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  1. As rubbish as it is at the moment there's just something I love about a midweek trip to Ewood! I cant imagine the Plymouth fans who will get home at 3am will be quite as enthused
  2. Yann Songo'o at the back there a blast from the past Odd line up, I wouldn't say Danny Graham is what we have been calling out for but if he can't bag against the likes of Plymouth then he's been robbing a living in the top divisions
  3. Mentioned yesterday how silly it was, they also play Friday so he'll probably play then and not Saturday as well
  4. Totally agree, strike while the iron is hot and get him in, none of our strikers have owned their place so let him loose. Under 23s play again Friday, no doubt he will play again then and not be in Saturdays squad.
  5. 2 for Nuttall so far tonight and a red card for Tomlinson 2-2
  6. Massive game that Jerome Andersons home town - I dislike Barnet!
  7. Nuttall starts tonight so won't feature tomorrow Edit - Nuttall scores double edit - Nuttall scores again!!!! 2 in the first 10 minutes
  8. I'm one of the only people who will vote for Harper. Why? Because I don't know anything about him and he's unlikely to be less effective than other options. Throw some younger lads in we need a shake up
  9. The under 23's play tonight, surely after saying there are shirts to be won they will keep the likes of Nuttall in contention for tomorrow rather than play tonight?
  10. Can we expect the usual in tempered expectations today? Talk of how Plymouth are big and strong and on the back of a great result this weekend?
  11. Genuinely curious here, you said you would have started Chapman on Saturday away but 3 days later a home game against bottom of the league you wouldn't start him. Any reason? I think personally we may need something more dynamic than Conway and Bennett out wide but not sure if Chapman is more useful off the bench. For me it's a real shame we were so bad against Bury as I would have liked a few young lads to come in and stake a claim to a spot. We have plenty who deserve to be dropped but not many who have earned a chance to displace them yet. I'd 100% have Nuttall on the bench ahead of Graham so with you there.
  12. Troy Deeney said on BT Sport tonight that every time he plays Arsenal he likes to stick one on them early and see how they react and every time they show they have no balls and that sets him up for the game. Exactly the same can be said for our wimps, we have some players with some ability and grace but no balls. Like a chihuahua fighting a pit bull. Having said that I think with these players at their disposal other men could get more from them. 4 losses in 11 but more worryingly no real style or gameplan in the vast majority of games is really poor from Mowbray. Players and Manager to blame but the manager brought in a fair few of the players!
  13. Didn't you advocate sacking De Boer after 4-5 games?
  14. Rev, we differ in opinion on this greatly. For me Bennett's ability can be questioned but in every game I've seen he's put in more of a shift than the vast majority of his team mates. His desire to play well outshines his ability to do so. If more talented players had his work ethic we'd be better off
  15. So now 3 wins and a draw from next 4 games at a minimum.