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  1. Think I’d rather have Chapman on a permanent than Clark Kent on loan if it’s an either or thing. Bristol fans seemed unsure about him. When I say unsure if you search twitter they are pretty unanimous in their opinion if him - and it isn’t good. Lets hope he’s improved! edit - more worryingly it sounds like Bristol were fined by Liverpool for not playing him enough, a nice read about him here on a Bristol forum https://www.otib.co.uk/index.php?/topic/194456-ryan-kent/
  2. If we were in for Maddison and Nicko knew he couldn’t keep quiet as he knows the Posh owner may spill at any time and Nicko needs to mention them first for the notches on his bed post......aye
  3. Tom


  4. Tom


    This used to get the blood pumping https://youtu.be/GXFSK0ogeg4
  5. Tom


    Voting for anything other than the final countdown should be a bannable offence
  6. Tom

    New Kits

    Worst thing is about 90% of the championship will have betting companies as sponsors
  7. I for one am amazed that a Premier League club are willing and able to loan out a player so soon after the World Cup, unheard of
  8. Tom


    Facebook is 59% keep though with over 2.5k votes
  9. Good signing for them, would have taken him feel on a full time deal
  10. Tom


    Looks like overall ‘Keep’ Is winning
  11. Tom


    Rovers have put official polls on their twitter and Facebook twitter is currently 62% in favour of removing Facebook currently 63% in favour of keeping it Facebook was a mistake! edit - what he said!
  12. Good feet and loads of potential so would be really pleased if we could pull that off pernanently, although a loan more likely. Mowbray gave him his debut at Coventry before he was sold to Everton where his development may have halted a bit.
  13. Agree with this, but I’m also hoping there is a Maddison or similar close which is likely to use up the cash budget rather than there just not being one
  14. I think the theory is that teams are short on numbers as they have players st the World Cup so use the time to cast an eye over some fringe players and youth players. Liverpool for example have played a few friendlies and some of the players featured may not have done with a full complement.
  15. Tom

    Riverside Stand

    I think it was something he’d like to do if practical I recall him saying something along the lines of it was with the council and propositions had been made with a hotel etc to generate revenue. Think if plans got the go ahead they would look further into how realistic it is and if they could get outside companies on board.

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