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  1. LDRover

    Opinions on Mike Newell

    Remember in that 95/96 season the rumour was that Shearer preferred playing up front with Newell (they were good mates and neighbours off the field too) and consequently Sutton was dropped to centre half (that he hated). Results that season suffered and I recall Newell getting a bit of stick in a couple of games and reacting. Seem to remember his body language was pretty poor throughout that season and he left us soon after so I can see where Le Saux is coming from. Prior to that he was superb for us and , for me, was the main reason we went up in 1992. I also remember him being sent off playing against us for Leicester at Ewood in 1988 in a 3-3 thriller, it's still one of my favourite matches.
  2. LDRover

    Favourite Kit Manufacturer

    The worst was undoubtedly that Uhlsport number worn with absolutely no distinction by Ashley 'bloody' Ward. Best is a toss up between Asics title shirt and Kappa Worthy Cup shirt.
  3. Not forgetting the relegation thread.
  4. What a time to dial one in. There is absolutely no excuse for this clusterfuck of a no show, a total disgrace.
  5. They're passing it round us like we're stood still. Oh wait, we are stood still.
  6. How many times does their no 40 have to get the ball in centre field with no-one within 10 yards before the penny drops?
  7. Don't get me wrong, I expected a bottle job but the extent of this no show is truly astounding. There is nothing to take from that half, absolutely nothing.
  8. Bennett getting targeted big time here.
  9. LDRover

    Championship season 2019-20

    Shocking striker...and whisper it but he was once recommended as a signing here by the one who is never wrong.....mind you it's a bloody long list...oh and he wanted us to sign Eaves as well
  10. LDRover

    Championship season 2019-20

    Not me John, I'm as self deprecating as the next guy. However I do worry where you've been for the last 10 years if you don't think that happens at BRFC. Remember MG Road? Sergei the Meercat? Pretty sure there are more I've forgotten.
  11. LDRover

    Championship season 2019-20

    Hmmm, rather than focus on what this means to us as a club you'd rather points score to help strengthen your view on Mowbray. A lot of talk about club 'plants' on here, I'm not ruling you out for sure.
  12. LDRover

    Championship season 2019-20

    A true examination of our bottle tomorrow. Every other time we've had the opportunity to grab a top 6 place in the past our backsides have fallen out.
  13. LDRover

    Don Mackay

    On a different course but the same college
  14. LDRover

    Don Mackay

    Me too buddy, Murray was a nice lad
  15. LDRover

    Sam Gallagher Returns

    Blimey just caught up with that, what the hell was he thinking. I wondered why he posted on FB last night canvassing 'opinion' on a related 'hypothetical' scenario. To be honest I hope he's OK, he seems a bit fraught.

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