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  1. MarkBRFC71


    Devasting testimony from Sondland - question is now will Guliani be the fall guy, or flip on Trump?
  2. MarkBRFC71


    https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/oct/30/tactical-voting-could-deliver-remain-victory-in-election-study This needs to be published, distributed and forwarded far and wide. We might just be able to save the nation from the impending disaster (for the majority, not the rich who stand to profit from it) of Brexit. https://www.getvoting.org/
  3. MarkBRFC71

    Music Association Game

    Primal Scream - Come Together
  4. MarkBRFC71


    Except it's another easily refuted example of pro-leave nonsense that's peddled on social media. https://fullfact.org/europe/pensioners-eu-uk/
  5. MarkBRFC71

    Music Association Game

    The Doors - Touch Me
  6. MarkBRFC71

    Music Association Game

    Africa Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force - Planet Rock
  7. MarkBRFC71

    Music Association Game

    The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead
  8. MarkBRFC71

    Music Association Game

    Morrissey - Suedehead
  9. MarkBRFC71


    He doesn't have a scooby - other than the half-baked ideas about immigration and better trade deals he linked to when I asked him. @chaddyrovers prove me wrong, and answer the 3 very simple questions Jim asked. It'll take you 5 mins. I for one am genuinely interested to hear your responses.
  10. MarkBRFC71


    Jeez, there's so much nonsense there it's giving me headache Fishing: https://fullfact.org/europe/eu-pinching-our-fish/ EU Army/Conscription: https://fullfact.org/online/EU-army-conscription/
  11. MarkBRFC71


    So immigration and better trade deals. Don't we already make our own rules on immigration from outside the EU? Leaving the EU will have zero impact on that. And aren't those coming from within the EU pretty much propping up key services like the NHS, or willing to perform lesser service roles for wages which most of the current British career unemployed wouldn't turn over in bed for? Trade deals - sure this has been mentioned - but do you really think we as a small, isolated nation with not much of a manufacturing industry, are going to get a better trade deal than a vast bloc of 500m people? As a company, would you not rather be inside those walls than out?
  12. MarkBRFC71


    Why did YOU vote leave? What do YOU think will be better about the UK if we leave? You may have explained this before, but I'm new to this thread so I apologise I haven't seen anything you may have provided in the past. Genuinely interested as I have yet to hear a compelling reason - backed up with solid research and factual evidence - as to why we would be better off.
  13. MarkBRFC71


    Saw IDLES a couple of weeks ago in Minneapolis (actually at First Avenue - where Prince did a lot of his early gigs and where good chunks of Purple Rain were filmed). Fantastic gig - not seen that much energy both on and off stage in a while. If you get chance to see them, take it - got some great songs, and love the juxtaposition between the ferocity of their songs and the message of unity and acceptance they deliver.
  14. MarkBRFC71

    Music Association Game

    The Who - Let's See Action
  15. MarkBRFC71


    Quite flattering that the obvious highlight of his career appears to be scoring against Lancashire's Only Premier League Champions - I'm guessing nothing will change in the next 10 years to alter that either. Also, not sure why Nob End think they are suddenly our massive rivals?

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