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  1. Tom

    January transfer window 2020

    Always thought Gallagher was a Rangers fan, assume he had one English and one Scottish team
  2. Tom

    Premier League Stuff

    He is now, seem to remember him being slight at Boro
  3. Tom

    Premier League Stuff

    It’s the same lad as was at Boro right? Remember him being lightning fast but a bit weak and no end product at all, fair play to him he’s obviously put a huge amount of work in to get where he is
  4. Tom

    Premier League Stuff

    Ridiculous goal from Rodriguez
  5. Tom

    Lewis Travis

    He’s really got under the skin of Sheff Wednesday fans and journos
  6. Tom

    January transfer window 2020

    Me too! Which is why I asked Bangali Fode Koita and he said Vale is the pick of the bunch
  7. Tom

    January transfer window 2020

    But you said you hadn’t seen anything of Mols? Seems a fair opinion to hold if someone has watched both
  8. Interesting that Mulgrew isn’t going; thought he was ‘back on the grass’ and not far from fitness.
  9. Tom

    January transfer window 2020

    He was named his ‘source’ in Ewood, just so happens I know and respect that person and knew 10000% it was not only false but potentially harmful, I called the chap in question who obviously confirmed. Confronted clown pants who backtracked and deleted the tweets then blocked me. Absolute whopper
  10. Tom

    January transfer window 2020

    Surely nobody was ever taken in by that clown?
  11. Tom

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    The fact that we go 5-6 wins on the bounce followed by 5-6 without a win quite often allows the extremes in opinion, we just get a bit of hope then slip away then quietly climb again. If we were win one / lose one things may be a little calmer, we’re about where we should be, not quite troubling the top 6 due to lack of consistency but not far off
  12. Tom

    January transfer window 2020

    So does anyone have much insight on: Schmidt? Jones? I am generally a little ignorant about football outside of our league so would love to hear from someone who has seen them
  13. Tom

    January transfer window 2020

    Exactly right, the vague conspiracy posts are bang on and we will allow no positivity here! Not sure about this keeper, we definitely need one but his credentials don’t instantly shine but I can’t profess to know much of him
  14. Tom

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Nyambe for me is the player with the most premier league potential that we’ve had in years, they call him Rhino, an absolute unit of a man, when he’s confident he destroys full backs. I don’t think he’s changed much this season, it was always baffling for Benno to start ahead of him, I recall Chaddy and others saying Bennett was better at right back but it’s never been the case. He has the potential to have it all and seems like he’s not a lad distracted by bright lights, a humble lad from a poor country. Hope we can hang onto him a little longer but really hope he makes it. Still beaming at that win today, lovely when it all comes together, well done to the manager and each and every one of them That finish from Gally looked effortless, like a striker who knew exactly what was going to happen; incidentally I can’t recall our strikers getting balls like that to run onto for a long time, exactly what Gally and Brero need
  15. Tom

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Wow - out at a wedding and checked the score Unbelievable stuff, just superb

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