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  1. The January 2018 transfer thread

    To the contrary, it could be argued that unsettling one of the opposition's key players in the lead up to a match could work in our favour. Perhaps now that Fleetwood are out of the Cup, it may sway his decision. It's easy to say,, "Why doesn't he just sign?", but maybe he's being influenced by his agent, or maybe he's very happy at Fleetwood.
  2. The January 2018 transfer thread

    I would say the jury is still out on Raya, but he is certainly worth sticking with and could become a very good keeper.
  3. The January 2018 transfer thread

    Chris Brown next up 😉
  4. Rotherham V Rovers

    I was highly critical of Mowbray's appointment but, overall, I think he's doing a decent job. Despite losing a bit more ground today we are still well in the mix, (I would certainly have settled for this position going into the second half of the season). However, I do think there is a danger of too many draws costing us dear, just as they did during the run in at the end of last season. Tony needs to be a bit braver at key moments. I think we all knew what was coming when he replaced a forward with a defender. We simply aren't strong enough defensively to try and see out a 1-0 win. Anyway, plenty of games left and, hopefully, a couple of new signings, (pace please), to keep us in touch with the top two.

    I don't think Mowbray should be sacked, but I still don't believe he has another promotion in him. I think most of us can see the bigger picture, i.e. We're b*ggered either way. Mowbray should not have got the job, but that does not justify sacking him at this time. We all know that if / when he is sacked, another appointment from Pasha's Rothmans Football Annual 2010 is likely. Re our current position, as I stated in my previous post, it's like Bowyer all over again, "We're only x number of points from the play offs". I must stress , I desperately hope Mowbray proves me wrong.

    Agreed. Mowbray is our League One Bowyer. We will probably potter along in the top ten of this division for a year or two, then regress.

    Agreed, Chapman and Dack should both start. Attack is the best form of defence.
  8. Mowbray stays as manager

    Mowbray thinks too much, that's one of his main faults. At least with Chapman and Dack starting they can impact on the game, even if they are withdrawn. At Oldham, and in other games, we were chasing the game by the time they were brought on.
  9. Mowbray stays as manager

    Yesterday's team selection was reminiscent of the Bowyer era. Bowyer used to throw caution to the wind, (pun intended), when he was under pressure and badly needed a win. Chapman and Dack are our main threats. They need to be starting week in week out.
  10. Academy & U'21's

    Agreed, and at least some of our promising youngsters may then get a sniff of a first team opportunity.
  11. ROVERS v Portsmouth

    Brian Storm - he sounds just the type of swashbuckling midfielder we're lacking 😉
  12. Mowbray stays as manager

    His remarks about it being too much of a risk to give Nuttall a chance are ridiculous. It's seemed obvious for sometime that the U23s are virtually a separate club. Now we know why.
  13. Who should replace TM?

    I agree that it is too early to sack Mowbray based on results to this point. However, I still think he was another very poor appointment and I don't understand the logic of people having faith he will gradually build us back up and take us forward. Several posts on here relate to needing a manager with a track record in this Division. Whilst disagreeing with that, I would point out that Mowbray's track record in this Division is to leave his previous club at the foot of it. Yes, he seems a much more genuine guy than Coyle, but the bottom line is that his managerial career has followed a very similar pattern, i.e. Early success followed by a catalogue of failure. On the basis of what I've seen so far this season, I can't see him reversing that trend at Rovers. We all know Venky's are the underlying problem, but they have backed Mowbray financially and given him authority to dictate footballing matters at the club. I think he's already made some poor decisions in terms of recruitment, team selection and tactics. I hope I'm wrong, but I think in time he will take the club further back rather than forward. However, I accept that in the event of him being sacked, another poor appointment will be made. It's grim.
  14. Who should replace TM?

    So every manager who gets a club promoted from a division has managed in said division before? As I posted earlier - the last manager to get us out of this division was a rookie. To reiterate, ideally we want a young, upcoming manager with some tangible success already on his CV. However, failing that, from the candidate pool we are now realistically choosing from as a League One club, we do not want another washed up has been topping up his pension pot.
  15. Who should replace TM?

    Someone on the way up. Johnson ticks that box & has had results at Under 23 level. Although I don't subscribe to the romantic idea of bringing back former players, I do think Matt Jansen would be a good shout. Learning his trade the hard way and an intelligent guy. Dunn. Why? If ever there was a case of jobs for the boys, he is it.