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  1. Amo

    The reputation of the club

    Ironically, because they followed their dad's blueprint and let the business take care of itself. Shame they didn't follow that philosophy when it came to Rovers.
  2. Calling it now, he'll return to Forest on loan. His contract will wind down and we'll cut our losses for a few bob.
  3. We'll win but we'll make bloody hard work of it.
  4. Amo

    Academy & U21s

    Evans can be a tidy player on his day. Problem is it's mostly Northern Ireland who get to see that. Is he more suited to international football or just going through the motions here? I think he's been coasting for a long time and we need to get shot.
  5. Amo

    If Tony goes...

    Pretty much. My point is that you never know exactly what kind of manager is the right fit. We could look for another old head who's been around the block and done it at this level (Warnock) or we could think outside the box and take a punt on an up-and-coming manager (Ainsworth).
  6. Amo

    Stewart Downing Signs

    Haven't got a clue, Tyrone. Just find it weird it looked like he was part of Mowbray's plans only to be shoved out the door.
  7. Amo

    If Tony goes...

    An unpredictable venture, derived from the dice-game 'craps'.
  8. Amo

    Dominic Matteo

    Never a fan but wishing him well.
  9. Amo

    If Tony goes...

    Let's face it, managerial appointments are a crapshoot. Plenty of managers look great on paper but flatter to deceive. Lambert, Irvine and Kelly were heaven sent. Look how that turned out - although I'm sure there were other factors involved. Probably the same factors that will always stop us getting ahead.
  10. Amo

    Stewart Downing Signs

    Mulgrew's unceremonious exit was strange. If it was due to contractual reasons (100 app contract extension) surely the club would've been aware of that in the summer? It would make no sense for him to start as captain against Charlton. Unless we needed someone off the wage bill to bring in Holtby?
  11. To be fair, Davies and Grabbi were both overvalued. Grabbi was a Italian Div 2 goalgetter and Davies only had one year at Southampton. Hardly enough to be our record signings. Brereton won an award the previous year for young prospects. I'm sure he was sold as a development signing who'd quadruple in value. Personally, I don't know what his strengths are. Reminds me of Davies in some ways. When he was here he struggled with his price-tag, looked out of his depth and started picking up injuries. I expect we'll sell him back to Forest in a couple years for a pittance.
  12. Amo


    Easiest WC route ever. Went out to the first decent team.
  13. Chapman had rave reviews in the U23s at the start of the season. Probably got fed up of Mowbray's double-standards.
  14. Amo

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Bit unfair on Sherwood tbh. He did well at Tottenham and didn't have his staff at Villa. If he came here with Chris Ramsey, who knows?
  15. Amo


    Does it matter?

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