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  1. Amo

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    £250m to turn an established Premier League club into a Championship basketcase.
  2. Amo

    Mowbray’s Future

    It's time for a shake-up from the top down. I understand that some fans want to give Mowbray the benefit of the doubt, since he's the only manager under Venky's to achieve a modicum of "success", albeit bringing us full-circle. For many others, though, the writing is on the wall. Mowbray has run out of ideas and excuses. I wouldn't trust him with a summer rebuild. He's only just twigged that we need a no-nonsense centre-half! Mowbray gets a free pass this season for keeping us up. However, if we want to progress instead of going backwards we need new management with fresh ideas and ambitions. We shouldn't fall into the same trap of accepting mediocrity or playing it safe out of fear of change. I know this much, I don't much fancy another season of Teflon Tony blaming everyone under the sun for his own shortcomings as we slink back to League One.
  3. Amo

    The Big Summer Clearout

    Lot of rebuilding needed in the summer. I wonder if we would need to sell Dack to do it? At least that way we wouldn't be locked into playing one up top. Anyway, Leutwiler, Williams, Downing, Gladwin, and Conway can all go. I'd keep Evans, as his longer contract will make him harder to shift. We can dump Smallwood on a L1 club. Need a new goalie, at least two centre-backs, left-back, centre-mid, winger and a striker. I'd renew Reed's loan or try a cut-price deal, otherwise pass. Fan of Rodwell but he's only here as a makeshift CB and those stop-start injuries are no good for continuity.
  4. Amo

    The Big Summer Clearout

    Lazy buggar was the consensus, if I recall.
  5. The NZ shooter is a self-confessed accelerationist. He knew it would inflame tensions, bring more extremists to the surface, and see governments clamp down harder on individual freedoms. Since we were already heading down that path, he wanted to speed up the process.
  6. Amo

    The Big Summer Clearout

    Yup, Downing, Leutwiler, Rodwell, Conway, Gladwin all up at the end of season. Source says the same for Evans & Nyambe, although they're actually tied to 2021 & 2020 respectively.
  7. You can't group peoples together when it suits your rhetoric, then divorce them when it doesn't. That's disingenuous. I also think you are being disingenuous to my second point. "White privilege, Mansplaining, Rape culture" these are but a few liberal terms used to demonise predominantly white males in society. "White privilege?" Your average white guy is a wagecuck like the rest of society - or worse, a homeless bum, not some hotshot banker. "Mansplaining" is feminazi nonsense. And there simply is no "rape culture" in the western world. Ironically, it does exist in the cultures that liberals are keen to protect. Even a goddamn razor blade company is getting in on the act, portraying white men as sleazebags and people of colour as heroes. People are getting tired of this bullsh*t.
  8. If we’re all individuals, why are you using collective nouns? Btw, you forgot to include single white men, who are constantly demonised as racist, chauvinist, privileged oppressors.
  9. EQUAL and opposite. Equal act but opposite roles.
  10. Amo

    Summer transfer window

    And Mowbray will play him at right-back.
  11. We’ve been a soft touch for a long time now. Seriously, when was the last time we had a decent backline? Even when we had Dann, Duffy, Hanley etc. we still struggled to keep teams out.
  12. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Who honestly didn’t see something like this coming?
  13. Amo

    ROVERS V Wigan

    Never said that Evans & Smallwood always play together, it's that Mowbray has to pick one of them. To drop both last night was a breath of fresh air.
  14. Amo

    Summer transfer window

    In an ideal world, the XI would be: *((NEW GK)) Nyambe - **Bauer - Lenihan - ((NEW LB)) Chapman - Reed - Travis - Armstrong/Rothwell Dack Graham * Would keep Raya but he needs competition ** or the equivalent Too gung-ho for our Tony?
  15. Amo

    Mowbray’s Future

    Would love for last night to be a turning point for the manager, but I think now that we're practically safe we will revert to type.

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