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  1. martonrover

    Bradford City (home)

    Chapman has actually tweeted this evening that he hopes to return prior to the end of the season. Highly unlikely, I would've thought, but nothing wrong with his attitude.
  2. martonrover


    Agreed. Yes, Wigan have a hectic schedule ahead, but in reality what that means is they will just play the matches and do very little training inbetween. I don't think their players will mind that at all. If we win it, it'll be a bonus. Need to stay ahead of Shrewsbury and Rotherham, (who are by no means out of it).
  3. martonrover

    Wimbledon v Rovers

    There are two separate issues here. Yes, the over reaction by the media to a bit of winter weather is ridiculous. However, if this match either gets postponed or abandoned, it will be shocking by Wimbledon. The concern is purely about the wellbeing of our players and supporters.
  4. martonrover

    Wimbledon v Rovers

    That could be very bad timing judging by the forecast. Re the trains - they were already cancelling some local / regional services before the first flake had even fallen down there. Seen pictures of chaotic scenes at some stations this morning. I would try & get out of it if you can.
  5. martonrover

    Wimbledon v Rovers

    I agree about a general over reaction to any winter weather, particularly in the South. However, a late postponement (or abandonment) of a match where the away fans have a 200+ mile trip is another matter.
  6. martonrover

    Wimbledon v Rovers

    A late postponement would be unforgivable. Any doubt whatsoever, it should be called off early tomorrow morning.
  7. martonrover

    Wimbledon v Rovers

    Yes, same at Cambridge, but Wimbledon appear confident about their pitch covers. If the pitch does turn out to be unplayable following the media releases today, they are going to look very silly.
  8. martonrover

    Wimbledon v Rovers

    Once again, I would say that the pitch is unlikely to be the issue. If conditions in the surrounding area are poor, the Police may ask for a postponement. It will all come down to the amount of snowfall.
  9. martonrover

    Wimbledon v Rovers

    Agreed, I don't think the state of the pitch will be the problem. The Met Office has also upgraded a snow warning tomorrow from Yellow to Amber for the Greater London area. I once went to a match at Cambridge which got abandoned at half time. For the sake of those travelling, we don't want a repeat
  10. martonrover

    LEAGUE 1 2017/18

    Just shows how quickly the picture can change, which works two ways of course. Some folk celebrated like we'd got promoted at Fleetwood and moaned that we'd blown it after Plymouth, (not talking about anyone on here). Re Rochdale - can only be because of postponements due to weather, their pitch and FA Cup commitments.
  11. martonrover

    Portsmouth v Rovers

    I don't think their current blip has anything to do with the cup run, but it just shows there are likely to be plenty of twists & turns ahead. Well done GB. Clearly his boys gave it a right good go this evening. Could be a crucial win for us. Nice to turn 1 point into 3 instead of the other way around for a change.
  12. martonrover


    R.I.P. Jimmy. A very sad day for my adopted home town.
  13. martonrover

    The January 2018 transfer thread

    I would imagine Bell's agent is doing everything possible to interest a Championship club, (perhaps renewed interest from Cardiff). I would give him until the end of the week & then move on.
  14. martonrover

    The January 2018 transfer thread

    To the contrary, it could be argued that unsettling one of the opposition's key players in the lead up to a match could work in our favour. Perhaps now that Fleetwood are out of the Cup, it may sway his decision. It's easy to say,, "Why doesn't he just sign?", but maybe he's being influenced by his agent, or maybe he's very happy at Fleetwood.
  15. martonrover

    The January 2018 transfer thread

    I would say the jury is still out on Raya, but he is certainly worth sticking with and could become a very good keeper.

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