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  1. LDRover

    Lancashire Telegraph

    And if we had 20,000 on each week we'd be further up the league cos it's the stayaway fans' fault you see. It's almost like someone is preparing the narrative for them....
  2. LDRover

    Lancashire Telegraph

    Well said. I even read on the Facebook group that we are punching above our weight the other day.... What is it? 5 seasons (I think) in the third tier in our 144 year existence.
  3. LDRover

    Lancashire Telegraph

    Thing is mate that there's a world of difference to when we were 'middle of the road' under Kendall, Saxton and Mackay compared to now - at least we gave it a go and we didn't have a pot to piss in back then. Fair play for sticking your head above the parapet though, I was made aware of this site through exactly the same means.
  4. LDRover

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    Is that a euphemism?
  5. LDRover

    Premier League Stuff

    Henderson gets some stick, unfairly in my view, but that is a world class ball in there.
  6. LDRover

    Premier League Stuff

    Totally agree on the consistency Stuart but VAR should be a system that is both accurate and quick. On both occasions today it was for me. Plus if you check the lines in relation to the penalty area they were parallel regardless of camera angle.
  7. LDRover

    Premier League Stuff

    Not much time for Liverpool (or VAR) myself but Salah was onside and although it's a contentious handball on TAA, it came directly from the arm of Silva in the build up. Put it this way, pre VAR we'd have spent no time calling either goal controversial.
  8. LDRover

    Gareth Ainsworth

    Based on the amount of times you've suggested Ainsworth for the Rovers job I'd assume you'd already know the answers.
  9. LDRover

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    You are insistent that they are definitely interested in us like it's a fact yet you post that.
  10. Last time we played a must win game against Barnsley at home under TM we got dicked and ended up relegated. I would not bet against a repeat.
  11. Just seen it on Sky, looked a nailed on pen to me
  12. LDRover

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    The thing is, if he was quizzed on it, it'd have been easy to just say he's a young lad, needs a rest etc and be diplomatic but no, he digs him out in public. A bit of a recurring theme this with the youngsters and it is hardly for the good of the team. Not sure he's as nice a bloke as is made out as well, he's got to go.
  13. LDRover

    Championship season 2019-20

    Seems like a good appointment, I'd certainly have taken him over Mowbray. Stoke might be a bit of a poisoned chalice though.
  14. LDRover

    Lancashire Telegraph

    Smithy is a good lad and his devotion to BRFC over the past 40 years should not be doubted. Not saying I agree with all he says mind you but he's a good egg.
  15. LDRover

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Christ Chaddy that's up there with the Croatian fitness coach Runyer Bollocksov

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