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  1. callumrovers

    Olivia Meets her Match

    The fact that you refer the them as "whores" says all we need to know.
  2. callumrovers

    Cardiff (H) - Saturday 3rd October 2020

    Cardiff are just sitting back, they will be happy with a draw. We need to learn how to break teams downs, its been a problem of this team for a while.
  3. callumrovers

    Cardiff (H) - Saturday 3rd October 2020

    Give it Dolan to run at Cunningham, get it exploited.
  4. callumrovers

    Cardiff (H) - Saturday 3rd October 2020

    They are playing for set pieces today. If we manage to score one with them sitting back, we will score more.
  5. callumrovers

    Derby V Rovers

    Hopefully will just be a strain and not a tear. 2 weeks out for the first.
  6. callumrovers

    Derby V Rovers

    Derby changed to a 3 - 5 -2 - Rooney now up top.
  7. callumrovers

    Summer Transfer Window

    "The manager doesnt know that" says to me that its Waggot/ Venkys bloke dealing with it and the finances of the deal.
  8. callumrovers

    Summer Transfer Window

    Its like something a manager says when he making an appeal to the board for more money. That or hes pissed that the Manning deal has got out and is throwing everyone off the scent. ( Doesnt want QPR coming back asking for more money or Manning/agent.) I suppose the easiet thing is to say we have no money to buy anyone - clubs dont try and drive up prices.
  9. callumrovers

    Rovers vs. Wycombe - 19th Sept, 3pm

    Good job Manning is coming in to replace him then! 👍
  10. callumrovers

    Summer Transfer Window

    You dont quit, are you not bored yet? Do you think the club has really told Sharpe the sell on for the Raya deal? As i find it rather tedious when trawling through comments of people arguing, im going to leave it there for the sake of everyone else.
  11. callumrovers

    Summer Transfer Window

    Sharpe gets told what the club wants to tell him. Which is pretty minimal.
  12. callumrovers

    Summer Transfer Window

    No sh*t, id hope so to. Sharpes track record = minimal.
  13. callumrovers

    Summer Transfer Window

    I don't think Sharpe knows.
  14. callumrovers

    Summer Transfer Window

    So again its chinese whispers. Every Tom, Dick and Harry knows we need a LB. Im sure TM said recently we were close and waiting to hear from the player. Sound to me that the closest Sharpe has to a source is the night cleaner.
  15. callumrovers

    Summer Transfer Window

    My guess is that Sharpe & Crooke have no idea. As has been seen throughout this transfer window. Wouldnt surprise me if they got the 10% sell on from here.

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