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  1. onlyoneDuff

    Summer Transfer Window

    Mowbray needs to give brad lyons a chance at CM...fresh legs and not afraid of a tackle
  2. onlyoneDuff

    Summer Transfer Window

    chaddy you're spouting pure rubbish concerning Nyambe's ability to push forward...seen countless tines he skinned the opposing LB only to see his crosses go wanting cause we have no forwards in the middle...seems you playing the mowbray game of downgrading the lad cause you know he's off...
  3. onlyoneDuff

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Someone posted earlier that Mowbray's first job here was promotion from league one...was he not brought in to keep us up, of which he failed...the revisionist history continues...he's just not good enough
  4. onlyoneDuff

    Millwall Away

    Against Bristol City he put in at least five quality crosses,,,was taking men on and ran their left back ragged and then against Wigan he barely exits our own half...it must be coaching
  5. onlyoneDuff

    Millwall Away

    does no one remember what he did at Celtic and Coventry?? Him and his mates are stealing money and our owners are too thick to see it. He wouldn't have survived at any other club and he is aided by a subservient media...Where are the hard questions both to him and the owners??
  6. onlyoneDuff

    Millwall Away

    Post of the season! and unfortunately mirrors my feelings
  7. not sure if he still has the legs...but could use some Mulgrew free kick/ corner kick magic...
  8. onlyoneDuff

    Forest V Rovers

    What a soft soft GK Walton is...
  9. onlyoneDuff

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Maybe if Evans would occasionally stick a foot in and break up the play in front of him Mulgrew wouldnt have been put in positions to be exposed...even better if Smallwood had a litle pace and wasnt chasing shadows...easy to blame Mulgrew when the two main men in front of him are substandard.
  10. onlyoneDuff

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Been a long time since we've had any players who like to put a tackle in..been too soft for too long...miss the days when Rovers were known for physical play...sign him up!
  11. onlyoneDuff

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    If we could off load evans and smallwood I would be fine with signing Adam...otherwise it makes no sense

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