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  1. Lucky not to be 2 down. Walton with a good save
  2. We have been sh*t so far. Cant string two passes together
  3. 1 or 2. Overall I think they have kept calm and done almost everything right.
  4. I dont think I can watch the 2nd half 😰
  5. Half time. Played like warriors. Back 5 have played immense. Bodys on the line, concentration on point, nothing silly. Not been a threat coming forward but we will have at least 1 more good chance. Just need to make sure we take it. I cant seeing us shuting Brentford out for the next 45. Need to take the next chance we get.
  6. It's been attack vs defence. Inform Armstrong the difference
  7. Not a chance. Bennett is to rash, he would deffo give away a penalty
  8. Nees to get to half time. COME ON ROVERS
  9. Great block by nayambe. Fucking rhino
  10. Nothing sticking up top. Ball keeps coming back at us if we can get through to half time, I'd consider bringing Graeme on. Hold that ball up and build.
  11. There is no way this is staying 1-0
  12. great save from Walton, f**king legend
  13. Samuel and Buckley need to be more involved.

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