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  1. For goodness sake, Chaddy. We could afford a lot of things if Venkys covered them. These ***** have proven time and time again, they lie and deceive and still people are inclined to swallow their nonsense. I'd love him to stay and rip up LGE 1, but lets not kid ourselves, the club will want his wages off the bill. Anyone who believes otherwise is deluded. There was one such soul on twitter last night. I wont name him, but to paraphrase, he'd: " bought his season ticket and was really looking forwards to the season, now relegation had sunk in."
  2. Abandoned clothing- thank goodness
  3. Unforgivable. Please accept my humble apology. 😂👍
  4. Took time to get up to speed. Was starting to play really well, then he broke his leg at Newcastle. He put in a few superb displays. Birmingham away and a cup game v Liverpool stick in my memory.
  5. In what way?
  6. His performances in the relegation were insulting. Shirker. Shoulder shrugger. Lack of application. Couldn't care less.
  7. Orr slagged the fans and praised SK within minutes of our relegation. The main reason I picked him.
  8. Outstanding, DE. The fact that I'm furious, all over again, shows your articles impact.
  9. Bradley Orr. Nzonzi. Andrews.
  10. Or already a member on here. I take your point.
  11. Bizzare that. Now I'm questioning the legitimacy. I can never get my head around why people post on other clubs forums, on topics unrelated to them. Maybe that's just me.
  12. Going forward we must discredit their family name instead of their brand
  13. If only this was the start of the Roas' world caving in. In the very least, lets hope their lives are made as uncomfortable as possible... (or as short as possible).
  14. That's a great deducement. And gives me hope. Until I remember :the Raos seldom communicate. Here's hoping TM can unveil his masterplan by Skyping them in their hollowed out volcano.