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  1. As it stands, we seem to be have a squad capable of mounting a challenge, (with the addition of another striker). The key is whether this will still be the case come 23:00 on August 31st .
  2. Which all sounds great but, whilst I don't want to rain on the parade, it's a fact that Mowbray left Coventry at the bottom League One. Clearly, he's a decent guy, and he has had some success during his managerial career, (although not of that was recent). We can but hope he can start to refloat a sunken ship.
  3. Agreed. My concern is we currently have one ageing striker, and another who goes to watch Hibs on match days. I do think some of the optimism on social media is OTT and slightly hysterical.
  4. Can only be from lack of exercise! Muscle tightness. Why do they come out with this sort of crap?
  5. Agreed, and he's a player obviously known to the manager, which is a far better motive for signing a player than has been the case for several other signings in recent years.
  6. Agreed, I think Warburton will have them on the up next season. Like us, they have a great history and tradition. Re incoming transfers - this could be the moment when Tony finds out that Venky's don't always honour their promises.
  7. Which is all fine, but it's simply a manager talking a good game. He probably said the the same kind of thing at Coventry. We heard similar from Lambert when he thought money would be made available. Everyone hopes Mowbray succeeds but, bearing in mind his record at Coventry, doubts about funding, and the continuing lack of a functioning CEO at the club, the chances are slim.
  8. I don't think anyone is slating him. More a case of evaluating the decision to award him an extended contract based on an honourable but failed attempt to stay up, and a visit to our esteemed owners in Pune.
  9. Absolutely agree, another slice of how not to run a football club from Venky's. Ironic that they have potentially wasted even more money, (in the event they sack Mowbray this season), whilst conducting a financial review of the club. My guess is that Mrs Dessi took a shine to him in Pune. As you and others have said, only results and tangible success on the pitch actually merit this kind of reward. We all hope Mowbray succeeds, but his recent CV is no basis for the ridiculously inflated amount of optimism which currently surrounds him. Yes, he talks a good game but, as we know from bitter experience, that means nothing. I wouldn't lay this decision at (cardboard) Mike Cheston's feet though, as it's clearly well above his station. Yet again, this highlights the need for the appointment of a competent and functioning CEO.
  10. He was, of course, better than Coyle, but that really isn't anything to write home about. However, as far I am concerned an honourable failure does not prove he is the right man for the job going forwards. Additionally, as JH Rover correctly points out, the inadequate boardroom infrastructure makes it an almost impossible job for anyone. By and large I know I'm preaching to the converted on here, but I still see plenty of optimism on social media.
  11. This is exactly why there is no reason for optimism. Same mistakes being made yet again. I also don't get the reason for such an inflated level of belief in a manager, (& now his assistant), who left their previous club at the foot of League One. Yes, he got some results with us late last season, but we are now in a completely different situation where a rebuilding process is required. I hope Tony succeeds, but certainly not holding my breath.
  12. As others have alluded to, at least Mowbray has the excuse of being relatively new. I am amazed at the levels of joy and optimism, (on social media more than on here), which have followed Mowbray's quotes about his meetings with the Raos. It's evident that some people simply never learn.
  13. Entirely predictable, based on several years experience. Even if Venkys do loosen the purse strings a little, they will still be trying to run the show from India, so the decision making process will still be far too slow.
  14. = a load more cuts whilst continuing to completely miss the point, i.e. The desperate need to appoint a chief exec who knows how to run a football club.
  15. How many times have we been here before? The Raos will tell Mowbray, (a manager who left his previous club at the bottom of League One, let's not forget), exactly what he wants to hear. Once he gets back to England, it will be radio silence, and the cycle of decline will continue. Keep an eye on the first League Two manager to be sacked next season. He will probably end up here.