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  1. davefarnworth

    Luton Town away

    Merson just said Luton haven't had a shot on target yet 2 goals. Joke innit
  2. F off Mowbray. End of season display. Utter garbage. Four players not fit to wear the shirt and the left back isn't one of them. Lot of work to be done in the summer
  3. davefarnworth

    Swansea City home

    Seems like another comfortable year for Messrs Waggott and Mowbray to pick up coin next season. They and said families will be pleased. 9,000 "proper" Rovers and Telegraph fans can endure another mediocre season. A few potential financial assets could be sold off to appease creditors. The future looks bleak. Have Venky horror family realised we don't play Man Ure any more or does the confusion persist? Bog off and I'll return to Ewood (and take the clowns who mismanage us with the excuses with you). Btw: had enough of Danny Graham this week with his cyber antics. Should know better at his age (lol -I'm 62)
  4. davefarnworth

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    Next season: Mowbray still manager (excuses); Waggott next boss up (excuses); Nyambe (okay); Lehnihan (probably sold); Travis (probably sold); Dack (if fit and interested); Armstrong (if still good). Season tickets should rocket cos the people in charge really care. Yeah, right. Call me cynical but unless you've made it, you only care about yourself. Bad news we have to rely on the young Venky lad at Reading Uni to show an interest.
  5. davefarnworth

    January transfer window 2020

    Never underestimate Mr Mowbray. He sounds like a clown and he has become a poor manager and recruiter over the years. Got a last chance saloon - Venky Rovers. Owners not interested and thousands of miles away. Bring in my mate from Coventry. Okay we all know that. Now we have the worst Div 2 ever. Even Forest might go up. Oh shit. If we invest we might go up. I like this luxury I have and Mr Waggott agrees with me. We'll tell Pune in the summer things are fine at Ewood. Phew! Tossers
  6. davefarnworth

    Preston (home)

    Good result under the circumstances - bad manager and bad referee
  7. Sad day all round. Been told to "grow up' by Blackpool Rover. Hope he's an older wise man. Last time I'm coming on here. Enjoy the season boys and girls
  8. Never go up with Mowbray in charge. Morsay's a lucky bloke. Hate Julie commentating btw
  9. Absolute garbage but we could have had a penalty and they should have had a player sent off. Pity school is over for Xmas and the kid reffing tonight isn't on a school night. Crap to watch. Second tier?
  10. davefarnworth

    Match day ticket price

    And that, I'm afraid, is the state of play at Ewood. Sin taxes and lacklustre performances to keep the fans away. Until Messrs Mowbray and Waggott are shown the door, you will never get value for money at our club
  11. How does a defender who doesn't have a defence and insists on playing defensive football keep his job? Shocking owners. End of. Do one Venkys. Take your playtoy and sell it for f...all rupees, please.
  12. Be ever surprised if Mowbray is gone soon. Leave it to the New Year with the poor January acquisitions (a couple of tidy midfielders who aren't quite ready). He really is a poor manager given a carte blanche by pathetic owners. I despair over this once great club of mine
  13. davefarnworth

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Happy to be 200 miles away. Sounds bad with Tone's exciting passing game. Bring back Furphy's fairies
  14. davefarnworth

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Happy to be 200 miles away. Sounds bad with Tone's exciting passing game. Bring back Furphy's fairies

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