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  1. Mowbray would not even be able to blame Venky's, as he's been well backed. A decent manager would succeed at this level with the backing he's had. If Mowbray were to be sacked, the problem we would have is the usual one - no empowered, competent CEO to make a decent appointment, (hence his own bizarre appointment & Coyle's before him). And so it goes on.
  2. He had a cracking run at Coventry a couple of years ago. Ultimately came to nowt, then left them bottom and winless the following season.
  3. Very good post. I felt strongly that Mowbray should not have been appointed, but there would be no justification in sacking him now. However, the question I keep asking myself is, "Does Mowbray have a promotion left in him?" Both my heart and head are saying "No", (based on results during his recent years as a manager and on what I've seen so far under his tenure at Rovers). Hoping against hope that I'm wrong. Given the backing he's had, top six is an absolute minimum requirement. .
  4. Interesting. I saw Gallagher in the JW Stand today.
  5. He's had plenty, but it looks as if they've backed the wrong horse (again).
  6. It's infuriating to look at Cardiff's progress since Warnock arrived, as that should've been us. Let's hope Mowbray can start to produce results, but I just can't help but think his career may be in terminal decline. All managers go through lean spells, but his results last season at Coventry were dire, (which is why his appointment was bizarre), and he hasn't had tangible success anywhere for many years.
  7. The bottom line is that Mowbray has been backed. How many other League One clubs forked out 750K on one player? Not many clubs finish their transfer business early in the window, and several of our new signings featured in pre-season. It takes time for a team to gel, but that still doesn't account for what we witnessed on Saturday. It was totally unacceptable. Mowbray is a likeable enough guy, but it's a results business and he needs some ASAP.
  8. My cynical side says we were waiting for the TV fixtures to be announced. Now that they have, and we're not one of them, they will probably stick a few quid on the price.
  9. Just twelve months ago, Warnock was ready to take the job (the decision to go for the cheapo option led directly to the latest step of our decline). The fact is that Mowbray has been backed. He actually has less excuse for failure than Coyle. My own preference, once we knew we would be playing in League One, was for either someone with a track record in this division, (see Bolton), or a young, upcoming guy whose star could potentially rise. Obviously, we can no longer attract the calibre of candidate as when we were a Premier League or even decent Championship club. However, with the right offer and a little imagination, (this is why you need a real CEO), we could still make a decent appointment. All this comes down to Venkys, but does not excuse the rubbish Mowbray's team served up yesterday.
  10. He said after last Saturday "Judge us after ten - twelve games", so I would agree. If we were talking about an upcoming, inexperienced manager, then there would be far more scope for saying 'give him the season'. We have a guy who has been around the block a good few times, and should be capable of obtaining reasonable results in League One from the outset, having been given money to spend.
  11. Yes, which is deeply worrying. Everyone in the ground could see we had square pegs in round holes.
  12. I don't think anyone is calling for Mowbray to be sacked. I simply don't agree that he has a ready made excuse of poor owners if he fails. As a stand alone issue, the performance yesterday was pathetic, and Mowbray has to take most responsibility for that.
  13. Whilst Venky's are the root cause of our current circumstances, they cannot be blamed for what was served up yesterday. Leeds had a poor owner, yet a decent manager almost got them in the Championship Play Offs last season. To date, Mowbray has been well backed and almost given a blank piece of paper to work from. We're only two games in, and it's far too early to pass judgement. However, the chances of a guy whose management career appeared to be in terminal decline turning this around look pretty slim. It was another bizarre appointment. We can but hope.
  14. That's thirteen without a win for Mowbray in this League. I'm beginning to see why, and then he says the tactics weren't to blame. Blimey.
  15. I fully agree and think we were all surprised when the news broke. However, from listening to Mowbray it sounded like the deal had practically been done, so I find it hard to believe it wouldn't go ahead just because a striker deal had also been agreed.