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  1. Do-gooders who think we should welcome as many immigrants as possible whilst also supporting thoughtcrim-... sorry "hate speech laws" are useful idiots, and part of the reason Britain has turned into a police-state shithole.
  2. Pathological altruism is a dangerous thing.
  3. Amo

    Retained list 2018/2019 Season

    I'd understand if Gladwin was a world-beater and we gave him a new deal in the vain hope that he would rekindle the magic, but he's done nothing and according to Mowbray the contract extension is based on feeling sorry for him. One of the recurring criticisms of Mowbray is that he's too loyal and not ruthless enough with the L1 squad. Loyalty is a valued characteristic but it can be a character flaw if it breeds favouritism, stagnation and short-sightedness.
  4. Amo

    Retained list 2018/2019 Season

    Some will argue that this one decision is inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, but it's a symptom of a bigger problem. Mowbray just proving all over again that he hasn't got the ruthlessness to take us forward. Giving Gladwin a pity contract FFS!
  5. Amo

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Literally NO reason to keep Leutwiler & Gladwin. Even if we don't have a pot to piss in this summer, we could still pick up a couple of freebies who would make more of an impression.
  6. Don't forget every white, straight, cis-male should be thrown onto the pyre if he doesn't check his privilege. We should have an open-door policy on immigration because "diversity is our strength" and we need more cultural enrichment. In doing so, we will break down the walls of cultural identity, history and shared values. Anyone who murmurs the slightest dissent should suffer a professional and social death. We should also changed the Union Jack to the LGBQT rainbow because it triggers my anti-colonialism and white guilt complex. It will be great.
  7. Amo

    New Games

    Don't worry, it will have a different battle system when it comes out in 2028.
  8. Amo

    Premier League Stuff

    Liverpool fans in full coping mechanism mode: "AT LEAST WE'RE STILL UNBEATEN AT HOME!!!1"
  9. Amo

    Premier League Stuff

    4-1 Man City now
  10. Amo

    Retained list 2018/2019 Season

    Leutwiler, Hart, Downing, Gladwin, Conway. No reason to keep any of them, is there? If Mowbray gives another loyalty deal to Conway it proves he's learned nothing.
  11. Amo

    Champions League 2018-2019

    They always play it up as a "victory for English football" English football is dominated by foreign players and foreign managers. The clubs are private companies owned by foreign investors. On that basis, it's difficult to attach any sort of patriotism to their achievements.
  12. Amo

    Kits 19/20

    When I see that blue, I think of Scotland. I don't want to think of Scotland.
  13. Amo

    Kits 19/20

    Can't we just ditch the gimmicks and go back to traditional royal blue?
  14. Amo

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    You really think the three of them will be enough to carry us through a 46 game season if we harbour any hopes of promotion?
  15. Amo

    Premier League Stuff

    A pitiful end to the season for Solskjær. As soon as a successful caretaker boss becomes the gaffer it all goes pear-shaped. Regular as clockwork. Is this psychological or what?

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