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  1. Claytons Left Boot

    Any Mill Hill St Peters veterans?

    Is that not Mike Duxbury, third from the back? He was in the year below me.
  2. Claytons Left Boot

    Any Mill Hill St Peters veterans?

    I never liked the place either. Walked out on my last day there and never looked back. SMC catered for those carrying on to university. Either that or a career in banking, insurance, customs & excise or something similar. If you fancied a trade like joinery, engineering or an electrician, it was neither use nor ornament. If I remember correctly, Inthink the grounds an was called Joe Pilling.
  3. Claytons Left Boot


    Hope he pulls through mate.
  4. Claytons Left Boot


    Just watched it, great programme. I’d seen that last kick before but hadn’t realised that the weather conditions had been so bad. Don Fox’s face, when being interviewed by David Coleman after the game, said it all. Poor fellow, wouldn’t wish that on anyone.
  5. Claytons Left Boot


    Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer flouts her own rules and visits her holiday home on two occasions. Climbers drive to Great Orme, near Llandudno, with all their gear, ropes etc. to climb the cliffs there. If this sort of lunacy continues, it will be a TOTAL lockdown for all.
  6. Claytons Left Boot

    What are your favourite sports books?

    Just about to start my third book of Lockdown. Supposed to be a good ‘un.
  7. Claytons Left Boot

    Worst Rovers 11

    Robbie Fowler probably wouldn’t have made the team but he was particularly sh!te in my book. He was only 33 when he came and bearing in mind the player he had been, particularly for Liverpool, he was a major disappointment in his all too brief stay at Ewood.
  8. Claytons Left Boot

    Players that underachieved or what could have been

    James Thomas was a good call, earlier in the thread. He was equally as good as James Beattie when they played up front together for the youth teams, usually causing havoc, as we had a first class youth team back then. You could probably include Beattie in the list of under achievers as well. He had a reasonably decent career but never really reached the expected heights once he made the first team. He had the confidence and cockiness (which you need) but I think he thought he had already made it when there was clearly much more work to be done. I used to regularly watch the youth teams down at Brockhall and that team, with Thomas and Beattie up front with Duff and Johnson out wide, was a joy to watch.
  9. Claytons Left Boot

    Opinions on Mike Newell

    Absolutely no way. My nickname for him, which caused some amusement with my mates, was ‘silky magnet boots.’ Silky skills and the magnet boots was a reference to his ability of being able to control the ball easily, not the other way round. Ok, he was a class above what we had been used to in the 2nd Division and once we had established ourselves in the PL, it was clear that, if we were to reach for the very top, we needed to recruit a better player to play alongside Big Al. His return from injury at the most crucial stage of the season was the main reason we were promoted to the PL. Without him then, I don’t think we would have made it. One of my favourite players.
  10. Claytons Left Boot


    When asked for specifics (numbers and timescales etc) on this afternoon’s update, all the questioners got was waffle. Mr & Mrs Waffle getting tutoring from the tanned guy over the pond, Donald Waffle.
  11. Claytons Left Boot


    Welcome to the Chaddy show. One page about Coronavirus with ninety one pages about Chaddy’s visit to hospital, his visit to Cheltenham, his family’s pub crawl and his workplace practices. Keep feeding him and he’ll respond with the same replies, repeating the same stuff again, again and again.
  12. Claytons Left Boot

    Rovers in Netflix football series

    Presumably then, they must have used some inside shots from the Textile Museum. The guy I spoke to mentioned a mill in Shipley for the bulk of the mill shots.
  13. Claytons Left Boot

    Rovers in Netflix football series

    Not sure where you got that from. I spoke to a guy who was on the film set as a mill worker and he said it was filmed in Saltaire. No mention of Burnley.
  14. Claytons Left Boot


    So you keep telling us. Again. Again and again. There was an ulterior motive, Chaddy and it was nothing to do with normal Conservative policies. Burnley, more of a Labour town than Blackburn voted Tory for the first time in over one hundred years. Tells you all you need to know.
  15. Claytons Left Boot

    What are your favourite sports books?

    An extremely moving book. I read it a few years ago.

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