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  1. Tom

    Sunderland Netflix documentary

    Coleman came out of it really well even in failure, decent and genuine, the bloke who confronted him was a disgrace. Rodwell the villain of the piece if you look at social media but he never got chance to put his side across
  2. Tom

    Current chants

    I think the tune works well and sounds good, would be nice if it was Rovers related rather than Burnley ideally
  3. Tom

    Adam Armstrong

    The pace he showed for the penalty was insane we really don’t make the most of that
  4. Tom

    Where Are They Now?

    Nuttall and Lenihan are on the books of the agency he’s at
  5. Ridiculous pace from Armstrong he had next to no chance to get to that! Nuttall was just about to come on I imagine for Graham Their keeper just made a stunning save From Rothwell it was in all the way
  6. Was amazed their lad didn’t go down when he went past Raya, I was blind sided slightly but was expecting it
  7. Tom

    Where Are They Now?

    He’s on soccer am just now, seems to be getting himself out there
  8. Tom

    Where Are They Now?

    Dunnys Twitter is worth a look He’s opened up a bit today and hinted at things that may have gone on https://twitter.com/David8Dunn
  9. Tom


    No no no I won’t allow it Dabo is a Rover, criminally not used
  10. Tom


    Some odd comments in that interview from Mowbray, wonder if the tap has been switched off after Brereton. In fact the Brereton signing is completely at odds with what he’s saying there
  11. Tom


    Never known a window as quiet, not even any tentative links for us, hope there are plans for summer as we will need to add
  12. I can’t even work out the logistics of those shoulders
  13. Frustratingly I imagine this may have been a game for Palmer, feel he may throw Conway back in though now
  14. Tom

    Ben Brereton

    I just want to see something to cling onto, a turn of pace, a bit of skill, a blistering shot. So far nothing; he seems about as fast as Jordan Rhodes, goes down as easily as Rhodes but not as cleverly but doesn’t seem to have a tenth of the awareness or finishing ability as Rhodes! Out wide clearly isn’t working for him but when he got a sight of goal today he totally fluffed it. I remember Grabbi smashing a free kick against the woodwork and it seemed to rattle for minutes, then he overpowered the Liverpool defence and powered a header home, you could latch onto those bits of hope but we don’t have anything yet. As Stuart points out in the last couple of games Nuttall looks leaps and bounds ahead, imagine our reaction if someone wanted him for £2-3m never mind £7!

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