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  1. duffbear


    I have tickets to see vanessa paradis next month at the forum in Kentish town London. 21 years after she played the same venue which I attended! 3rd time seeing her live
  2. duffbear


    No idea how americans put up with it. Apart from football I never watch live television always record and watch at a later date
  3. duffbear

    Football Aid 2013

  4. duffbear


    Ha, Ha T.J regarding spelling that is exactly why I said Matthew and Woddy not that I am on first name basis with them or anything.....
  5. duffbear


    I am 4 episodes in and it is still going strong I have watched the first 2 episodes of True Detective and the acting is amazing and as already mentioned feels like you are watching a film rather than tv series. I think Matthew and Woddy are 2 of the best actors of there generation.
  6. duffbear


    I am currently out of work so have a lot of time on my hands and am currently rotating a lot of programs my current recommendation are Bates Motel which had recently started on universal channel I believe which is series based on the Psycho film. American Horror Story, Cougar Town with Courtney cox, Hannibal, Haven, New Girl, Revenge, Modern Family, The Michael J Fox Show, Touch, True Detective, Orange is the new black and The Bridge. Also my guilty pleasures are Nashville, Dallas and if you like reality series don't get much better than Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew. I am sure everyone has checked them out and decided if it is for them or not but if you haven't check out 24 (my favourite series ever) Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and Rules of Engagement.
  7. duffbear

    Chris Sulley

    I played against Chris Sulley a couple of years ago at ewood, nice guy
  8. I would love to still be doing it now but stopped when Jake went back to the states. Tried getting back into a couple of years ago but have back problems and would go training and every few weeks would pull my back out and have to take time off work and if I would have carried on I would probably have lost my job and not been able to wrestle anyway reffed a couple of matches after but no longer have the same love for the business as WWE (still find it hard calling it that) is for want of a better word @#/? these days!
  9. They have lifetime acheivement award for actors why shouldnt wrestlers have similar honours? I used to wrestle and was trained in the UK by Jake Roberts and yes of course wrestling is scripted but do the move hurt ? yes they do even if you land correctley you will still have bruises. I wrestled for 18 months and in that time tore my hamstring, broke my hand and injuried my elbow so badly it swelled to twice the size and also lost all feeling in my legs for approx 5 mins during a match and carried on because you are told too no matter what! . It is Dangerous
  10. Hoiser Dome Indanoplis I was there watching Live watching Macho win the title and met his brother (the genius) only last year
  11. I am absloutley gutted one of my favourite wrestlers growing up and meet his brother (the Genius) last year
  12. duffbear

    Ruben Rochina Signs

    Spoke to Ruben yesterday his english is really good already. He said he would be out for 2-3 months
  13. duffbear

    Where Are They Now?

    Was watching some progrom on espn (I think) and they had Ashley Ward on there and is a property developer and his house is quite often used as a show house and looked impressive/expensive million plus I would say!!. He also has several current/ex prem players as clients. David Bentley was last spotted playing for spurs reserves (again) well at least you got your move to a bigger club David and secured you place as an England regular...... I Played footie a couple of months ago with Chris Sulley and against Kevin Gallagher at Ewood Park.
  14. duffbear

    Where Are They Now?

    Simon Ireland rejoined Blackburn earlier this year from Burnley and is now a coach at the club. He also played in this years football aid at Ewood park he was playing at left back, supplying me as I was on the left Wing

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