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  1. D-side17

    Stoke City home

    According to stats posted on their Oatcake message board, they are the most improved team in the league since 5th Nov (about three weeks before we played them away). Prior to 5th Nov, they were accumulating points at the rate of 0.5 points per game whereas that rate has improved to 1.4 PPG since 5th Nov. We are the joint second most improved team (along with Boro) since that date, accumulating points at the rate of 1.2 PPG before 5th Nov and 1.8 PPG afterwards. Stoke are clearly still very inconsistent but they have undoubtedly improved significantly since we beat them away in November.
  2. D-side17

    Bogey grounds

    I'm going to the game tomorrow and it occurred to me that I couldn't remember seeing us win or even draw at Stoke. I had a look on the Soccerbase website at our head-to-head record against Stoke to check whether I was right and discovered that I have been to watch Rovers at Stoke five times and we have lost each time. I first went in 1988 when they beat us 2:1 bringing our 20+ game unbeaten run to an end. Since then, we have lost four and won two games at Stoke. Needless to say, I missed the two wins but was there for each of the defeats. That got me thinking about whether I have any other bogey grounds and two immediately came to mind - West Ham and Leicester. Having checked on Soccerbase, I have discovered that my records at those two teams’ grounds are: Leicester Games: 8 Wins: 0 Draws: 3 Losses: 5 West Ham Games: 10 Wins: 0 Draws: 2 Losses: 8 So, I have watched Rovers play 23 times away at those three teams and I have yet to see us win. I’m hoping to break that duck tomorrow…… Does anybody else have a personal bogey ground that beats my records at Stoke, Leicester and West Ham??
  3. D-side17


    The supposed play-off curse of the highest finishing team is actually a fallacy. Since the play-offs were introduced in the 1988/89 season, the team that finished highest (of the four play-off teams) in the league has been promoted more often than the teams finishing in the three lower positions. Here are the stats: Championship Third place: 10 promotions (37%) Fifth place: 7 promotions (26%) Fourth place: 5 promotions (18.5%) Sixth place: 5 promotions (18.5%) League One Third place: 9 promotions (33.5%) Fourth place: 7 promotions (26%) Sixth place: 6 promotions (22%) Fifth place: 5 promotions (18.5%) League Two Fourth place: 13 promotions (48%) Fifth place: 5 promotions (18.5%) Seventh place: 5 promotions (18.5%) Sixth place: 4 promotions (15%) Thankfully we bucked the trend in 1991/92 by finishing sixth and getting promoted through the play-offs.
  4. D-side17

    Bobby Svarc

    Does anyone remember much about Bobby Svarc's time with us. He was a few years before my time but I am aware of the name. I ask because we had a plumber fixing our boiler last night and we got chatting to him about football (as you do) and he said that his dad grew up with Bobby Svarc in Leicester and was good mates with him. I had a quick look at him on Wiki and he seemed to have a decent scoring record throughout his career albeit at a relatively low level. I was just interested if anyone had any particularly strong views on or memories of him.
  5. D-side17

    Rovers 5 C Palace 4

    Looking at the videa, I think John Millar was playing left back that day.

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