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  1. They think they're a big club because they get big crowds, but have won @#/? all
  2. I wouldn't be kicking up too much of a fuss there Saxo lad, or it'll be you that's fooked. Again.
  3. For once, I'm choosing to believe the fat dolloper. Happy Friday everyone!
  4. Sly...
  5. Looks that way to me too. You can probably make a connection from any one agent to any other agent, at any other club. I'm not denying it hasn't happened in the past because it blatantly has, but I'm finding it hard to see any evidence it is still going on. And certainly not to the extent it was before. It's there in black and white, just like JAL has been asking for. Every transaction, every agent and agency. I can't see a pattern or connection. Perhaps I don't know enough about them? If you know more JAL, could you fill in the blanks? It'd be interesting to know more.
  6. HSH sports, run by Craig Honeyman, who used to be a director of SEM... What about him? All Transactions involving Clubs where an Intermediary was used from 2nd February 2016 to 31st January 2017. No more cryptic questions needed..
  7. Before anyone says otherwise, it's nothing to do with anything said on an internet message board, that's the excuse not the reason. It's probably because people in general are lazy. Someone else will do it, it won't matter if I'm not there. People are also probably a bit scared their mates / work colleagues will take the @#/? out of them for protesting / marching. Theres also time / distance/ monetary constraints. I've been to a couple, but not half as many as I would like because of not having the time or money to travel up to protest and go home. And I'm only at Warrington, there's lots of people who would attend who are further away than me I'm sure. Then there's people that just don't want to get involved and just want to watch a game of football, have a pint and go home. Nothing wrong with that either, but it's the slagging off of the opposite numbers reasons for doing or not doing something that causes the problem. That goes for both sides of the divide.
  8. Gordon..?
  9. Eubank Jr v Arthur Abraham last night. Was a really good workout for him. But Abraham had no intention of fighting him. Just stood still and took punches to his arms. The bloke's made of iron though! Most other fighters would have wilted more than once under some of the combinations Eubank threw at him. His hand speed is unreal. Needs to knock off the cocky showboating til the job is done though. A quicker opponent would've caught him at least a couple of times. George Groves looked scared to death in the interview / face off afterwards. I think Eubank will have too much for him when they eventually meet. Should be a great fight!
  10. Holy @#/?!
  11. If we die, we die..
  12. So that's why Stokes hasn't gone..?
  13. He'd definitely keep them up anyway!
  14. Is it doom-mongery to extrapolate the trajectory of the last 7 years and expect it to continue, rather than suddenly go into a complete reversal? Personally, I'd be delighted if we went straight back up, but that won't make everything cushdy again until we're back in the PL and Venkys have departed.
  15. Reason for the recent audits?