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  1. From Matt Jansen’s ghost-writer https://www.newsandstar.co.uk/news/18879841.special-report-making-cumbrian-premier-league-star/ https://www.newsandstar.co.uk/sport/19014450.blackburn-rovers-boss-explains-moved-evertons-former-carlisle-united-star-jarrad-branthwaite/
  2. Buckley would be better served by modelling himself on players like Cowans & Sellars. You don’t need bulk to be successful....you need a technique you can rely on & vision to exploit it.
  3. Left field suggestion....make watching football flexible. A mix of live & TV viewing which can be consumed as the individual fan sees fit for a subscription. No annual renewal date, continuous direct debit. Like a mobile phone contract. The subscription buys “x” number of credits each month which are consumed in whatever way at different tariffs. Like a mobile phone....texts at one price, calls at another....data at another & so on. Have categories for TV viewing, sole attendance in person, collective attendance in person priced in such a way that attending in person with kids is
  4. You’ve heard of away games ? 🤔 Had we won this one, we’d have gone up...🤨
  5. It sounds so simple when you express in that fashion....but in sport, it’s not “when” is it ? It’s “if”...& no matter how rich the owners, the ensuing points deduction could easily lead to another relegation. The football world is fundamentally different now than it was in 1991/2 & COVID has brought the economics of the madhouse as practised in the Championship into sharper focus.
  6. Our friends at Rovers Chat are soliciting opinions from people who want Mowbray out...some on here may wish to make contact I suspect...
  7. Bought these in Prague....prize for the first person who names all the players correctly....🤣
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