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  1. Nice 18 month ban for this idiot. The worst of it is the bloke sees himself as intelligent and swears he never did anything that could influence a game. Yet he placed bets backing him to score first and laying against his striker scoring first - to the total of £8!
  2. Well it's a long shot but any shot is worth taking. You have my sword!
  3. I'll have a chaddy that there will be a post before 15:02 on Saturday
  4. Bored of going through all the permutations in my mind now, can it not be Saturday already and let's just get it done with?
  5. boars kill ISIS soldiers in one of histories great ironic moments.Also check out the name of the author of the article!
  6. Tony's boys will be too much for a Brentford side on the beach. Fancy us to score at least 4 to see us to safety.
  7. I rarely call anyone out on here but it's silly to pretend you support others for trying when in reality it's not the case - 18/75 was an easy way to show that.
  8. Earlier in the thread chaddy said he applauded any efforts - I can almost guarantee he didn't applaud the 18/75 protestors as they made their way in or out, the comments in this thread show as much.
  9. I said this to my mate Yesterday. Yesterdays news
  10. No chance - he has some value, he'll be gone
  11. Nobody could argue with that. We are where we are on merit we've been pathetic all season.
  12. I can't see us winning another game sadly. Have to hope 2 draws will be enough. I would say battling hard and losing to a fierce rival may knock the stuffing from brum but every time it looks that way this season (Bristol a couple of times and Burton losing 5-3 at home) the team bounces back. Its been ridiculous recently nearly every time we slip up nearly all our rivals have capitalised.
  13. Dysfunctional I could deal with it's the total lack of urgency that hurts.
  14. The picture now is that we can take it to the final day if we win, it would have been different if Brum won. It gets worse and worse but for now there's still a chance even though there shouldn't be and we really don't deserve to have a hope left