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  1. A cup of beans

    iFollow Thread

    You are Des ? Des ?
  2. A cup of beans

    Carabao Cup

    Just keep thinking back to their 2 cup fiascos last season.
  3. A cup of beans

    Carabao Cup

    I'm daft for getting myself hyped for it, but its engrained and deep rooted. Walk on prices for this will likely be hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.
  4. A cup of beans

    Carabao Cup

    It is a real quandary for this boycotter, right here If I enjoy the experience of returning, will it hook me in, again ?
  5. A cup of beans

    Carabao Cup

    I'm a boycotter, but I'm at Leeds festival from the Thursday. :/ This would be typical and sting.
  6. A cup of beans

    Carabao Cup

    Time will tell, if we can gel.
  7. A cup of beans

    The enigmatic Jason Lowe vortex

    Who can pay his wages, and would really want him. His agent is going to have to produce some magic.
  8. You were decent. Like whispering Bob Harris, crossed with Frank Spencer. I'm joking, of course. Who needs another host ? Think of the tour 😅
  9. Man alive! It's an awesome listen. Finally a Rovers podcast to engage and enthral. Everyone involved are knowledgeable talented talkers. It's really something. Everything a Rover should want from a podcast. And the best theme from anywhere in Podland
  10. Outstanding, DE. The fact that I'm furious, all over again, shows your articles impact.
  11. A cup of beans

    Mowbray’s Future

    Didn't sound like that. He also said on Sky he expects backing.
  12. A cup of beans

    Mowbray’s Future

    He'll know by the end of the week, apparently. His future shouldve been decided before today (regardless of the outcome). I think we all know what's going to happeneed. I'm still convinced hiring him was very calculated, at a time when the heat and descent were rising on the terraces and in the press. He's a fine orator and a fine man. Hope he stays.
  13. A cup of beans

    iFollow Thread

    I think that is the most relevant point. The technologists will always win out. As far as the paid subscription Kodi apps, these are all based out of the UK, where issues of streaming and piracy are the norm. You don't need a VPN for that content to reach your home (as ive never had one). Killing individual links etc.. is pointless as another will prop up within minutes. The only way to stop it is by legal process, to close down the whole streaming app/ site, but where they (UK) may not even have jurisdiction. In an ideal world, the broadcasters would continue to lose subscribers and will then strive to make their subscriptions cheaper/ more affordable to the masses.
  14. A cup of beans

    iFollow Thread

    You know the answer to that Each individual will make their minds up. Who's morally wrong and who's morally right ? Cause and affect.

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