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  1. Howay man I'm too busy watching love island anyway the boy did good
  2. Talking about houses (a few pages back now) my wife watches something called the housewives of Cheshire, Ashley Ward and his Mrs are on it. I knew he put his money into houses but his house is ridiculous, literally one of the nicest houses you could see. For a limited footballer he's absolutely minted and fair play to him for being smart
  3. Absolutely we all have reason to be negative and suspicious, I'm also reserving the right to be positive about isolated things and take them at face value. For the league we are in I will say for me Dack and Whittingham are the most exciting signings since Rhodes. Both potential risks but both would be welcomed by every other club in the league. I know it's all relative and it's shocking that it is where we are now but I can't recall the last time we actually took a player from a team that wanted to keep hold of them. I'm worried what's around the corner but looking forward to the season as well.
  4. Leading up to a target man to get on the end of them?
  5. Good signing, would have been a great signing but he cut his hair, now I can't as easily compare him to Ciccio although there was that one time Ciccio cut his hair
  6. Oi leave me out of it!
  7. Ok Can we do it on a non match day though, don't want to have to pay to go in Bagsy being Mayweather
  8. Jokes on you we play them away in September! Debunked!
  9. Desperate? There's 6 weeks to go if we have identified targets and we are going for them early that's a positive for me
  10. McConnell is the worst of the worst, never had a lead in his life, spread some stuff last year and claimed to have a source inside the club the backtracked massively when called out on it. Don't give him a second of attention
  11. Mainly making brilliant message board posts and having twitter meltdowns
  12. Agree about signing an ugly striker but not sure it would work with Graham. When I used to play for Langho I was rubbish but I was fast enough, one season had a big lad up front with me who won everything in the air and bullied defenders, that season I scored about 20 just from the sheer amount of space and chances that bloke created.
  13. Conor Mahoney apparently off to Bournemouth - well done him, surprised he's got straight to the premier league though
  14. Latest twitter rumour BREAKING NEWS: Blackburn Rovers have made a bid to sign 27 year old Barnet striker John Akinde. Fee believed to be around £600,000. #BRFC
  15. By the way Chris Neville has left the club he's just announced