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  1. Claytons Left Boot


    Went to Albert’s in Standish today, first time in a restaurant or similar establishment since the virus broke. There was a decent distance between tables, some tables had been removed, servers wore face shields, ordering by app if you so wished, one route in, one route out, left to your own devices re the toilet. Everything calm and collected, extremely busy and felt very safe. Had our party’s main name and telephone number for possible track and trace. Top marks.
  2. Claytons Left Boot

    West Brom at home

    I agree Matt and rather begrudgingly have to admit that they’ve done rather well for themselves. Once we had sort of found our level as a mid table Premier League club, we were the benchmark in how to operate as a very well run club outside of the six or so really big clubs. Just goes to show how one or two mistakes at the wrong time can bring the whole shooting match tumbling down. Here’s hoping it happens to the Clarettes..and soon.
  3. Claytons Left Boot

    West Brom at home

    True. I’ve told a couple of Clarettes supporting mates, in all sincerity, to enjoy it whilst they can because as soon as the ginger haired, gravel voiced bast’ad departs, they’re on there way down like a runaway train. 😆
  4. Claytons Left Boot

    West Brom at home

    Funny how things change so quickly in football. After the Walsall away game two and a bit years ago, me and another Rovers fan were on the New Street to Liverpool train talking to a Baggies fan who was very down about his team’s fortunes and future. Relegation followed shortly thereafter, one year to consolidate then the next offers promotion. Probably in a much stronger position than they were when they were heading in the opposite direction. Just shows what can be done when you have a plan, albeit that plan was responsible for the sacking of former Rovers man John Williams.
  5. Claytons Left Boot

    Wigan Administration

    That’s interesting and would have been preferable to moving to the DW because of proximity to the town centre, railway stations, bus station and more importantly, pubs. I did see just the one game at Central Park but the end of that era was just before I started to watch the Warriors regularly. I think the club were so much in debt that they simply had to sell to Tesco to avoid going under.
  6. Claytons Left Boot

    Wigan Administration

    The DW is one mile away from Wigan Wallgate and marginally nearer the town centre than Ewood Park is to Blackburn town centre. I think the DW was modelled slightly on Ewood. There is a lot of brickwork and the stands feel solid, unlike many of the new soulless bowls such as at Leicester, Stoke and Southampton etc. Because of the stupidity of the Taylor Report, the DW had to be built as an all seater. Were it not for that, it could have been modelled on a design like St Helens’ stadium, which is spot on. Seating down the sides and terracing for standing behind the sticks. Everyone happy and great for atmosphere.
  7. Claytons Left Boot

    Wigan Administration

    As far as I am aware, the Warriors’ finances are in reasonable shape and with Ian Lenagan as chairman, they will continue to be. There is no danger at all of the rugby club collapsing. Regarding the Warriors relocating, this is the first I have heard of it. Over the last two or three years, Warriors have moved their offices and administrative setup to the Robin Park Arena, which is next door to the DW and which we lease off the local council. It’s a multi functional facility with an athletics running track and pitch for rugby training. There have been hopeful rumours of Ian Lenagan funding the development of Robin Park to become our own rugby stadium but this, I think, is wishful thinking more than anything. It would take millions to do it and doesn’t really make sense with the football/rugby sharing the DW. Let me know, 1864, if there is anything more to it than that, as I would love to know! The guys I sit with at the DW may well know but I obviously haven’t been able to see them because of the virus.
  8. Claytons Left Boot

    Wigan Administration

    Haha, even as a Wigan fan I find that very funny. It’s done the rounds on RL forums for years. The teams played again, three months after that game and Cas player Dean Sampson got revenge by breaking Kelvin Skerrett’s jaw. You didn’t mess with Kelvin Skerrett, he could take it as well as give it. Some tough lads in RL 😆
  9. Claytons Left Boot

    Cardiff away

    Own up. Who’s just had a look at the table?
  10. Claytons Left Boot

    Wigan Administration

    I wasn’t at the Manley game, Tyrone, a few years before I got the bug. I do have the dvd of the game. Superb showing and a real arm wrestle.
  11. Claytons Left Boot

    Wigan Administration

    I have been watching the Warriors for over twenty years now and had a lesser interest for a few years prior to that, taking in my first game at Central Park in 1994. Since taking over from Dave Whelan in 2007, Ian Lenagan has proved himself to be a man of the upmost integrity, as well as being a highly successful chairman of the rugby club. I can assure you that, assuming he gets a consortium together, he will have the best interests of both the football and rugby clubs at heart.
  12. Claytons Left Boot

    Championship season 2019-20

    True but if the status quo remains, they will never recoup the £130-150m they have ‘invested’ so far. With another ten years of their tenure, that figure will have risen to probably north of £200m. I, along with thousands of others, wish I knew what they were up to.
  13. Claytons Left Boot

    Championship season 2019-20

    Just been on North West Tonight that there are around thirty parties interested in buying Wigan Athletic. They reckon about five of those will be serious. Already spoken to two, who appear to have the money and are also reasonably local to the town. If Venky’s were willing to write off a huge chunk of the money they have invested and put us up for sale at around the £20-25m mark (recouping their initial outlay), there is no reason why we could not attract similar, if not more, interest. We are a much ‘bigger’ club than Wigan in all aspects.
  14. Claytons Left Boot

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    A winner as a player, yes, but not as a manager. Two full seasons at Rangers, that’s six attempts at a trophy and he’s won nothing.
  15. Claytons Left Boot

    Cardiff away

    Cardiff have the bit between their teeth and will win at a canter, probably 3-0 if we’re lucky.

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