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  1. Claytons Left Boot

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    I really wouldn’t want to try and guess Brereton’s level. It certainly isn’t in the Championship, top six or not. A mate of mine went to one of the earlier games this season with a Forest fan (not the Forest game) who couldn’t hide his delight, not only that someone had taken Brereton off their hands but also the fee they received.
  2. Claytons Left Boot

    Premier League Stuff

    We, or should I say they, have made a very simple game complicated. For over one hundred and thirty years, a referee and two linesmen have sufficed. Back when Match of The Day showed extended highlights of a couple of games, a brief few minutes of the rest and on Sundays you got a main game on ITV, things were a lot simpler. A tv camera on the side and sometimes one behind one of the goals and that was it. Later on, maybe a bit of slow motion to show a foul or penalty. As the Premier League progressed following the advent of Sky, suddenly there were a million cameras and a million different camera angles, slow motion, super slow mo to the Nth degree and no hiding place for match officials, should they get a decision wrong. As the revenues increased with better tv deals, so did the paranoia of the club chairmen, determined to stay in the top flight at all costs. All this put extra pressure on the match officials and something finally had to give, hence the introduction of VAR. sympathetic claret is spot on. I can only speak for Rugby League as I very rarely watch Union. This has been tried and tested now for several years and football should have learnt from it. In RL, the referee has full control and he only resorts to the Video Referee if he is in any doubt at all as to the scoring of a try. For example, was there a knock on in the build up, was the ball grounded correctly, was there a foot in touch or an offside and so on. The on-the-field referee signals his opinion as to either a try or no try and then it’s over to the VR who has the final say. Other than this happening three or four times each game (sometimes not this frequently), the referee is in full control and his decisions cannot be overturned. The fans don’t whinge about it and it’s never an out and out talking point after the game. Quite simple really.
  3. Claytons Left Boot

    Cringiest moments in Rovers history?

    An unbelievably gifted footballer. One of only a few Celtic players since the 1970s that would have made their 1967 team. Dalglish, McGrain, McNicholas and McStay being the others (in my humble opinion). It would be interesting to hear opinions from your family/friends on this Andy!
  4. Claytons Left Boot

    Preston Away

    Up in the Lake District. Our lad says Rovers are two up. For a millisecond we were elated, then both said, but you know what that means. Got 2-2 written all over it. In the car when Preston pulled one back, we said Preston have more than enough time to win it 3-2. We all know there’s no plan b. We can’t defend for feckin toffee. All an opposition manager needs to say against us is, keep at ‘em for ninety minutes and they’ll cave in. Time for change.
  5. Claytons Left Boot

    Premier League Stuff

    That’s a very good point Tony.
  6. Claytons Left Boot

    Premier League Stuff

  7. Claytons Left Boot

    Premier League Stuff

    1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s Half Time Score - Man Utd 1 Liverpool 1 the foul on the Liverpool player not deemed enough, therefore no foul and a Utd goal. Mane handball, no intent, no hand movement towards the ball, therefore a goal. 2000s Half Time Score - Man Utd 0 Liverpool 1 the kick to the calf of the Liverpool player deemed a foul, therefore no goal for Utd. Mane incident as above, Liverpool goal. 2019 Half Time Score - Man Utd 0 Liverpool 0 the kick to the calf, as above, no Utd goal. The ball hits the hand of Mane, end of discussion, even though no intent. No Liverpool goal. Both the modern rule changes and VAR an absolute joke.
  8. Claytons Left Boot

    Preston Away

    Rovers win the Premier League and we’ve bought it. Man City, Chelsea, United etc win the PL and they’ve won it. They’ve never spent money on a new player. Never. Ever. I worked in both Preston and Chorley pre the Walker years and always came across Rovers fans that lived over that way. I used to drive in to Preston via Walton-Le-Dale and remember kids going into a school there wearing Rovers scarves. It just happens. Conversely, there are more Burnley fans in areas like Ossy, Rishton and Clayton-Le-Moors than there should be given those towns’ proximity to Blackburn. It just happens. There’s no particular reason for it. Preston fans just can’t get over it. Preston’s last home game versus Barnsley, their highest league position for years and years and they can barely pull in 12k. Their fans need to get real, get down to Dumpdale, make their way to the club’s trophy cabinet and have a sken at their four (yes four) major trophies. Big. City. Club.
  9. Claytons Left Boot

    Preston Away

    Blackpool FC - 1 Major Preston North End - 4 Majors Burnley FC - 3 Majors Bolton Wanderers - 4 Majors Blackburn Rovers - 10 (ten) Majors That’s all you need to know
  10. Claytons Left Boot

    Ep 120 - Are You Not Entertained ? The Matt Jansen Special

    Well done Ian. That was a great listen and the first time I’ve listened to one of the podcasts from beginning to end!
  11. Two thirds the way through the book. A great read, the best football book that I’ve read since ‘A Life Too Short’ detailing the tragedy of Robert Enke. Highly recommended.
  12. Claytons Left Boot

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Oh, very nice. I’ve been trying for my licence for a few years but seem to have trouble getting the joystick to go all the way back. Salmesbury won’t know what’s hit them when I eventually get it.
  13. Claytons Left Boot

    Ben Brereton

    I’ve always defended Super Atko. He was one of our most under rated players for many a year and was instrumental in our winning at Wembley against Leicester on that blistering hot day. I’d like to see his mileage figures against those of other players in that game. What’s more he had the intelligence to choose Darwen as a home instead of those tips you call the Ribble Valley and Formby. Top man.
  14. Claytons Left Boot

    Premier League Stuff

    Exactly how it works in Rugby League. The referee is in full control.
  15. Claytons Left Boot

    Rovers badge

    I think the current badge is superb and one of the best in the entire four divisions. It has everything you would want - our name, year of formation, Latin motto and the red rose of Lancashire. Tweaking it a little with the blue and white halved background would be good and, as EiT says, perhaps changing the yellow lettering and also changing the shade of blue to royal blue on the circular part of the badge. A very marginal update, for me.

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