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  1. Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    A win and we’re up. Get those tickets bought!!
  2. Attendances

    Been wondering if we could get a higher gate than Burnley’s for a while. Don’t think we will to be honest but it could well creep up to 18k or so. I think the away allocation for the Cricket Field these days is around 3k so, if we do get 18k on Ewood, we will have equalled or slightly bettered most of Burnley’s home crowd this season.
  3. Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    Not very pub friendly, I’m afraid. The ground is situated well to the south of the town centre in a retail park type of area. I stayed over at the Earl of Doncaster a couple of years ago when the Challenge Cup Semi Final was held there and that was a fair hike to the ground. The nearest places for a drink, as far as I can see from Google Satellite will be a Beefeater, Frankie & Bennies and a pub called Woodfield Farm, south of the railway lines and probably 20 mins walk away.
  4. Rovers v Peterborough

    Three points tonight will be so important. Eight points ahead of Shrewsbury with, for them, four games to play. I’m just imagining the positions being reversed and Rovers having to make up that shortfall with so few matches remaining. COYB.
  5. Stanley

    Great stuff Stanley. I watched a fair few of their games during their rise through the lower leagues. Can’t be easy being sandwiched between Blackburn and Bonlah.

    Two wins and a draw from our final four games will do it.
  7. Premier League Stuff

    Lambert has managed eight clubs in thirteen years. Hasn’t performed consistently well since his time at Norwich and on a number of occasions has resigned before seeing his contract out. On paper, his credentials are good, playing experience at top clubs, studies and coaching badges etc etc, but you don’t play on paper. You have to do it on the field of play in a results orientated business. I have no wish to sully his reputation as anyone with a Celtic background is ok by me but he seems to be talking the talk these days, rather than walking the walk.
  8. Premier League Stuff

    Or as I call it, the managerial merry go round of mediocrity. With the exception of Big Sam that is.
  9. Attendances

    Regarding Rossendale, there are Rovers and Burnley fans in all the towns and villages. I would say the general rule is that Haslingden is more Rovers but the rest, from Waterfoot, Rawtenstall and right the way to Bacup is Burnley. I worked in Rawtenstall for a few weeks at the beginning of 1996 and was surprised at just how many Rovers scarves I saw. I suppose the majority of these may no longer be attending.
  10. Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    Wolves took 9k there a few years ago (think it was 2014) but their fans caused a few problems, segregation and other matters. MK Dons then reduced the maximum away allocation to around 7.8k which was what Coventry sold when they played there in the cup a season or so afterwards. I suppose, without any subsidised travel, an allocation of around 3.9k would be about right. Can’t help but feel Rovers are missing a trick on this.
  11. .

    We were hardly on a par with the Birmingham Six 😂 As the modern phrase goes, ‘man up.’
  12. Billy Wilson RIP

    Agree with Arbitro. Blacklaw on the back row next to Don Martin and Malcolm Darling front left. No idea who is on the other side of Meccy though. Could be John Coddington on back row but not sure.
  13. .

    Up at SMC circa 1970 the whole Tech Drawing class got the cane at the end of one lesson because of one pi11ock who threw a satchel out of the upper floor window. No one would grass on him so, when the bell went, we all had to bend over in the doorway and take a severe lash. The teacher, the sadistic bar steward had a name for his cane which he kept in a cabinet on the wall. Now, most of the lads had had the strap, board duster, pump etc. but I can tell you that cane hurt like hell. No one complained, no one told their parents or told the headmaster. You just shrugged your shoulders and got on with it. All a part of discipline and growing up.
  14. Championship 2017/18

    Wow. Not sure how they do it but Preston’s continued surge up the league is packing them in at Deepdale. Another bumper crowd of 11k witnesses their win against Bristol City. One giddy Nobber was heard to giggle, ‘the stadium was bursting at the seams!’ The rest of the Championship can only look on in envy.
  15. Rovers v Blackpool

    I fancy Walsall to get a draw. They played brilliantly against us in the second half, were probably a bit unlucky to lose at Peterborough on that snow covered pitch and then won well at Southend. As you say, Shrewsbury is a bit of a derby for them and the fans don’t like each other. They’ll probably have a half decent following at the game and I just feel they’ll get at least a point.