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  1. Amo

    Football Italia

    Cagliari were mine. They were crap but they had that halved kit.
  2. Amo

    Football Italia

    Ahhhh those were the days. Before I knew Italian football was bent as a nine bob note.
  3. Amo

    Hakan Şükür

    Eh, I wouldn't say he was "well-past his sell-by date" when he came here. He was only 31 and continued to play for Galatasaray for several more years. He had to flee to the US because the Turkish government seized all of his assets.
  4. Amo

    Summer Transfer Window

    Their coverage of the female game is certainly disproportionate to its actual popularity and status, yup.
  5. Amo

    Summer Transfer Window

    Nope but they'll pretend both games are equal and keep shilling it.
  6. Amo

    Leicester away

    Are you suggesting Mowbray didn't do his homework on a player who cost us £7m?
  7. Amo

    Summer Transfer Window

    No, it doesn't work both ways, silly.
  8. Amo

    20/21 kit

    Ugh, really? 🤔 I never got the love for that one or the logic behind it. "Okay, Blackburn's home colours are blue, white and red... So, for the away strip, we'll go..."
  9. Amo

    Summer Transfer Window

    That's because it would be "sexist" not to have the men and women's games on level pegging.
  10. Amo

    Leicester away

    What makes some ex-pro who gives Rovers a cursory mention more "knowledgeable" about the club than the fans who eat, sleep and breathe everything Rovers? Like Stu said, plenty of managers/ex-players were telling us to give Kean a chance.
  11. Amo

    Summer Transfer Window

    Worst gameshow ever. How is it so popular?
  12. Amo

    20/21 kit

    Don't these companies pour money into marketing divisions? I know BRFCS is a small sample size but there's always a clamour for the red & black halved jersey, and I bet there's plenty of fans outside here who'd lap it up. Seems the club are missing a trick.
  13. Amo

    Summer Transfer Window

    We can't even find a CB or a LB. No chance of us buying a new RB, especially when Agent Benno is still on the books.
  14. Amo

    Summer Transfer Window

    Surely no one's seriously slagging off Kipre? Yeah, I get the bias but Kipre has no allegiance to us. If it was the other way around, we'd be wondering why Kipre chose midtable Championship mediocrity instead of breaking into a Premier League team for more money.

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