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  1. I'm with you Al. Nyambe is a big strong boy with good athleticism. Unfortunately he's not got fundamental footballing intelligence or ability. He will be targetted big time next season.
  2. Eisa. That'd be a good investment. (nod to Stelling)
  3. LDRover

    Championship 2018-19

    Well at least they managed to snare J-Lo before all the big clubs dived in.
  4. LDRover

    World Cup 2018

    Might not be a popular opinion on here but I give huge credit to Martinez for that. His 2 subs bag a goal apiece and change the game - fair play to him. Not many on here would've brought Chadli on but he goes and bags the winner.
  5. Delighted with this signing based on all reports of the lad. Well done TM.
  6. LDRover

    New Kits

    I know for a fact we're playing off 2 betting companies for the kit sponsor. A 2 year deal is on the table but Rovers are saying they've a 3 year deal provisionally agreed. That being the case it should be signed then the kits can get put on sale as the wait is costing money in lost sales - my guess is it's negotiation...and poor negotiation at that.
  7. I'd suggest they are sitting on their hands waiting to see what offers they have to beat. TM would be better served saying he's holding back in a similar way tather than showing his hand early. I've absolutely no problem in us signing players late in the close season but if we do play our hand we have to do it aggressively.
  8. I'm sorry, but if you adopt this attitude in any business you'd go under inside 12 months. In any business deal you have to be aggressive in your pursuits and conclude it as quickly as possible. Acting like we are is doomed to failure.
  9. LDRover

    Joe Rothwell

    OUFC forum intimates his best position is as a no. 10. Getting ready to sell Dack?
  10. LDRover

    Championship 2018-19

    Game on!!! I can see this needing a thread of it's own!!
  11. The best thing about that game was that there was no Jonathan F***ing Wilkes to endure
  12. LDRover

    Players who never quite made it

    I've read the book, never saw him play but sounded like an absolute nutter.
  13. And let's not forget his writing off of Graham, subsequently retracted by saying he advocated selling him rather than writing him off. Answers on a postcard for what the difference between the 2 is.
  14. You're appreciated for your knowledge on here unleaded. I was the first to mention McBurnie. Ergo I know my shit too.
  15. And he's a rovers fan believe it or not.

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