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  1. If we have the option we have to take it but I'm betting we won't! They need to consider the fact that I can't make the current fixture
  2. Sounds like a Niko Kalanic type
  3. I like the look of Dack, I imagine he's a very hot and cold player but looks quite tenacious and busy. I think a huge positive from yesterday is a clean sheet, Raya and Ward in particular needed that after last week. Smallwood appears to have the makings of a bit of a cult hero among away fans in particular
  4. I'm 'lucky' in that Rovers are my local club and I can walk to Ewood from Cherry Tree. However I just don't have a passion for football enough these days to even consider watching another club, when people mention watching Darwen, Chorley, Bamber Bridge etc I struggle to get enough motivation to even muster a 'meh' - not for me, Rovers or (and these hopefully aren't prophetic words) bust!
  5. Massive win when we needed it, finally something to try and build upon with a couple of home games coming up Surprised that Antonsson came on before Graham
  6. Glad he's dropped Whittingham and Graham, no major dread seeing the team at least
  7. United 4-0 again, they'll be the team to beat this season
  8. Game day and I feel another loss, that would be huge pressure for mowbray going into the dingle game. Lets hope we finally turn up today!
  9. For me he's got to be worth a shot I said in the other thread I think in this league a bit of pace and power goes a long way. Think he could be more effective than an immobile Graham
  10. Whilst he's in a hot streak you've got to consider giving the lad a chance As said pace and power will make up for a lot in this league and for that alone could be more effective than an immobile Graham
  11. Nuttall have any pace? If so throw him a chance against Bradford and Kilgallon!
  12. No matter the level knowing how to put the ball in the net is a great skill to have, hope he gets a chance
  13. 3 at the back and a 2-0 home win
  14. Tony Watt has made a permanent move to the Belgian second division Talented lad who will likely never utilise that talent
  15. If Graham played Whittingham in instead of waiting and waiting and then shooting in the first half we probably would have won that game comfortably. Nyambe isn't a centre half but has the attributes for it, between him and Ward id take him there!