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  1. Riversider

    Thursday deadline.

    He won't be free Chaddy, he's only 23 so even though he will be out of contract we will still have to pay a fee.
  2. Rovers fans making plenty of noise, 2,084 in attendance.
  3. Riversider

    Wolves vs Rovers

    Lowe nearly cost us when he turned his back instead of going for a header on the edge of our box. Someone needs to teach him how to challenge for a header, he never wins the ball in the air.
  4. Riversider

    Barnsley Away

    Wouldn't be surprised to see some of our Global Advisor's summer signings involved in this one..
  5. Riversider

    GAME THREAD - Hull City Home 12/13

    An hour played and only 2 shots on target!
  6. Riversider

    New Rovers Website

    According to the official site Myles Anderson has today joined Aldershot Town on loan in a month-long deal ahead of their season opener against Plymouth ALBION this Saturday. Is Lee Grooby still running the official site?
  7. Riversider

    2011/12: The Final Countdown

    Wigan have had 58% of possession and playing much better than we did against Utd. With Kean's clueless tactics we managed only 27%.
  8. Riversider

    Season Tickets 2012/13

    To say this is heartbreaking is an understatement. Me and my dad have had season tickets for nearly 30 years and my two lads for the past 10 and none of us will be renewing. I don't thing that we will even buy match day tickets while the incompetent Kean and Venkys are still around. If people like us stop going then I can't see us selling more than 3,000 season tickets and the vast majority of season ticket holder I've spoken to are thinking the same way. As a way of protesting we should all take our renewal packs to the next game and throw them on the pitch at half time.
  9. Riversider

    Blackburn Rovers vs Tottenham Hotspur preview

    Teamtalk has us as 44.5%
  10. Riversider

    Blackburn Rovers vs Tottenham Hotspur preview

    Don't know where you get 67% possession from, ESPN has us as 45%.
  11. Riversider

    Rovers v Everton

    Sorry but Dunn in a central midfield role and we are looking at another defeat.
  12. Riversider

    West Ham United (away - 7th May)

    We can't afford to carry David Dunn in this one.
  13. Riversider

    Starting XI

    The trouble with starting Dunn is that when the opposition have the ball it's like they are only are playing against 10 men.
  14. Riversider

    Burnley Relegation Watch

    Worth a read, sort of sums up their season. Own goal
  15. Riversider


    Lancashire constabulary will probably get their wish of have no spectators there at all. I don't think many that bought tickets will be able able to make a 2pm kick-off on a Tuesday.

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