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  1. jodrell

    Bogey grounds

    we seemed to have a poor record at the Dell. But when Southampton moved we seemed to have a good record at the new ground.
  2. jodrell

    Premier League Stuff

    Same old Rafa spends a fortune. Then blames owners for not backing him.
  3. jodrell

    Burnley pub renamed after Sean Dyche

    i have a feeling they will struggle this season . As it looks like they will struggle to score many goals.
  4. jodrell

    Europa League

    i have a feeling they are going to struggle this season. as it look like they won't score many.
  5. jodrell

    Premier League Stuff

    league 2
  6. i have to admit thinking was it worth paying 3m for Shearer. Then saw him against Norwich and he was worth it.
  7. jodrell

    Lancashire Clubs - Round Up

    The Theatre merchandise is in Cheshire (Trafford)
  8. jodrell

    Rovers v Blackpool

    by the way on Hurst he has also got them to a wembley cup final.
  9. jodrell

    The Flying Pig

    A classic quote from Shankly about the Arsenal game.
  10. jodrell

    ROVERS v MK Dons

    Shankley did some good ones.
  11. i would like to say a big thank you to the FA for listening to the fans concerns about the slum dogs. I hope they come out of this just as badly as them.
  12. jodrell

    Your 2nd Team

    Accy Stanley as i lived near the old peel park ground. Barnsley as that was where my dad grew up also Shrewsbury as a good friend lives there.
  13. jodrell

    Rotherham Away 11 Feb

    He should never been appointed in the first place. Even simpler.
  14. jodrell

    Alan Shearer Way


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