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  1. Tom

    The Big Summer Clearout

    Define trouble, he’s failed to turn up for community service after assaulting a police man, whilst the latter involves mindless thuggery after too many beers and can be heat of the moment to back it up with not facing the music shows unbelievable arrogance, and he was with his Mrs before he came to Rovers. Whilst I think it may be a stance that could be ridiculed in years to come I would also be tempted to sell if offers anything like last summer came in. I think there’s a chance he’s peaked, his footwork is brilliant but not sure he will push on. Summer will be big for him, hopefully the manager assesses fully when they report for pre season and he won’t have put more timber on!
  2. Tom

    Other Football League 2018/19

    Bowyer working his magic, battered 4-1 at home to Blackpool today
  3. Tom

    Academy & U'21's

    Wow opened that expecting to see us embarrass them, that keeper had a stinker
  4. Tom

    FA CUP

    Delighted to see Millwall crash out, horrible horrible club
  5. Woeful Lots of questions and no answers
  6. So Brereton can’t get on but Buckley who played 80 mins last night is about to Really pleased for the lad but the inconsistent logic is confusing
  7. S8 said Nuhiu is terrible so I for one am confident he won’t damage us
  8. Seems #Rovers have switched to a back four of Nyambe. Magloire, Williams and Bennett. Reed and Rothwell now playing as wide midfielders. sounds like Mowbray once again having to change shape after 20 mins after getting it wrong
  9. They’ve just hit the post sounds like we are taking a battering
  10. Tom

    nightlife in blackburn

    My ex worked there, spent many a Wednesday evening in Moist! £10 entry and free beer once inside
  11. Tom

    ROVERS V Wigan

    Another thing that was noticeable was how much poorer and less intense they were than the team we faced in the second half last season. Rubber Dinghy men they don’t look up for a relegation scrap
  12. Tom

    ROVERS V Wigan

    The thing with Magloire is even at his age he was pretty much acting as the senior man in the back line; sure he got beat to some headers but I can recall 3 or 4 times when he threw himself into a block. He May have a mistake in him but all our CB’s do, maybe more of a Hanley than.Jones (when he was good) and I think he’ll be a real asset especially with a full first team pre season Last night should move Nuttall behind Brereton as well, would have been a good time to give Ben a go and get a goal.

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