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  1. Amo

    Reading (A)

    That's him done for the season, then.
  2. Amo

    Reading (A)

    He wouldn't have scored if no one had dissed him. True facts.
  3. "We might be playing with wingers..."
  4. Amo

    Gary Croft

    Currently tearing it up for Waltham United at the age of 45
  5. Amo

    Lewis Holtby

    We're a striker and a right-back away from having a decent side. Could do with another CB too but beggars can't be choosers.
  6. Amo

    Lewis Holtby

    A lot of hype for this lad. Hope he delivers.
  7. Amo

    Fútbol, Le Foot, Voetbal, ποδόσφαιρο

    That's the scariest thing, that it comes on spontaneously. They still aren't 100% sure what causes it, as it's not genetic.
  8. Amo

    Reading (A)

    Complete toss-up. If we want to play on the break, I wonder if we should play Rothwell AND Armstrong, as opposed to our usual workmanlike pace. Hit 'em hard early, then bring on Downing etc. to close it out.
  9. It's been an enduring myth that Jansen never wore a crash helmet, even within non-Rovers circles. Wonder how that got started?
  10. Amo

    Steve Harkness

    What a pleb.
  11. Amo

    Lewis Holtby

    Same as Jermaine Jones, dual citizenship.
  12. Final Score the other week had a female host, a female pundit and a female analyst. There were more women discussing the men's game than fellas. I don't have a problem with women being involved but the BBC are just blatant with their agenda. If the roles were reversed there would be an outcry.
  13. Amo


    They're not mutually exclusive. You can enjoy the collective victory while criticising individual performances.
  14. Amo


    An under-performing player copping flak from the fans? Oh the humanity!
  15. Amo


    Just when you think Brexit can't get any farcical. It's the gift that keeps on giving. Can't we just veto the whole thing and go back to business as usual?

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