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  1. old darwen blue

    Brexit Thread

    Rubbish, he’s a traitor and you know it.
  2. old darwen blue

    Music Association Game

    Gene Pitney - A Town Without Pity
  3. old darwen blue

    Music Association Game

    Deep Purple - Stormbringer
  4. old darwen blue

    Current chants

    Did you really think that we invented that chant?
  5. old darwen blue

    Ben Brereton

    Rebecca Loos 😛
  6. old darwen blue

    This Weekends Important Game.

    He’ll get the taxi destination wrong again and never make it!
  7. old darwen blue

    This Weekends Important Game.

    Will we all be bussed in?
  8. old darwen blue


    He hasn’t, he plays for Norwich?
  9. Careful what you say about Daragh pal you know who won’t like it 😈
  10. Don’t like criticism of anything Irish does our dogg 😊
  11. old darwen blue

    Lewis Travis

    Ah which limb though? He doesn’t need arms to play he’s not the keeper.
  12. old darwen blue

    The influence of Rovers in Blackburn

    May I apologise for our resident miserable bugger Jim mk2 pal. I’ll do the survey for you as well.
  13. old darwen blue

    Lewis Travis

    I could press the like button on most posts on this thread about Lewis. I don’t know what his contract details are but we surely need to get him contracted for as long as we can in my opinion. I think he is class and will get even better in the future.
  14. I agree. In the past I had a bit of empathy for their fans in their current situation with the owner but to sing songs tonight about empty seats and poor support on our side were pathetic. Didn’t we take more fans to their place than they brought tonight? Bob on that pal. Hmm Newcastle’s reserves who according to Sutty on the commentary were worth £50m!

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