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  1. Claytons Left Boot

    FA CUP

    Will probably suffer a narrow defeat but it is also a game that is winnable.
  2. Claytons Left Boot


    Good point and something the club should take on board. It’s not totally applicable to football clubs as they have an element of their fan bases that will turn up, come what may. I am one who is fully p!ssed off with the surcharge. I face a one hundred mile round trip when I attend. I am also a season ticket holder at Wigan Warriors. I have a variety of hobbies, interests and commitments and sometimes make a last minute decision to make the trip to Ewood. I can afford the £3 surcharge and do sometimes pay it but it annoys me no end that someone who has bought a ticket a few hours before me gets in £3 cheaper. Get your act together Rovers.
  3. Claytons Left Boot

    Fútbol, Le Foot, Voetbal, ποδόσφαιρο

    Went to watch Witton Albion today in the 4th qualifying round of the FA Cup. They were playing Solihull Moors of the National League, managed by none other than Tim Flowers. Witton have settled in nicely to the Northern Premier League (level 7) since their promotion a couple of seasons back but today was men against boys. Solihull were a big side, not big lumps but big, fit lads and Witton never really had a sniff. Just two or three half-chances and that was it. They held out until part way through the second half but ended up losing 2-0. The attendance was 600 odd which is roughly double the norm. Good to see Tim Flowers, still a big lad and gone grey now, quiet in the first half but barking out instructions constantly in the second.
  4. Claytons Left Boot

    Rugby League

    Great win for Wigan last night and a superb send off for Shaun Wane, our departing Head Coach who is heading over to the ‘dark side’ and a coaching role with Scotland. It was a really tough game with both defences on top but Wigan having the edge on creativity and doing just enough to win it. Also leaving now are John Bateman and Ryan Sutton, both have signed on for Canberra in the NRL together with Sam Tomkins who is heading for Catalan Dragons. Special mention for Shaun Wane who has had his detractors over the last couple of seasons for a ‘less exciting’ brand of football. I have never wavered in my support of him and our trophy cabinet speaks volumes. Three Championships, one Challenge Cup, one League Leaders Shield and one World Club Challenge (winners) under his seven year tutelage. Legend.
  5. Claytons Left Boot

    Rodwell signs

    I was born eight weeks premature, so I had to be delivered in Queens Park, Darwen North. Otherwise, it would have been Bull Hill, Darwen.
  6. Claytons Left Boot

    Free Football Autobiographies

    Really good book TS, I have it. Very sad too.
  7. Claytons Left Boot

    Lancashire Clubs - Round Up

    According to Friends of Real Lancashire - see www.forl.co.uk - the government stated, back in 1974, that the new “counties” were administrative areas only and that the original boundaries of counties such as Lancashire were still in place. However, the media tended to refer to Greater Manchester and Merseyside etc as “counties.” Where I worked in Darwen, we used to get customers from far afield and we had a bit of fun with them as to which County they thought they were from. I once said to a guy, ah, Barrow in Furness, Lancashire and he had no idea it is technically still a part of the Red Rose. Generally, those from Liverpool and Widnes etc seemed to embrace Merseyside but those from places like Bolton, Bury and Wigan wanted nothing at all to do with Greater Manchester.
  8. Claytons Left Boot

    Premier League Stuff

    Wolves total shots 30 to Burnley’s 7.
  9. Yes, Leeds is over six times the size of Blackburn. Imagine having Blackburn, then another five Blackburns all surrounding it. Them getting 30-35k each home game is pretty poor if you analyse it closely.
  10. Claytons Left Boot

    Burnley pub renamed after Sean Dyche

    Despite the population of Burnley, if you add on Padiham, Nelson, Brierfield, Colne, split Hyndburn in two, ditto the Ribble Valley, take two thirds of the Rossendale Valley, include Keighley, Silsden, Todmorden, Barnoldswick, Earby and Skipton, you have one hell of a catchment area and one that most clubs would give their right arm for! At Rovers, for example, we go five miles west and we’re in Preston territory, five miles east and we’re in Burnley territory and seven or eight miles south and we’re in Bolton territory. Hemmed in on all sides. Football hotbed and history :- Blackburn Rovers 10 (ten) major trophies Burnley 3 (three) 😂 major trophies
  11. Claytons Left Boot

    Premier League Stuff

    Hopefully SG. There’s a definite feel good factor developing around Ewood and a togetherness within the squad that we haven’t seen for several years. If we push on up the table, surely we can get the home Ewood crowd to somewhere around 15k. With away followings from Leeds, Villa, both Sheffield clubs plus the Lancashire contingent of Bolton, Preston and Wigan, we should be looking at a good few attendances around the 20k mark.
  12. Claytons Left Boot

    Premier League Stuff

    Only 5k more on Turd Moor today than we had on against Millwall. They mustn’t have let in the 10k that were queuing up Brunshaw Road just before kick off.
  13. Claytons Left Boot

    Darwen End Closure / New Singing Section

    You need to understand something Barry. There are a lot of fans in the Blackburn End that are aged 40 and over. I am 60. From being aged 12 or so, I stood at the back of the Blackburn End with all the other singers and generally had a good time. I always stayed well clear of Church Birdy mind, folk of a certain vintage will testify that he was a bit of a loose canon. In fact there were a few characters like that. We were all like minded lads who stood in the same spot each home game giving it our all. We all travelled to away games via coach or train and again gave it our all. If you got back to the railway station in one piece back then, you had done well. I’m nothing special, there are loads like me. Been on since 1966 and a life long Rover. All over the country watching the lads and into Europe. Seen all the key games, Plymouth 1975, Derby FA Cup c.1976, West Brom FA Cup, Liverpool League Cup, Port Vale 1975, Bury 1980, Leicester at Wembley, Liverpool 1995, Preston for the promotion game, Spurs 2002 at Cardiff, Doncaster 2018, Ankara 2003, Celtic away and a million games I’ve forgotten. Now, I like a sing song as much as the next man. I like the atmosphere at away matches, I usually stand up and sing at those but, when you’ve been singing/shouting/standing for 50 years or more, sometimes at a relatively mediocre game like Millwall at home, who bring a paltry 851 supporters with them, you like to just sit and watch the game and in silence if need be!
  14. Claytons Left Boot

    Darwen End Closure / New Singing Section

    I sat in the Blackburn End yesterday in the section nearest to the Riverside. Not sure if it was because I was concentrating on the match but I never heard the JWL once, nor the drum. I looked over at kick off and thought that the turnout there was an embarrassment to be honest. But that’s modern stadia for you, it’s not just as simple as paying cash at the turnstiles and congregating at the back of the Blackburn End as we used to do in the early 70s.
  15. Claytons Left Boot

    Premier League Stuff

    Chelsea set to break the world record for a goalkeeper, if indeed they haven’t already. The Premier League is awash with money and clubs continue to splash out monopoly money for foreign imports. Meanwhile, it costs a king’s ransom to attend matches or for families to splash out on season tickets. No longer a working man’s game but like lambs to the slaughter there’s barely a protest. Absolutely crazy.

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