won by 2 rounds. One of the judges ridiculously marked it 118/110 in favour of Alvarez and quite frankly must've had her seat facing away from the ring to come up with that result. Can't wait for the rematch!
  2. And his then partner in crime now sponsors the club. But to be fair (and accurate), no-one has done more to try rid the club of the Venky cancer than Glenn and he deserves all of our gratitude - protester, stayer or otherwise. According to his blogs, cosying up to Shebby was a necessary evil and certainly working in helping shift he of the invisible dog.
  3. We should be looking at Taribo West, he's still only 25 according to his passport. Mark Kerr, Julius Agahowa and Kim Kallstrom in a midfield 3, good times.
  4. He should have been our Zidane. The team should have revolved around him for as long as he could play. Criminal waste of one of our 2 true world class talents of recent times (Shearer being the other). Regardless of nationality, the England managers since Bobby Robson have been plagued by the curse of the English media and sponsors. Too frightened to leave certain players out (Lampard / Gerrard) to the detriment of the team, ie. Scholes on the left. Too eager to try and play the way other more successful teams have played that year - play like the Spanish, Play like the Germans, etc. Why not play like teams do every Saturday in the English leagues? Get in the opposition's face, quick, direct, down the wings and get it in the box. Play like England. Too many people are too obsessed with fancy Football Manager formations and tactics rather than keeping it simple and playing with the hand we've got. Shame Big Sam liked his brown envelopes as much as he did, he would've wee'd with the willy we've got and would probably have done pretty well.
  5. And a CB- finally. Another I know nothing about, but again it's a position we needed. No complaints today.
  6. Can we still sign freebies after the window closes? Or has it been done away with like the loan window?
  7. Works for me.
  8. Never heard of him so can't judge, but at least its a signing in a position we needed. Could do with a CB too, but Williams can cover there now we have another player who can play LB.
  9. In that case, why do we need Harper when we have Tomlinson?
  10. Agree, we are in dire need of a left back. But, Mulgrew and Lenihan are a bit injury prone, Ward is bloody useless and Wharton seemingly isn't being played for some reason, has he been injured? I would have him above Ward in the pecking order though. I don't know anything about Platt other than he is an untried youngster. We could do with a bruising, reliable Centre back that is fit more often than not.
  11. Prefer to keep Lenihan too, but still think we need another CB to cover.
  12. Puts an end to 2 deals involving us probably. Heneghan to us, Lenihan to Sheff Utd.
  13. If Feeney goes that leaves us needing a CB, a LB and a replacement winger. I hope, at this late hour, we have people lined up for any of these outgoings.
  14. If it's just to gain experience, I'd rather we gave some of our own a chance.
  15. For me, we'd still need either a left back or another CB, depending on where Williams is going to be playing. Even if we sign the fella from Motherwell. Then direct replacements for anyone else that leaves (Lenihan / Feeney / Mulgrew). I think we might still see Rickie Lambert joining on a free on deadline day too.