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  1. Chapman on for Evans - Rothwell / Davenport pairing in the middle now?
  2. AspRover

    Expectations for the season

    Its such a tight league, I recon there's a good chance that there might only be a handful of points between, say, 6th and 15th (where we've spent most of the season so far). Picking up a couple of wins rather than draws, or conceding a last minute equaliser in again literally two or three games might be the difference between the play-offs and a bottom half finish. I'll hedge with just outside the playoffs on the showing up until now, but I wouldn't want to put money on anything.
  3. AspRover

    Football rule changes - what would you do?

    Off the top of my head, do away with penalties in cup games, play extra time in ten minute segments until a team wins at the end of one of the 10 mins (I.e. if 2:2 at 90 mins play ten minutes, nobody scores play another ten minutes, both teams score play another ten etc...) BUT add an extra football after each ten minute slot.
  4. AspRover


    I was having a conversation with my old man before the Bristol game where I said that in the next four games - Bristol, Villa, Derby and Stoke - I would be happy with a return of four points, as I thought that this was on paper as tough a run of games as we were likely to face all season. In hindsight we should have got three points at villa, which would make this a moot point, but we're either going to end up with 2, 3 or 5. 2 or 3 would be underwhelming, 5 would have exceeded my expectations. It is interesting to me that Mowbray (whom I generally rate) seems to be aiming for the single point rather than trying for the three. In the context of a four game run, three points doesn't feel very different to two, so I'd rather we went more attacking. I guess it all adds up over the course of a season and he's taking a longer approach. What would anyone else have taken over those four games?
  5. AspRover

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    Actually, just watched the highlights and he was well at fault for their goal. Didn't seem so bad at the time.
  6. AspRover

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    Re. Caddis - do I want him in the starting 11? No. Did today show that having him as a reserve right back as insurance against an injury crisis might not be the catastrophe some have made it out to be (myself included)? Actually probably yes. He surprised me and had a genuinely decent game, albeit against lower league opposition.
  7. AspRover

    Best Starting Eleven 2018/19 Season

    Yeah, I mean I can only echo that - when I look back at the relegated squad essentially three transfer windows ago where I was unhappy with basically every position to the squad now... Good options in every position and most of them under 25.
  8. AspRover

    Rodwell signs

    Been mulling this one over a bit. Come to the conclusion that I'm OK with Signing Rodwell - simple reason that we don't need to rely on him. We have solid players in his position(s) so if he's rubbish he doesn't trouble the starting 11 and we aren't weakened. Also, I want to start at least one televised game with a central midfield pairing of Rothwell and Rodwell, just for the commentary.
  9. AspRover

    Rodwell signs

    Assuming he is on a cheap deal. I'm not even sure what a cheap deal is any more to be honest. If he's in the lower half of the earners at the club, has been promised a decent contract if he performs and if he doesn't we can ship him out at the end of the season then there's comparatively very little risk. But if he's in any way talked his way into a decent wage and that stops us getting in a body in a position we are actually short then it's a bad bit of business. Weirdly the fact that he was once a talent, only 27, twice capped for England, had a couple of (at the time) big-ish money transfers makes it kind of seem worse because the media will talk it up like its a marquee signing for us, rather than the cheap gamble we have to hope it is. I'm sure there have been players who have essentially fallen out with a club and been transformed after a transfer. Not sure I can think of many though...
  10. AspRover

    Hull away

    Cheers, my bad really - I meant how are the players fitting in to the 451 with the subs?
  11. AspRover

    Hull away

    whats the formation (roughly)?
  12. AspRover

    Transfer Window - Success or Failure

    I'd say that this window we did the acceptable bare minimum. We didn't weaken the squad, tying certain players down to longer contracts will be of great benefit one way or the other and I'm cautiously optimistic about the few players we did bring in. No more than that though. Not a disaster - it's easy to imagine a worse window (selling Mulgrew or Lenihan without adequate replacements etc.) - but it'd be a stretch to say that it was a particularly good one.
  13. AspRover

    Ipswich away match thread

    Regarding the Palmer miss, I kinda always think that if that kind of thing happens once its a case of 'at least he got in the right place at the right time'. I'll start to worry if he's missing those game in game out without scoring but for now, on his debut with plenty of expectations, I'll give him the benefit.
  14. AspRover

    Man City.

    People said the same about Chelsea, under the management of bright up and coming Mourinho and backed by Abramovic's seemingly bottomless money pit, they looked like they could win everything for the next ten years. Didn't really happen. (I mean they won quite a bit, but so did others).
  15. AspRover

    Ipswich away match thread

    With that starting line up the point was always really 'do they look outclassed?' win lose or draw. If that 11, weaker than we ended last season with due to the loss of Armstrong, can hold it's own against a fairly established team in this division then we might do OK over the whole season, particularly when the new signings (and hopefully a few more new signings) get up and running. That should be the weakest starting 11 we have all season. A point is annoying, we should have held on, but the team mostly looked OK. Good to see Dack taking the step up in his stride too.

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