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  1. AJW

    Summer Transfer Window

    What chance a loan move for Herbie Kane ? He was at Hull last year and with Liverpool signing midfield players it’s pushing him further down the pecking order there
  2. AJW

    Summer Transfer Window

    That could scupper move for left back though I think I could cope with Evans Johnson Buckley and Davenport for 6months more than I could Bell for another 6months
  3. AJW

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    Not sure if Its responsible to spend best part of £600 on a gamble to maybe watch some live football and what kind of atmosphere will there be , what kind of restrictions of movement will the be ? Will singing be allowed will celebrating be permitted ???
  4. AJW

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    So I pay £399 for a season ticket and £179 for my 18 years old sons but I don’t know when We can go to the game , so I receive a free iplayer code to watch the game live and receive a £7.34 refund for each game I miss when we are allowed back in the stadium , depending on how many people have applied vs how many people are actually allowed in the stadium , We still may not be able to go as a ballot process is used (expensive ticket holders get priority) , so again I get a iplayer code and another £7.34 refund per game if we are successful We may not be allowed to sit in our usual seats .
  5. AJW

    Summer Transfer Window

    Happy with signing , now for a left back please Cunningham would be good or has Tony got somebody better lined up ...
  6. AJW

    Summer Transfer Window

    Rich Sharpe probably tomorrow 😞
  7. AJW

    Summer Transfer Window

    It’s so frustrating that we are only 2 decent signings away from a top 6 team ... I genuinely think Ayala and Cunningham would have got us there
  8. AJW

    Bournemouth away

    Was expecting a bit of a tubbing to be honest , we’ve lost and Yet we’ve been the better side by all accounts not Sure to take that as a positive or not
  9. AJW

    Summer Transfer Window

    What you are saying does make a lot of sense , but fans are not that patient and to finish 21st in this league means losing a lot , losing games to teams we feel we shouldn’t , the mob will get angry and frustrated and before you know it those young players you mention will find themselves playing in a poisonous atmosphere
  10. AJW

    Summer Transfer Window

    Money for old rope that ...be worth £20m in 2 years time
  11. AJW

    Summer Transfer Window

    Errr ... torn on the Hanley link ...assuming his fitness levels are there right now is he a better option than Mulgrew and Williams then yes , could he be the type of “man” Mowbray said he was looking for then yes But I don’t think he’d compliment Lenihan as he’s far too similar to him and I would still believe there are better and probably cheaper options still out there
  12. AJW

    Summer Transfer Window

    Not for me ... bit of a piss head isn’t she ???
  13. AJW

    Summer Transfer Window

    Don’t like sound of that
  14. AJW

    Summer Transfer Window

    Many moons ago I did I judo and dislocated my knee cap , the 10-15 mins it took for the ambulance to come was the worse of my life so I can fully understand where you are coming from
  15. AJW

    Summer Transfer Window

    34 years old and only played 191 games ... waste of a career if you ask me

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