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  1. Amo


    Simple fact is that they won't be able to put the planet on total lockdown while they slap together a vaccine. The death rate from a total economic collapse will eclipse the coronavirus' death rate.
  2. Amo


    https://mises.org/wire/how-united-kingdom-became-police-state Wake up.
  3. Amo


    You mean like you just did?
  4. Amo


    Haha. Not adjusted for scale, I see? See that bolded? That's where you lost the argument.
  5. Amo


    You think a virus which only kills a minority of people is the same mortal threat as a bombing raid?
  6. Amo


    Oooof. Terrible analogy.
  7. Amo


    Nothing hypocritical about it. It was a silly hypothetical question.
  8. Amo


    Hysteria and hyperbole abounds. It's pretty scary how easily we've been shepherded into our rooms like good little children. Then again, we've been a police state for a long time now. Not all that unexpected when you think about it.
  9. Amo


    My answer would be based on prejudice and personal bias.
  10. Amo


    Putting the emotionally-charged phrasing aside, do you think the death rate would have a worse impact on the country than a full-blown depression? IMO, crashing the banks and economy will do more harm in the long run (whilst still dealing with the virus killing people).
  11. Amo


    Short-termism fueled by emotion and panic. You are not thinking logically.
  12. Amo


    And what about all the people who suffer in the meantime? Like I said, an economic crash is indiscriminate. It affects everything and everyone. Can't say the same for Coronavirus.
  13. Amo


    You would rather condemn everyone then? The needs of the many...
  14. Amo


    Quicker we deal with it? Good luck with that.

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