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  1. Tom

    FA Cup 2017/18

    Clear penalty to Chelsea not given even with VAR
  2. Tom

    FA Cup 2017/18

    Phil Jones is abysmal, laughably bad when up against good players, he’s not progressed since he left Rovers for me even at the biggest club in the world
  3. Tom

    FA Cup 2017/18

    I said 3-0 United In the other thread but so far that annoying shadow is winning
  4. Tom

    Premier League Stuff

    Going for 3-0 United in the cup final
  5. Tom

    Homophobia in football

    Too much lad culture and ‘bantz’ around football though, times are moving on and I do think the majority would be supportive of anyone that came out but there’d still be an undercurrent of people that wouldn’t accept it.
  6. Tom

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    Dunno let me just check with dryhorse
  7. Tom

    Connor Mahoney's contract

    Over the season though even with those injuries Chapman produced more albeit in a league below. Hope for his sake Chapman gets back to his best, but you may be right he may never fully recover.
  8. Tom

    Connor Mahoney's contract

    Seems a good deal for us, if he turns into s good player over the next few years we get about a million for a lad that was out of contract, if he fails to push on we got £425k for a lad that wasn’t cut out for it
  9. Tom

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    Wonder if we will be seeing some of League ones better players then, some players there that could easily step up
  10. Tom

    Championship 2017/18

    Infuriating decision there is literally no other option than to give the red card, joke.
  11. Tom

    Coyle's new job

    It’s reprehensible that he gets work ahead of young managers who deserve a crack. Clearly no coincidence or lack of truth behind the stories of no real training.
  12. Tom

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    We should see the retained list this week as the transfer window opens this Friday doesn’t it?
  13. Tom

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    I wanted Ogogo but Shrews into playoff final so he may be signing a new contract.

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