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  1. Wimbledon

    Admired the old Wimbledon, back in the day, they survived and thrived against the odds, with uneasy methods, at times. (BT SPORTS DOC had genuinely uncomfortable moments). They were replaced, with barely anyone caring. An outrage that deserves more inspection. Everything about MK riles me. They don't deserve their place in the Pyramid, and I wish them nothing but ill will. Lots of Wimbledon memories. Fash breaking Moran's nose. Shay Givens solitary Rovers game (where he was brilliant). Shearer's last scores at Ewood. The awful : "Great balls of fire" goal music. And, my personal favourite, Vinny Jones celebrating an Ewood abondment by diving into every pitch puddle he could find.
  2. Rovers v Burnley

    Tickets bought. I'm naming it :'The Rovers Ressaurection'. The tombstone couldn't be moved back tonight. Apart from the 1st 15 mins, we looked well below. We played some wretched stuff. We lacked, sharpness, spirit, devilment. All this against a bang average side, intent on hoofing the ball. They were playing a game of 'the pitch is Lava.' They will be relegated come May, so we can all rejoice in that. Mr Mowbray has plummeted from his pedistal. He chose not to play his strongest side tonight, again he didn't grasp it's importance to all of us. A couple of players shone, Bennett, Samuel, and Chapman. Smallwood will be brilliant with a decent partner. The rest of them, looked weak in every way. Raya deserved his Man of the match (even though his kicking lacks power and direction).
  3. 4 at the back, instead of 3.
  4. Rovers v Burnley

    Gav might be picking Flowers for the social side of his team. Brad is a dullard, whereas Flowers is a character
  5. Rovers v Burnley

    Nothing compared to a proper firm. I knew someone who was in the young suicide squad, though. Nasty sods them, and one very tragic incident (death of a Forest fan).
  6. Rovers v Burnley

    No Danny (I've won the Prem) Simpson ? Makes you weep looking at some of our star players and their standing in the game, to where we are now.
  7. Rovers v Burnley

    Make no mistake, if we beat them, be that by skill or a fluke, it will be the best victory over them in our history. My 1st Ewood game since a self imposed exhile and I cannot wait.
  8. Jordan aka Orville

    Many a good chat / drink with Jordan over the years. Glad to hear he's doing well.
  9. Rovers v Burnley

    Tickets bought. I'm naming it : 'The Rovers Resurrection'
  10. Bradford City V Rovers

    Uh, oh. You've sewn a seed there 🤣
  11. Rovers v Doncaster Rovers

    Mine was an obvious statement. But one many people on here are blind to.
  12. Bradford City V Rovers

    Was gonna go, but the ex is still living in Bradford. 😛 The combination of bathing in booze, coupled with the likeliest defeats might have tipped me over the edge and I'd likely have ended up on her doorstep. 😂
  13. Carabao Cup

    Just keep thinking back to their 2 cup fiascos last season.
  14. Carabao Cup

    I'm daft for getting myself hyped for it, but its engrained and deep rooted. Walk on prices for this will likely be hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.