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  1. Tom

    Academy & U21s

    Worrying about Chapman, he obviously doesn’t want to be playing in the under 23s but last night was a game with a bit of focus, at Ewood, decent opposition and it seems he couldn’t motivate himself for it. After all the talk about him and his attitude he should be trying to prove people wrong not helping with the label
  2. Tom

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Maybe this is part of his problem, talking about the seriousness of football! It drills the individuality out of people, let people play with passion Tony, let them off the leash man I see shoots of it with Travis, he’s still a great young player but he seems to be coached to play more like an Evans or Lowe type, the forward passes are reducing.
  3. I see Ivan Toney who many of us suggested as a cheap back up option is now being touted at a £10m plus transfer fee in January An outlay of less than a million would have got him at the time, we really did use that striker money in an awful way!
  4. Tom

    Premier League Stuff

  5. Tom

    Premier League Stuff

    LiVARpool beneficiaries again
  6. 32% possession and 4 shots to their 15 Narrow defeat is the spin
  7. Tom

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Agreed Soon it will be ‘give him the Christmas period’ Then we will limp through with more losses with the odd win thrown in then it will be ’give him the January window’ then ’may as well see the season out’ It never ends
  8. So we were told to praise Mowbray for his subs last week He deserves slapping with a medium to large fish today, 2-1 down he brings Evans on? Can only think he wanted to protect the narrow loss
  9. Tom

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Officially in the international break now go go go sacky sacky sack sack
  10. Tom

    Premier League Stuff

    Just took 3 minutes 47 to decide a players toe was offside Whether VAR could work in theory in practice they couldn’t have implemented it in a worse way
  11. Amazed people are saying it’s clearly not a penalty, It’s soft but it’s a foul anywhere on the pitch
  12. Tom

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Not sure I would agree that Armstrong is developing well, an absolute waste of a shirt most weeks
  13. Tom

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    We talk about Bennett being undroppable but Armstrong for me is absolutely stealing a living at the moment, there’s no way Chapman could produce less. Anyway a moment I enjoyed today was after Buckley was mobbed for the goal Travis made sure he went to the corner alone and took in the adulation from the fans. Travs play style may have been diluted and dulled to a point but he’s come on a lot in maturity in the last season or so, think it will be his last with us here. Also I’m going to enjoy Tosin whilst he’s here, behind maybe Holtby and Downing he’s probably our best passer of the ball, vision is second to none, his nutmeg pass to Dack deserved a goal.
  14. Tom

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Is Dunn Buckley’s agent? He seemed to be getting a lot of congratulations after that goal
  15. Tom

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Yep we need one of those nice mutual agreements, we need to push on and we won’t do it with him here No malice, no hard feelings but time for a change

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