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  1. 2 tough away games this week followed by Wigan and Birmingham at home (definately winnable) and Huddersfield away (again a game we have the qualities to win) , it's quite possible rovers could be in in top 6 by the time the window opens , that might get Venkys in the mood to spend
  2. Did he ??.. I missed that .. As back up or to replace Walton ?
  3. I even see that as optimistic, my guess would be just one , a left back - barring any major departures of course
  4. Oooooohhhh just 3 😢😢😢. ... Jarred Bowen Kalvin Phillips Darren Randolph
  5. After Gallagher and Brereton I cannot see Venkys sanctioning another cash purchase on a striker , my guess would be that IF we are in the market for a striker one of Graham Or Samuel would have to leave , I say IF because "Brereton and Samuel will be like new signings" claptrap will be peddled out during January anyway
  6. Don't know what's happened with Johnson ... When we first signed him I was none too impressed , i'd seen him in a play in a game for derby back end of last season and he lacked mobility and players ran off him far too easily , having said that I thought he was excellent in the opening few games for us so much so I was ready to eat humble pie and admit he was a good signing after all
  7. AJW

    If Tony goes...

    It's not just changing the manager , as fans we won't really be happy until we are in the PL for that to happen we need some significant investment in the squad and some difficult decisions have to be made
  8. AJW

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Sheff wed and Leeds ...I think there's a fair chance we won't be picking up 6 or 3 points out of that ... 1 if we are lucky I have been a fan of Mowbray I think he turned the club around and we would of stayed up had he been appointed earlier than he did , but he's gone Into Wenger territory now , blindly ignoring our defence while adding attacking midfielders like a kid in a sweet shop , but...... His time is now coming to an end , I really hope the club do him a favour and release him now while he still holds some respect from Rovesr fans
  9. AJW

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    My big annoyance with Mowbray (or his teams) is we just cannot hold on to a lead , I've lost count of the times we've taken the lead and not picked up all 3 points , the amount of times we concede goals at ridiculous times and how we never seem score after 90 mins to rescue a game... It's got to be a mental thing, like he pays no attention to coaching concentration because I genuinely believe the talent is there in this squad to be pushing for a play off place
  10. AJW

    If Tony goes...

    Chris Hughton for me. Think Hughes will always be well thought of here but Hughton is the man with an impeccable record of getting team promoted from this league
  11. Really starting to Lose patience with Gallagher now .. That stat of not scoring a league goal for 630 days really is quite worrying
  12. Might be a good time to go with 3 at back , bring Tosin in and play Bell or possibly Downing at left wing back
  13. Never been convinced by this goal keeper , I said at the time it feels like he's a stop gap until we signe the one Mowbray really wants next summer ... I would much prefer Nyambe at right back instead of Bennett but that said we have improved defensively this year as a collective unit , midfield is looking pretty decent now , Travis Johnson Holtby Buckley Downing (when needed) and Evans gives us good coverage there . Where we are clearly struggling at the moment is goals Dack Armstrong Gally Rothwell And Brereton just aren't producing at the moment for one reason or another and if that's still the case come January some surgery need to take place there
  14. AJW

    Lewis Holtby

    I am excited about this transfer , think he is better than anything we could of dreamt of back in June
  15. AJW

    Lewis Holtby

    Scared of flying ???... Wouldn't be the first footballer to sail or drive across the continent

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