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  1. Mr Creosote

    [Archived] Bolton Game 0-1

    Have I missed Zulu? I would have thought our resident Twotter would have been fairly prolific this week. To be fair, he seems a decent sort and was expecting him on here with some Notlob perspective.
  2. Mr Creosote

    [Archived] Bolton Game 0-1

    Why lower yourself to their level?
  3. Mr Creosote

    [Archived] Bolton Game 0-1

    Exactly. Chill out and enjoy survival.
  4. Mr Creosote

    Jay McEveley

    Blimey! Did Jay spill your pint or summat?
  5. Mr Creosote

    [Archived] The Schadenfreude Section

    I've drawn a lot of comfort from schadenfreude this nervy summer. The world's most odious club being made to squirm by The Winker and Spurs, tappers up in chief, squealing like pigs over Keane and Berbatov. Marvellous
  6. Mr Creosote

    [Archived] Citeh To Sack Barton?

    I dunno about that. There aren't many building sites/groundworking companies where the majority of employees havn't got previous. If Barton isn't allowed to play football professionally it's down to those of us paying taxes to keep him for the rest of his days. Let him play on. ........as long as it isn't for us.
  7. Mr Creosote

    [Archived] Lucas Neill

    Nicko reckons Neill is off to Ci'eh. M.E.N.. reported last night that the Aussie clogger was on £60k a week at West Ham . I doubt this mercenary ******* will head to the Beswick circus for a penny less. Or before he has chance to insult the Hammers fans and google "Man City" enabling him to claim inspiration from Bell, Summerbee, Trautmann and Steve Kinsey.
  8. Mr Creosote

    Everton 1-2 Rovers

    I spent most of that game staring down at my feet!
  9. Funny how people interpret things differently. I always thought that there was an enclave of Dingles on Darwen Street. I would agree with you about their Rovers coverage though. They have had journalists like Howard Booth and Guy Havord who have gone on to bigger and better things. They obviously didn't come from the area and with both I felt that they were struggling to mask a dislike of Rovers (Booth in particular). I dont think it is unreasonable to expect a degree of bias from the local media. With Radio Lancs it's almost as though they resent Rovers being in the Premier League. As for Gary Hickson - ffs.
  10. I dont want impartiality from my local paper. Within reason Rovers matters should be reported on from a Rovers supporters viewpoint, if I want to read how every body including tea lady and turnstyle operators want out I'll buy the tabloid rags. Is Suzanne Geldard a Rover? I know she covered Stanley a lot for the L.T. but I was under the impression she was six fingered.
  11. I work In Ci'eh territory. They've just forked out £19m for a Brazilian striker. You honestly dont hear that many complaints.
  12. Not a nice thread this.......if you know what I mean.
  13. I believe that is Paul Agnew's (formally L.E.P) company. As the article suggests they have strong ties with Rovers and work closely with the club. It seems an odd move for both parties as Neild has never come accross as a Rovers fan and I think he admitted as much on here about 12 months ago. This is a big oportunity for the L.T. to restore some credibility with the Rovers support.
  14. Andy Nield has been on here, around a year ago I think. He was defending himself and his employers against some angry punters.
  15. Mr Creosote

    [Archived] Lucas Neill

    Those of us who gave Lucash the stick he deserved are childish? How does our childishness compare to your reaction to Ince's appointment?

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