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  1. old darwen blue

    Music Association Game

    Black Sabbath - Lonely Is The Word
  2. old darwen blue

    News Thread Attempt 394

    Not my religion pal, it’s you remoaners that are so precious about it. I think you need to calm down, hate to think how you’ll be on the 1st November lol Brexit may be in the news but it’s got its own thread to discuss, it’s not difficult to understand really.
  3. old darwen blue

    News Thread Attempt 394

    How many remoaner threads do you want, stick to the thread topic, the news. Brexit stuff in its appropriate thread. Shame that the murder of another Police officer didn't merit a mention on here. I was waiting to see if anyone posted it. Shame but I dont suppose that the left care about the Police.
  4. old darwen blue


    Does President Trump owe you money Philip? I thought all of your copy and paste jobs were exclusive to the remoaner thread?
  5. old darwen blue

    Music Association Game

    Three Londons, come on guys try harder. The Jam - Strange Town
  6. old darwen blue

    Reading (A)

    Hence the last line in brackets or didn't you read that far?
  7. old darwen blue

    Reading (A)

    So correct and also the fact that he may now realise that he could seriously be out of the selection picture for some time if he dosn't shape himself. Lazy sod. Great to hear. After seeing the highlights on Quest it looked to me like he was frightened of contact with their player who may have decided to fall over in the penalty area. Sam Gallagher will be a star for us. (A few goals please Sam if you are reading this, cheers.)
  8. old darwen blue


    Like Bloomfield Road?
  9. old darwen blue

    Reading (A)

    Bradley Dack 100 games 40 goals.
  10. old darwen blue

    Reading (A)

  11. old darwen blue


    Ha ha so that’s how I could get my Darren End seat back 😊
  12. old darwen blue

    Start of the season

    Never mind that, look at the size of Waggots hands? Get him in goal!
  13. old darwen blue

    Music Association Game

    Sex Pistols - Something Else
  14. old darwen blue


    You missed a career in music journalism Andy. A good read.
  15. old darwen blue


    I miss going in the Darwen End, the historical home fans end.

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