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  1. As others have alluded to, at least Mowbray has the excuse of being relatively new. I am amazed at the levels of joy and optimism, (on social media more than on here), which have followed Mowbray's quotes about his meetings with the Raos. It's evident that some people simply never learn.
  2. Entirely predictable, based on several years experience. Even if Venkys do loosen the purse strings a little, they will still be trying to run the show from India, so the decision making process will still be far too slow.
  3. = a load more cuts whilst continuing to completely miss the point, i.e. The desperate need to appoint a chief exec who knows how to run a football club.
  4. How many times have we been here before? The Raos will tell Mowbray, (a manager who left his previous club at the bottom of League One, let's not forget), exactly what he wants to hear. Once he gets back to England, it will be radio silence, and the cycle of decline will continue. Keep an eye on the first League Two manager to be sacked next season. He will probably end up here.
  5. July 1st a mere technicality. Business is already being done. We are being left behind by the likes of Bury.
  6. "Top accountants" other than cardboard cutout Mike Cheston, who they have had running the show for the last year or so!
  7. Much as I want us to survive today, I'm not that nervous for one simple reason. Whatever happens today, we face another struggle next season in whichever division we find ourselves in. Should the worst happen, I expect to be reading tweets claiming that Mowbray will get us straight back up. Based on his time at Coventry, under similar circumstances, there is more likelihood he will pave the way for our next relegation. Anyway, that's for the future. Would be nice to have something to celebrate today for a change.......
  8. Just to clarify, I'm not advocating going gung ho. There's a happy medium.
  9. Unfortunately, given what Mowbray has said, this is exactly what I envisage. The chances of winning with a team devoid of pace / creativity & set up to defend are extremely slim.
  10. Yes, he (Anthony) certainly lived in the area, and we worked at Integrate Supported Housing for people with learning disabilities in the town. A very nice chap.
  11. I used to work with the sitar player in Cornershop. I think it was just a bit of a hobby for him, then they got to Number One.
  12. Agreed. How, exactly, is that going to , "put doubt in people's minds?" I'm not suggesting we should go hung ho, but we have to be more positive than at Wolves. Playing for a draw in a game we need to win. Not liking the sound of it at all.
  13. Or, more likely, our team will consist of youth players and those dredged from the bottom of Mrs Senior's barrel.
  14. They also made imaginative managerial appointments.
  15. Agreed, that is our best hope, (& Forest are at home).