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  1. Fleetwood tickets

    I have ended up with a seated ticket for the Fleetwood game, however I would prefer to be on the terrace. If anyone knows someone who has a terrace ticket but would prefer to be seated, please would you let me know as I would be very happy to swap tickets. Thanks in advance.
  2. Rochdale Away

    Looking at the forecast, I think that a postponement is very likely actually. It's forecast to rain heavily pretty much non-stop between now and 3:00pm tomorrow and Rochdale had a home game against Port Vale postponed due to a water-logged pitch last season.
  3. Connor Mahoney's contract

    I had a chat with Mahoney's brother in the pub after the Rotherham game and he said that Connor won't be signing a new contract simply because he hasn't been getting the game time that he felt he deserved.
  4. 9.30Pm Tonight - New Social Media Hashtag

    That is not the commencement date of that contract. It is the commencement date of his continuous service with the club (i.e. from when he was first employed by the club as a coach).
  5. No To Coyle

    What's everyone worrying about? In the season he took Burnley up, Coyle lost his first game 4:1 and then lost his second game 3:0. So everything's fine. It's all part of his plan.......
  6. Rovers Vs Mansfield Efl Cup

    If we get knocked out tomorrow, it will be the fifth consecutive season that we've been knocked out by lower league opposition (and on each occasion it was our first game in the tournament).
  7. Next Manager

    I thought I'd pass on something I heard over the bank holiday weekend. My parents met up with some family friends on Sunday and got on to the subject of the Rovers managerial vacancy. They said that their grandchild goes to school with Warren Joyce's son who stated very confidently (at the end of last week) that his dad has no interest whatsoever in becoming Rovers' next manager. Please take this for what it is (i.e. third hand information arising out of a chat between two boys at primary school) and do not shoot me down if Joyce happens to be appointed tomorrow!
  8. Stanley

    The supposed play-off curse of the highest finishing team is actually a fallacy. Since the play-offs were introduced in the 1988/89 season, the team that finished highest (of the four play-off teams) in the league has been promoted more often than the teams finishing in the three lower positions. Here are the stats: Championship Third place: 10 promotions (37%) Fifth place: 7 promotions (26%) Fourth place: 5 promotions (18.5%) Sixth place: 5 promotions (18.5%) League One Third place: 9 promotions (33.5%) Fourth place: 7 promotions (26%) Sixth place: 6 promotions (22%) Fifth place: 5 promotions (18.5%) League Two Fourth place: 13 promotions (48%) Fifth place: 5 promotions (18.5%) Seventh place: 5 promotions (18.5%) Sixth place: 4 promotions (15%) Thankfully we bucked the trend in 1991/92 by finishing sixth and getting promoted through the play-offs.
  9. Lambert Leaving!

    In answer to your queries (adopting the same numbering): 1) Because he wanted to recommence his managerial career and saw Rovers as a good opportunity (having been assured that he would be given funds in the summer to build a squad and push for promotion in 2016/17). 2) Because he was assured that he would be given funds in the summer to build a squad and to push for promotion in 2016/17 (and was confident that he could keep us up in the meantime with a few loans and cheap acquisitions) 3) Because he had been told that significant funds were not available in January but would be available in the summer when he expected to be able to begin rebuilding the squad for the long term. 4) Because he was assured that he would be given the sale proceeds in the summer to push for promotion in 2016/17 (and was confident that he could keep us up in the meantime by replacing Rhodes with Graham) 5) Because the owners were clearly beginning to show signs of reneging on assurances previously given (see above) and Lambert was prepared neither to bob along in the Championship, trying to avoid relegation to League One (as he had made clear throughout), nor was he prepared to work for owners who renege on promises. Lambert was also aware that, as an experienced, capable manager, he would be able to secure a managerial position elsewhere (unlike some of the other “managers” of Rovers over the last 6 years who were quite happy to be messed about/ignored by the owners whilst clinging on to the job for dear life, knowing that they’d probably never again be able to secure a managerial position at a club of the size, history and prestige of Rovers). Hope this helps.
  10. We hung around after the game today and spoke (briefly) to Paul Lambert and some of the players. Lambert played his cards very close to his chest but was very obliging when my sister wanted a pic with him. We asked a few of the players if they'd be here next season. The most telling response was from Graham who said he'd have been very keen to stay but he doesn't know what's happening now Lambert has said he's going.
  11. Lambert Leaving!

    Well here's one supporter of another club who was more than capable of reading between the lines of Paul Lambert's comments and picking up on the implicit damning criticism of the state of the club: http://boards.footymad.net/rotherhamunited-mad/2109395618/#UWhoafIPOW7BR9Cr.97
  12. Lambert Leaving!

  13. Lambert Leaving!

    Did Bowyer have (far) better players at his disposal when he achieved the higher final league positions?
  14. Lambert Leaving!

    And you're clearly comparing like with like there, aren't you? Good grief.
  15. Where Are They Now?

    Does anyone remember much about Bobby Svarc's time with us. He was a few years before my time but I am aware of the name. I ask because we had a plumber fixing our boiler last night and we got chatting to him about football (as you do) and he said that his dad grew up with Bobby Svarc in Leicester and was good mates with him. I had a quick look at him on Wiki and he seemed to have a decent scoring record throughout his career albeit at a relatively low level. I was just interested if anyone had any particularly strong views on or memories of him.