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  1. Might be a good time to go with 3 at back , bring Tosin in and play Bell or possibly Downing at left wing back
  2. Never been convinced by this goal keeper , I said at the time it feels like he's a stop gap until we signe the one Mowbray really wants next summer ... I would much prefer Nyambe at right back instead of Bennett but that said we have improved defensively this year as a collective unit , midfield is looking pretty decent now , Travis Johnson Holtby Buckley Downing (when needed) and Evans gives us good coverage there . Where we are clearly struggling at the moment is goals Dack Armstrong Gally Rothwell And Brereton just aren't producing at the moment for one reason or another and if that's still the case come January some surgery need to take place there
  3. AJW

    Lewis Holtby

    I am excited about this transfer , think he is better than anything we could of dreamt of back in June
  4. AJW

    Lewis Holtby

    Scared of flying ???... Wouldn't be the first footballer to sail or drive across the continent
  5. AJW

    Club vs Country

    We are still the only club to have who the FA Cup 3 years in a row , how lovely would it be to be the first (only) team to win it in 3 centuries
  6. AJW

    Club vs Country

    I would rather see Rovers win FA cup than Prem no I am not mad or on the wind up , but I have seen Rovers win the League , I have seen us win the league cup , I have seen us win play offs , play in Champions League and Murder Burnley ,the one that's missing is the FA Cup and I want us to win it soon , I am sure there is a stat somewhere that there are only 5-6 teams that can actually win the FA Cup in 3 Centuries and I want us to be the first
  7. AJW

    West Brom Away

    Going in car .. Any recommendations on parking
  8. AJW


    Warnock is a wily old goat , if he can exploit a weakness in an opposition he will , Hoilett will play left for them not right , Warnock knows his pace and trickery will cause Bennett a problem and hopefully entice a silly foul or 2 , if Bell plays he will expose his lack of concentration and not play an out and out winger , somebody like Joe Ralls who drifts around the pitch will play there or a big strapping centre forward
  9. AJW


    Play Bell or Hart at left back or upset Williams and his developing partnership with Lenihan .... Tough choice if it was a straight choice between those 2 options I would be playing Williams at left back . there is of course another option of playing Tosin in a back 3 and using Bennett and Downing as wing backs ?????
  10. AJW

    Hull (A)

    With hull danger coming from the flanks , it wouldn't surprise me if Nyambe came in at right back and Bennett played in front of him with Cunningham and Downing on the opposite side Travis and Johnson in midfield again and Dack left to support Graham Gally Rothwell and Armstrong waiting on bench if it all goes wrong
  11. Lost the dressing room at Chorley wasn't strong enough and the players there began to take piss ... U23's may be different
  12. AJW

    Middlesbrough (H)

    I expect a more defensive line up Saturday , Nyambe in at right back Rothwell back on bench Bennett squeezed into the midfield 5 somewhere along with Downing Dack Travis And Johnson and Gally up front
  13. AJW


    I think Mowbray is heading into souness territory here , falling out with players , strange signings , strange tactics. A defeat tonight and he has to get get results in some pretty difficult games
  14. AJW

    Summer Transfer Summary - Poll

    Voted neither good nor bad not a good window because we havnt addressed all last seasons weaknesses not a bad window because we havnt lost the Crown Jewels I.e Dack & Lenihan

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